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The Jedi Phoenix or JP for short is a social clan in the Jedi Academy community.


JP was the "child" of previously failed clans. Founded by "TheDuke" in 2006, the clan originally comprised of members from JoF, JLF and JC. The clan became a "refuge" of sorts for players seeking to simply play the game without competition and just for fun. It was one of the first clans to do such and it was because of this philosophy that made the clan extremely popular.

After Duke left the clan, leadership was split into a "High Council", though High Council member "Sarah" is often looked at as the head of the clan. The clan dominated the server charts for years, finally losing to EK and KR in the wake of severe server complications. Today, the server is largely abandoned, with almost half of the JP clan-members inactive.


  • High Council [HC]
  • Council [Co]
  • -» Divisions: [CoW] Council of War, [CoJ] Council of Justice, [CoT] Council of Technology, [CoP] Council of Promotions, [CoF] Council of Forum
  • Master [M]
  • -» Divisions: [MJ] Master of Justice, [MW] Master of War, [MT] Master of Technology, [MP] Master of Promotions
  • Untouchable and Phoenix [UN] and [PX]
  • Jedi Trainer and Jedi Warrior [JT] and [JW]
  • Jedi Assassin [JA]
  • Jedi Knight [JK]
  • Knight in Training [KiT]
  • Jedi Maverick [JM]
  • Phoenix Initiate [PI]
  • Padawan [PA]