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Holocron FFA is a gametype unique to Jedi Outcast. To win, a player must accrue a certain number of kills. However, each player does not start with any Force powers. In order to acquire a Force power, the player must collect holocrons, which are strategically placed throughout the map.

Depending on the server's settings, they may only acquire a certain number of holocrons. By default, a player can only carry 3. If the player reaches the maximum number of holocrons (providing that the server has a maximum holocron limit), one of their holocrons will 'pop' out. On death, all of a player's holocrons will 'pop' out. One strategy for achieving a desired set of powers involves 'juggling' holocrons by popping their holocrons until a desired combination of powers is obtained.

Jedi Outcast Maps[edit]

Picture Name Location
Ffa bespin.png Bespin Streets Bespin
Ffa deathstar.png Death Star Death Star
Ffa imperial.png Star Destroyer
Ffa ns hideout.png Garbage Facility Nar Shaddaa
Ffa ns streets.png Nar Shaddaa Streets Nar Shaddaa
Ffa yavin.png Massassi Temple Yavin 4
Ctf bespin.png Bespin Exhaust Shafts Bespin
Ctf imperial.png Garrison 27-D
Ctf ns streets.png Warring Factions Nar Shaddaa
Ctf yavin.png Temple Tournament Yavin 4
Ffa raven.png Imperial Labs: Raven


Holocrons can be pushed/pulled. This, and the possibility of height traps makes finding the Push and Pull holocrons a top priority.

Despite a server allowing potentially infinite holocrons to be held by a player, only five holocrons will appear on a player.

Only one type of holocron is available in the base maps. For example, there is only one Push holocron per map. Some maps do not have every type of holocron available. Some custom maps allow for multiple holocrons of different types.