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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a videogame developed by Raven Software and published by LucasArts and Activision. It was released on September 17th 2003 for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Xbox.

It is a sequel to Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. For the first time in the Jedi Knight series, the player controls Jaden Korr, Kyle Katarn's student.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Developer Raven Software (PC)
Vicarious Visions (Xbox)
Aspyr (macOS, PS4, Switch)
Publisher LucasArts (US)
Activision (Worldwide)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox,
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Release date September 16, 2003
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Opening Crawl[edit]

Ten years after the Battle of Endor, the Imperial Remnant continues to be driven back by the New Republic, forcing the Imperials to adopt increasingly desperate tactics in the ongoing struggle.

Meanwhile, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker moves to restore the Jedi to their formal place as peacekeepers of the galaxy at his Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

Jaden Korr, a promising student from Coruscant, is en route to the Academy after achieving the impossible: creating a lightsaber without any formal Jedi training....


Main article about Jedi Academy's story.

Two years passed since the defeat of Desann and his followers on Yavin 4. Kyle Katarn is now a Jedi Master at the Academy established by Luke Skywalker after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Hoth Rebel Base during the crisis.

A transport with new students arrive on Yavin 4, among these are Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin, two young Force sensitive individuals hoping to join the Jedi Order. However, the ship crash-lands not far from the old Massassi temple, where the two students make their way only to encounter a stormtrooper in the jungle, as well as a mysterious warrior with a lightsaber. Jaden then proceeds to explore the ruins, but is struck by a light beam when an unknown group tries to conduct a ritual nearby.

After these events, Luke assembles all the newcomers in the grand hall of the Academy, assigning the students to their respective Jedi Master. Both Jaden and Rosh become students to Kyle Katarn and spend the first day training in a special area of the Academy, completing various trials. During one of these, Rosh rushes to be the first in the training course, activating a saber droid to fight Jaden. Even though the young Jedi proves to be victorious, he is angry with his new friend at first.

After the training, all of the Jedi students are sent to various planets to complete different missions both for the Jedi Order and the New Republic. During these, Jaden encounters many mercenaries and Imperial Remnant troops, as well as slowly uncovers the truth behind the activities of the recently established Sith cult of Marka Ragnos. As the cultists are fought on different worlds, from Tatooine to Coruscant, it is revealed that an old foe of Katarn – Tavion - is the one plotting against the Jedi.


Jedi Academy continues and enhances most of the traditions and game elements originally introduced in Jedi Outcast with the Quake III game engine. The developers improved the game mechanics and added a variety of options to players, such as character customization, lightsabers and gameplay styles. New Force powers were also added, as well as new weapons and the ability to drive vehicles. The game allows the player to complete over a dozen missions spread around a variety of locations, some of which are featured in the Star Wars movies such as Yavin 4, Tatooine, Hoth and Coruscant.

Single player[edit]


