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Position Junk Dealers
Homeworld Tatooine
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Jawa
Sex unknown
Distinctions small height, glowing eyes
Weapon Ion Blaster
Affiliation none
Appears in Jedi Academy

Jawas are a people from Tatooine, which are introduced to JKA series in Jedi Academy. They are neutral NPCs and appear only in one mission.


In JA[edit]

Jaden Korr encounters many Jawas when on a mission to Tatooine. The Disciples of Ragnos - the Dark Jedi under command of Tavion become bolder with each passing day, conducting their sinister operations on various worlds. They even occupy the spaceport of Mos Eisley, and one merchant claims that he has valuable data regarding this cult. But fearing for his life he sells the droid with this information to local Jawas.

While moving through one of the canyons, the Jawa crawler is attacked by a group of Tusken Raiders. They wouldn't harm the little junk dealers, but would attack Jaden Korr, searching for the droid.

In other stories[edit]

Jawas are perhaps the first alien species to be seen on screen in Star Wars universe. Simple in appearance in brown hoods with yellow bright eyes, these humanoids would become iconic to the whole franchise and no doubt would appear in Star Wars countless times. It is worth noting, that Jawas are seen in four of six films, and are often present in books and games, which feature their home planet Tatooine. They are often compared to other native peoples of this world - Tusken Raiders, which are quite hostile towards outlanders. Jawas on the contrary are quite friendly and always stick close to the few settlements on the planet like Mos Eisley and Mos Espa.

In mods[edit]

Even when Jedi Outcast was released, the fans would recreate a Jawa model soon afterwards. This would be a model with several skins to be used in Multiplayer.

In JKA fan community Jawas often serve as a comic relief in various fan stories, including videos and screenshots.

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