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ICARUS logo, as seen in the Soldier of Fortune II SDK

ICARUS is a proprietary scripting language/format used by Raven Software in their titles which use the Quake 3 engine. The first game to use this was Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces. Jedi Outcast, Soldier of Fortune II, and Jedi Academy also used this scripting language.

Icarus scripts are initially written as text files. A script is compiled into a binary .ibi file via IBIZE.exe (which is included in the SDK); these are the files that are used by the game engine. A user-friendly interface for ICARUS scripting is present in the form of BehavED.

Running scripts[edit]

Icarus scripts are run by entities. The target_scriptrunner entity is commonly used to run scripts; however, triggers, NPCs and many other kinds of entities can run a script.


Rich Whitehouse is noted for mentioning that "ICARUS would be the hardest thing to reverse engineer out of the game. GHOUL 2 would probably be a lot easier, however."