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The Origin[edit]

The Jedi Praxeum has always been an idea of Luke Skywalker's. In May of 2008, Luke opened the Jedi Praxeum with Drake as co-creator. They soon brought on more instructors to teach, including Helena Revan, Rin_Mintaka, SpaceCow and EriktheRed.

The purpose of the Jedi Praxeum was simple: to create a clan-neutral environment where all those who play the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy could come together and learn and teach from each other.

However, turmoil arose and clans felt that simply through existing, the Jedi Praxeum encouraged "double-clanning," an ideal discouraged by most if not all clans in Jedi Academy. Still, the Jedi Praxeum withstood, and over the next few months would become popular, with upwards of 60 regular members, each with distinct personalities, frequenting the server each and every week.

The Jedi Praxeum's first run seemed to be short-lived however. Activity began to dwindle, and by November, a mere six months after opening the Jedi Praxeum would temporarily close down.


The Interm[edit]

In October of 2009, nearly a year later, Luke Skywalker resurrected the Jedi Praxeum with Drake at his side, again, as equals. This time it would be a lot more private. Rather than being primarily an institution for all it would become a team. However, it would remain a group to encourage learning, and the betterment of the Jedi Academy community.

A year after the Interm, members of the Jedi Praxeum began to slowly fade away from the Temple as they got caught up in other activities life, and technical issues with their computers. Due to these issues the Jedi Praxeum began to lose key members such as Masters Drake and Sion, key Knights such as Sazen and Rin. As a result of these key members being gone the pressure on Luke began to build immensely and the cracks started to show causing Luke to take a hiatus that no one was sure if he was going to come back from.

With most of the Leadership gone at this point it looked like the Praxeum was gone for good but in the horizon a new idea was beginning to form thus bringing back the Jedi Praxeum once again. That's when the Jedi Praxeum had come back once more, only this time Luke Skywalker and Sion were seen more as equals, with Drake still in his hiatus. Some of the other key members began to return, and in late 2011 the Praxeum was 'alive' once again.


Lasting near a year, the Praxeum continued to push its training ethics and ability to perform at the top of their game against other teams and clans through matches. The Praxeum was going strong, but coming up on the year reunion the members once again started to fade away, along with members such as Luke Skywalker once again. At the end of 2012, the Praxeum had once again gone into a state of hiatus itself.