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JA+, also called JAplus is a server-side (and optional client-side) modification for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It was created by Slider. It is perhaps the most widely used mod, being used by nearly all social clan servers. Whilst some argue that ClanMod is more focused on a social clan server arrangement, JA+ sees far more use.

For a while, JA+ was not supported which led to the creation of the JA++ alternative, however a patch fixed most of the security exploits and bugs.


  • Administration - Players can log in with a password set in the server.cfg to access a series of admin commands to allow them to kick, ban and punish players in various ways, as well as several other commands, without needing RCON access.
  • Grapple - allows the player to fly around on a grapple hook
  • Jetpack
  • RGB and Black coloured Sabers
  • Emotes
  • Much more...

Admin Commands[edit]

Admins can access a set of commands if the server allows it:

Command Ability
amempower Giving the player all force powers or other players
amtele teleports players
ammerc Gives player all weapons, sometimes removes light saver


A number of users claimed that Slider stole code from another mod. Evidence from this is supported by the similarity of commands (some being named exactly the same), and suffering from exactly the same issues as the mods copied from. Slider has adamantly defended himself against this, and it has never been precisely proven that there was code stolen.

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