Picture Mission Location Briefing Map
Yavin 4 yavin1b
Report to the training grounds with Rosh to begin Force power training with Kyle Katarn. yavin2
Mercenary Activity Tatooine We've been receiving a number of reports that the Disciples of Ragnos have been trying to hire mercenaries and smugglers to haul some cargo. If we can contact one of these mercenary groups, maybe we can find out the cult's base of operations. One of the smuggling rings that we know about is based at Mos Eisley. Go there and see what you can find out. t1_sour
Droid Recovery A moisture farmer on Tatooine recently overheard a group of smugglers talking about a Sith cult in a local bar and had his R5 droid record the conversation. Unfortunately, he became afraid and sold the droid to some Jawas before leaving Tatooine. We need to get a hold of that droid before the Jawas wipe its memory. You are to locate the Jawas, purchase the droid, and return to the Academy. t1_surprise
Emergency Assistance Bakura Officials from the planet Bakura have requested our assistance. An unknown party has taken control of a power station up in the mountains. They sent a team to investigate, but they haven't reported in. Their concerns are two-fold: they want to stop whoever has taken over the station, and more importantly ensure that the station itself remains undamaged. The station is built over a dormant volcano, and if the facility is destroyed, the volcano could destroy a heavily populated city. The Bakurans' need someone to infiltrate the facility and thwart the group's plan. t1_fatal
Merchant Rescue Blenjeel The Academy has received a distress call from a merchant ship that crashed on the planet Blenjeel. They were pulled out of hyperspace when they crossed paths with an Interdictor cruiser. The Imperials, apparently not wanting their presence known, fired on the merchant ship. The merchants managed to make it to the planet surface and call for help. As far as we know, the planet is uninhabited. t1_danger
Cult Investigation Corellia The city of Coronet on Corellia has had numerous reports of activity by the Disciples of Ragnos. However, it's not clear if it's really the Sith cult or if the locals are just being paranoid after hearing about it on the Holonet. Go to Coronet and determine the truth. t1_rail
Hoth Investigate the site of Luke's vision of Obi-Wan in the wastelands of Hoth to determine if the cult of Ragnos has been there. hoth2
Discover what the Imperial Remnant troops are doing in Echo Base. hoth3
Rescue Mission Nar Kreeta We have received word from a mining guild on Nar Kreeta that a number of elders are held captive by the local Hutt crimelord. These elders went to negotiate a treaty with the Hutt, but never returned. The crimelord claims no one ever came to see him. t2_rancor
Meet Contact Zonju V A spaceport worker on the planet Zonju V may have information pertaining to the Cult's connection with the Imperial Remnant. The worker is hiding at an abandoned outpost three kilometers outside of Zoronhed. Meet up with the worker and find out what he knows. t2_trip
Covert Operation Kril'dor New Republic Intelligence has recently discovered the existence of an Imperial tibanna gas platform on the planet Kril'dor. If the Republic can take control of the platform, it would deal a severe blow to the Imperial Remnant. General Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron has come up with a bold plan in which he and a single ground troop could capture the entire facility. General Antilles believes that only a Jedi could accomplish the ground portion of the mission. t2_wedge
Capture Crime Lord Coruscant We have received anonymous information that a large number of assassin droids have flooded the black market recently. These droids have been banned for a number of years and no public companies produce them. Lannik Racto, a small-time crimelord on Coruscant, is suspected to be manufacturing these new droids. Capture Racto so that we may determine where his factory is. t2_rogue
Cult Investigation Dosuun New Republic Intelligence has intercepted transmissions coming from the planet Dosuun. They believe that suspected cult members sent the transmissions from a base on the planet. Since there are no Republic fleets in this area of the Outer Rim, they have asked us to investigate. t2_dpred
Vjun Master Skywalker has dispatched the Jedi to locations of heavy Force activity in the hopes of catching up with the Disciples of Ragnos. Travel with Master Kyle Katarn to Darth Vader's castle on Vjun to stop the cult from draining its Force energy. vjun1
Make your way through the underworks of Bast Castle and find an entry into the castle itself. vjun2
Enter Vader's castle and stop the cult from draining its Force energy. Try to meet back up with Kyle. vjun3
Cult Sighting Chandrila We've received word from the Chandrilans that some cultists have broken into an ancient tomb that is supposedly the burial site of a Jedi Knight. Hurry there and stop them from siphoning that Force power. t3_rift
Cult Investigation Taanab We got word from a freighter captain that there are members of the cult at the spaceport on Taanab. Head over there and find out what they are doing there. t3_stamp
Dismantle Device Yalara Our resident Jedi scholar Tionne recently learned of the planet Yalara from our Jedi Holocron. The planet was once home to a peaceful, yet primitive species that was not ready to be integrated into galactic society. For this reason, the Jedi Master Broden Kel Verdox harnessed the power of the planet to create a cloaking device, hiding the entire planet from discovery. But now, someone else has discovered Yalara. Go to Yalara and find out if anyone has been there. If the cloaking device is in danger of being stolen, it would be better to destroy it rather than have it fall into the wrong hands. t3_hevil
Force Theft Investigation Byss Since Rosh never completed his mission at Byss, we still need to determine if Tavion managed to siphon Force energy from the remains of the planet. The Emperor spent a lot of time there, so it would be a huge source of power. If it has been taken, we'll have an idea of just how powerful Tavion is. t3_byss
Weapon Destruction Ord Mantell Information has surfaced about a large stockpile of old weapons hidden in the wastes of Ord Mantell. Destroy the stockpiles so they don't fall into the wrong hands. Records from the time of the Rebellion indicate there should be seven caches hidden in the ruined city. t3_bounty
Taspir III Gain entrance into the cult facility on Taspir III to search for Rosh Penin. taspir1
Look for Kyle and Rosh in the cult facility. taspir2
Korriban Travel to Korriban, burial place of Marka Ragnos to confront Tavion. kor1
Enter the Tomb of Ragnos to confront Tavion. kor2


Like Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy includes a multiplayer component with various gametypes:



Having many technical similarities with Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy sparked a great interest in the modding community.




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