Jedi Forever

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Jedi Forever
Developer Bartleby
Release Date n/a
Genre Single Player action

Jedi Forever was a planned Single Player modification for Jedi Outcast, developed by a previously active JKA member Azret Bostanov aka Bartleby (team XP). The project was supposed to include both new maps and plot, as well as updated game mechanics and graphics. It was planned to be complete by 2005, but was never released to the public.

Gameplay and Story[edit]

Jedi Forever follows the Light Side ending of Jedi Academy, as the Player is offered an adventure of a well known Jedi Knight, who has an apprentice of his own. Aside from missions to various locations like deserts and cities, some maps would require the Player to teach their apprentice to use the Force.

It was claimed by the developer, that the game would enhance the game engine that of Jedi Outcast, providing new animations and lightsabers, as well as some weapons replaced (the disruptor being changed to an alternative blaster similar to AK-47 assault rifle).


Max Moren - a Jedi Knight, who left the Academy and started his new life on Nar Shaddaa, helping those in need, though he often contacted his friends and former colleagues in the Order. He was quite experienced in the Force and knew like no one else the boundary between the Dark Side and curiosity, however no one disliked the Dark Jedi more than Moren would. Some of the Reborn warriors of Desann survived, and it was his task now to find and defeat each of the remaining Dark Side followers. It is known, that he together with his brother completed lots of missions, but the latter was presumably killed after joining Desann.

Jaden Korr - after Tavion this Jedi Knight participated in many battles with Kyle, and later took new Padawans. Jaden stayed true to the Light, but also studied many aspects of the Dark Side. He spends a lot of time with his student.

Rein Versi - Jaden's apprentice. He grew up on Nar Shaddaa and after learning of his developing Force powers, he found Jaden Korr and Max Moren himself. He then was invited to the Jedi Academy to be tested by Luke Skywalker and later became a Padawan. By the time of the mod both he and his master are on a secret assignment from Skywalker and plan to return to Yavin IV soon.

Rosh Penin - seeing his faults in the past, Rosh proved to be a perfect Jedi Knight, but decided not to take an apprentice, but he spends a lot of time with Jaden and Rein. He still tries to learn more of control and about the Force, being proficient in Force Persuasion. He also started his studies of the Jedi chronicles, including the legends of Revan and Malak from the Old Republic era.

Kyle Katarn - after almost losing both of his students Kyle is even a more loyal servant of the Light Side of the Force. He helps Skywalker to restore the Order and believes the new generation is the key to the rebirth of the Jedi. Together with Rosh they spend much time practicing lightsaber dueling in the halls of the Jedi Academy.

Luke Skywalker - is the leader of the Jedi Academy, who is training young Jedi Knights. Nothing has changed in his life in recent years, but he is wise enough to see the person through by his steps.

Kreigon Moren - after he followed Desann, a lot has changed since then. The Jedi Valley made him more powerful, but after Empire Reborn perish, Kreigon escaped from followers of the Force. He destroyed his Reborn apparel and declared himself a true Dark Jedi Lord. He tries to gather other Reborn survivors to his cause, and took the damaged Ragnos scepter for himself, as soon as Tavion was killed and the Jedi left Korriban. The broken relic was still usable to gain more powers and give the Force to those who seek it. He plans to create his own army to destroy the Jedi.

Rein the Traitor - possibly the same person as Jaden's Padawan. A Dark Side follower hiding his motives, setting a trap for the Player.

Reborn Renegade - Desann's follower as well as Tavion's cult member. He became much more powerful over the years.

Reborn Traitor - a weeker opponent, which lost all his powers after Korriban. He regained his strength with Kreigon.

Cultist Renegade and Dark Jedi - the two, one of which followed Kreigon and the other one, who declared himself to be much more than a mere Reborn pawn.

Cultist Survivor - a Force user, who managed to keep all his powers after the destruction of the scepter.


While JF takes place after JA, the developer wanted to use the JO source for the project. As Bartleby mentioned himself – the Jedi Outcast had the true potential, while the Jedi Academy solely brought in "a few innovations" to what'd already been perfect. Bartleby was the lead developer of the mod, his friend Spirit was tasked with making the maps for JF, and ChesteR and Kim were responsible for music and sound. A few screenshots and videos showed new animations and enhanced acrobatics compared to the original game.

Back on early stages of development the hard drive with many materials was badly damaged and the team tried to recover the mod. After that the work continued until some time, using the Quake 3 engine. In 2010 Bartleby mentioned at, that there is no reason to use Q3 and Doom3 would be used as the source for the upcoming project. The development was ceased soon afterwards the same year.

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