Galak Fyyar

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Galak Fyyar
Position Imperial Scientist
Homeworld unknown
Birth unkown
Death 12 ABY
Species Human
Sex Male
Weapon Cyber Suit
Affiliation Galactic Empire, Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Galak Fyyar is a secondary antagonist in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast video game. Being the leader of an Imperial fraction, he joined forces with Dark Jedi Desann to execute the plan of the Empire Reborn to eradicate the new Jedi Order.

Official Description[edit]

During the height of the Galactic Empire, Admiral Galak Fyyar was a trusted weapon scientist who reported directly to the Emperor. Fyyar left his laboratory in the Maw Installation just before the end of the Galactic Civil War to work in secret at various locations across the galaxy. Later he was given command of the Cairn Installation, and Fyyar thought that he was invincible in his power. With the death of the Emperor and the imminent destruction of the Empire, Fyyar has proved his worth to the Remnant forces by developing new technological improvements in both weaponry and armor.


After the first mission Galak Fyyar is seen watching the consequences of Kyle Katarn's actions on Kejim and reports this to Desann. The Dark Jedi recognizes the former Jedi, who was responsible for destroying Jerec, another Dark Jedi, who wanted the power in the Galaxy for himself. After the battle on Artus Prime the two would use the power of the Valley of Jedi to create an army of Reborn warriors, who would attack Kyle on several occasions, including during the latter's mission to Bespin. Galak would be responsible for introducing a very new unit in the Empire - the shadowtrooper, a Force User, capable of cloaking his presence before striking a sudden blow on the enemy. Their powers would be enhanced by the little crystals, attached to their dark armor.

Galak Fyyar would send many of his stormtroopers to Bespin and kept his own legion in the Cairn Installation in the Leniko Belt. It was not a simple Imperial base however, but a facility that was producing large droids such as Mark 1 walkers. His own star destroyer, named the Doomgiver, was a large ship carrying the troops, as well as AT-ST and the droids to be deployed later on Yavin 4. However this operation didn't go as planned, when Kyle found Galak in the reactor room. The Imperial was wearing a special cyber costume, which enhanced his abilities in the battle against the Jedi.

Kyle would use heavy weapons, such as a repeater to bring down the energy shield first and then would use the lightsaber to cut through the armor. When Galak was killed, the gravitation would also deactivate, making all the objects flow.

On Yavin 4 Desann was sure, that their forces were progressing according to plan and tried to contact Galak, soon realizing, that Katarn dealt with his allies and most of his forces.

Galak Fyyar aboard his ship.

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