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Jedi Vs Sith is a Jedi Academy clan.

Jedi vs Sith[edit]

JvS is a gaming clan for the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. We are a clan focused on fun and friendship, and are a close knit group because of it. We are RECRUITING as of now.


JvS is a clan founded on two core principles. The first is Democracy. In JvS every senator has a vote, and everyone has the right to put forth any idea. The clan is not ruled by just one person, and it never will be ruled by just one person, no matter what happens this core principle must be upheld. There will be a Council and a Senate. The Council will be the primary body for enacting change, but the Council does not have the only say in any change, it is merely a stepping stone on the way to change. The Senate will be the majority of the clan, but not all of it, and it is responsible the initial screening of all proposed ideas, after which they will bring the idea up for a Council vote. The final approval of any proposed idea will be by popular vote, and will include the votes of all members of the clan. The changes will then be enacted by the Council, acting on the will of the people.

The second core principle is Lightsaber combat. JvS specializes in the way of the Lightsaber, and although it may make ranks for Guns, and Force, these are to be achieved separate from the main ranks, and your Lightsaber rank will be the primary consideration, when it comes to matters of rank. This is a core principle and can only be changed by amendment of this charter via the prescribed methods of change.

JvS is based on good natured fun and competition, it does not engage in raids, except by vote, and will be treated as any idea brought up for vote. We ask that all members view this as a clan for fun, and not to take anything too seriously. We understand that emotions may flare at times, but we ask that you try not to act out of passion only.


The ranks in JvS are mostly skill based. There are also ranks within the clan that are obtained through a strong charismatic and social attitude in the clan.


There are two separate factions in JvS. Jedi and Sith; Each has its own set of ranks and rules.


"The Jedi's path is slow and methodical. Jedi are calm and patient, unperturbed by insults and tolerant of others. A Jedi does not rush into things, he sits and considers what lay before him. A Jedi does not rush to judgment, but listens to all sides and does not play favorites. A Jedi strives to be the best he can be, but believes enjoyment comes first and while winning is always a bonus, it is not the sole reason he does anything."

Jedi Grand Master/GM, Jedi Battle Master/BM Jedi Master/JM, Jedi Guardian/JG, Jedi Sentinel/JS, Jedi Consular/JC Jedi Watchman/JW, Jedi Trainer/JT Jedi Knight/JK Jedi Padawan/JP Jedi Initiate/JI


"The Sith way is vicious and brutal. Sith are aggressive and direct, uncompromising in the path to power and trailblazers in the pursuit of their goals. A Sith does not accept weakness, he crushes it beneath the heel of his boot. A Sith does not take bullshit, he asserts his position in the knowledge that he is fit to command where lesser-beings fail. A Sith stops at nothing, winning is all that matters, the thrill of victory is what sustains him and he relishes the defeat of his opponents."

Dark Lord of the Sith/ DL Sith'Ari/ S'A Sith Overlord/ SO Sith Marauder/ SM Sith Prophet/ SP Sith Lord/ SL Dark Jedi/ DJ Dark Apprentice/ DA Dark Disciple/ DD

Our clan participates in several events and clan matches. As above we are recruiting and looking for new faces to join us. [[1]]