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Jedi's Home JL II is a very large and detailed map and was released on August 1st, 2005 by author Shadow Stone. The map is one of the most popular fanmade maps for Jedi Academy, next to similar sized maps like Sith Council v2.

Jedi's Home JL II
Jedis Home 2.jpg
Author(s) Shadow Stone
Link(s) JKHub


The map has three levels starting on the second level when all players spawn. The outside has a small drop ship with working guns. Inside the first lobby has stairs that lead to a bar location and balcony to view the main door. Underneath the balcony is another set of doors which leads into a small hallway with lifts taking you down and another set of doors. Out the doors is the Main Lobby where most players duel or lay around. In the lobby you have 2 sets of doors to some more lifts going down, another balcony in front and couple of statues. Between the statues is set of stairs going to the main Lift up tot he third floor. Up here are two rooms, the Council room and Meditating room. Council room like everyone of them has seats set around in a circle, and the meditating room is just a empty room. Down in the first floor has 4 locations: Medical bay, two meditating rooms and a main dueling room with a place for the Council or observers to watch from above.


Like many fanmade maps, this map has several hidden secrets. Many of these secrets are easy to find, some are hidden so well that they are only reachable by using cheats or special admin commands.

  • 4 Dueling rooms in the sky
  • Secret Council Room
  • Hidden Sith Hanger
  • Sith base
  • Hidden Prison cells
  • Councils Door Lock/Unlock
  • Hidden Pool

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