Jan Ors

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Jan Ors
Position Rebel Operative/Pilot
Homeworld Alderaan
Birth 24 BBY
Death n/a
Species Human
Sex Female
Distinctions prosthetic hand
Weapon E-11 blaster rifle
Appears in Dark Forces I, Dark Forces II,

Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy (Mentioned only)

Jan Ors is a character in the Jedi Knight series, who appeared for the first time in Dark Forces video game in 1995. In that game she serves as a co-pilot and an briefing officer for Kyle Katarn, as well as a pilot, which brings him to different places in the Galaxy for his operations. She also appears in the cutscenes of its sequel Dark Forces II and plays a prominent role in Jedi Outcast.


Jan Ors is a young woman, born on Alderaan. Little is known about her early life, but it's very likely, that she joined the Rebel Alliance some time before her homeworld of Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. She served as a secret agent until her identity was revealed by the Empire. At the same time she persuades Kyle to leave the Empire, that was truly responsible for his father's death.

Having a cybernetic arm, Jan is quite good at using a E-11 assault rifle and can stand for herself for a long time, when being attacked by the stormtroopers. She is also a good pilot and has some skills in reconnaissance as well as capable of slicing Imperial computers and security systems. On many occasions she shows optimism despite many difficulties and would joke occasionally, when on a mission.


In JO/JA[edit]

The game starts with Kyle and Jan aboard their new ship Raven's Claw on a mission from Mon Mothma – to investigate Remnant activities on the planet of Kejim. While infiltrating the Imperial outpost, the two participate in multiple dogfights against the stromtroopers. In many cases Jan also helps Kyle as a slicer, opening many security doors of the base.

While continuing the investigation on Artus Prime, Jan is kidnapped and presumably killed by Tavion - a cunning move by Dark Jedi Desann to make Kyle forget about his promises and travel to the Valley of the Jedi. Later Katarn learns, that his counterpart was left alive and kept in the secret facility in the Leniko Belt. As they leave the Doomgiver in an escape pod, Kyle and Jan land on Yavin IV, now attacked by the Imperial forces and the Reborn warriors. She decides to join the local Republic forces, while Kyle is making his way to the main Jedi complex and the Temple nearby to find Desann.

The ending scene shows the defeat of the fallen Jedi and Kyle finally joining the Order with Jan at his side. While they both agree on the importance of his involvement in Jedi matters, the two decided to spend a holiday on Spira.

Years later, when Katarn has pupils of his own, he would retell the story of their adventures with Jan Ors to his student Jaden Korr while on a mission to Corellia.

In other stories[edit]

Jan Ors appeared in several comics and in the audio drama of Dark Forces, as well as in the first game by the same name.

In mods[edit]

When Jedi Outcast was released, Jan Ors was one of the three available female characters in the game and she instantly became the the most used model for creating new characters, mostly as basic reskins. The model was used to create Mara Jade and bounty hunters as well as many others. She is also present in a few mods for JO/JA, such as the Nina mod.


Jan Ors is often seen piloting the Moldy Crow, a Corellian HWK-290 light freighter, in which she comes to pick up Kyle from one of his missions. The ship was destroyed during the Dark Jedi Jerec's search for the Valley of the Jedi and later replaced by Raven's Claw.


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