Jaden Korr

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Jaden Korr
Position Jedi Knight
Homeworld Coruscant
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Differs
Sex Male or Female
Distinctions differ
Weapon Lightsaber
Affiliation New Republic

Jedi Order

Appears in Jedi Academy

Jaden Korr is a protagonist in the Jedi Academy video game, a sequel to Jedi Outcast. Being a customizable character, the appearance, species and sex of Jaden can be changed by the Player.


Jaden Korr is a young talented being, born on Coruscant, who was able to construct a personal lightsaber without any knowledge prior to the events of the game. In the starting cutscene Jaden meets Rosh Penin, another Force-sensitive, who is making his way to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. The Jedi transport is shot down however and crash-lands in the jungle, where the two Jedi initiates find Imperial Remnant and a strange figure with a scepter completing some ritual near one of the temples.

After these events both Jaden and Rosh begin their Jedi training under Kyle Katarn as their mentor. As they pass the trials, both are sent on various missions, including the ones on Tatooine, Blenjeel, Ord Mantell, Dosuun and many others - all part of the investigation into the Sith Cult of Marka Ragnos. It is later revealed, that the organization is led by Tavion Axmis, a long-time nemesis of Katarn, who wants to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. With the help of her minions Tavion steals the Force power from various notable places, strong in the Force, and even lures Rosh Penin to follow the Dark Side of the Force.

By the end of investigation Jaden finds Rosh Penin several times, the last being on Byss, where the young Jedi pleads his friend to be merciful and asks forgiveness. Alora, a Dark Jedi and the apprentice of Tavion is infuriated by this set of events and duels Jaden after cutting off Rosh's arm. Korr then rushes to Korriban to stop Tavion in the Valley of the Jedi.

Customizable Appearance[edit]

Jaden Korr is a customizable character in Jedi Academy, and the species, sex, skin color and some details can be changed by the Player. Thus Jaden can be Human Male or Female, as well as Rodian Male, Twi'lek Female, Keldor Male or Zabrak Female. It is also possible to set a very different lightsaber hilt and color of the blade from a variety of available weapons.


In Star Wars[edit]

Jaden's backstory is further developed in later sources, like novels, following the Light Side (canon) ending of the game, describing Korr as a young Human Male Clone.

In mods[edit]

Jaden Korr is often used by Players in their own modification as the protagonist in their stories. In Escape Yavin IV modification Jaden Korr is believed to have followed the Dark Side, taking the Ragnos scepter for himself and ending in the prison built on the planet by former Reborn and Cultist forces.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Originally the main character in Jedi Academy was named Atton Rand, but changed to Jaden Korr. The first one was still used however, for another Star Wars project – Knights of the Old Republic II.

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