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Position Officer/Commander
Homeworld Varies
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Human
Sex Male
Distinctions Imperial uniform
Weapon E-11 Blaster
Affiliation Galactic Empire, Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy

Imperials are one of the main enemies in Jedi Knight series, aside from stormtroopers. The term "Imperial" is also used as a general term for anyone, associated or serving the Galactic Empire.


Imperial Officer or their analogues had been in existence since long before the formation of the Galactic Empire by Palpatine. The Sith Empires of the old times had similar ranks within their military, as seen during the Jedi Civil War. The Empire of the True Sith also held such positions. Even the uniform had many similarities with later designs.

During the Clone Wars, clone troopers were the initial unit to fight off the separatists, however some time later the officers from the clones served aboard many Republic cruisers.. Ordinary humans filled these positions by the end of the war with absolute removal of any clone from the army after Order 66. Republic Human Officers were in service of the new Imperial army, when Darth Vader and Palpatine observed the construction of the Death Star. They would later become the Imperial officers with ranks and insignia.

By the time of Battle of Yavin IV, the term was often used to describe very different members of the Imperial military, be it a captain, an lieutenant or a local Imperial governor.


In JO/JA[edit]

Kyle Katarn encounters many Imperial officers during his missions to Kejim, Artus Prime, Leniko Belt and Bespin. Often they are in charge of the local facilities, such as Stavan, who served Galak Gyyar. While on Artus Prime, Kyle had to hold captive an Imperial commander in black uniform in order to get the door open. The officer would try to kill the mercenary though with the arrival of stormtroopers as a backup.

During the Disciples of Ragnos crisis, many Imperials served the Remnant forces along with Imperial marauders to conduct operations against the Republic. Some of them were stationed at Rax Joris's prison on Dosuun.

In JK series[edit]

Imperial officers are one of the enemies in Dark Forces along with Imperial Navy Troopers (sometimes referred to as Death Star Troopers), first seen at the Imperial facility on Danuta, where Kyle Katarn steals Death Star plans.

Some years later the Imperial officers are present in the large Palace of Dark Jedi Jerec, which was located on Katarn's home planet Sulon. They served Jerec aboard the cargo ship Sulon's Star, which eventually collapsed on Ruusan, killing all the Imperial personnel. Many more were stationed in the newly constructed Imperial base, surrounding the Valley of the Jedi itself.

Years later Imperial officers were in command of the two artificial asteroids, used by the Remnant to destroy the New Republic Base on Altyr V. Kyle eliminated all the ground forces first and later set the destruction of both asteroids. Mara Jade would continue her investigation for the New Republic and would also encounter some officers in Katrassii spaceport.

In other stories[edit]

Imperials are considered to be one of the iconic villains in Star Wars, they appear in numerous stories so far. For Star Wars: The Old Republic one of the Imperials - Moff Tarkin - is believed to have served as a prototype for the Imperial Agent class of the Sith Empire. They make a cameo appearance in the The Force Unleashed as well.

Imperial officers are often used to create the most famous Imperial characters from Star Wars. Sometimes they serve as the main antagonists in modifications, such as Stavan in Redemption. In Communication Force the Player can hear an anecdote, told by an Imperial to a stormtrooper.

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