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Free For All, also known as Death Match or FFA, is a multiplayer gametype available in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

It is the most commonly played gametype.


Best summed up as every player for him or herself, players score points by eliminating other players, and no one can be considered an ally. Weapons and equipment are acquired in the field, unless otherwise specified on the server. Some options include using lightsabers exclusively, wether to allow Force powers or not and the maximum Force level available. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the round. Rounds end depending on either a time or a score limit.

Related Cvars[edit]

  • g_gametype 0 - sets the server to FFA mode.
  • timelimit - sets the time limit to end the round.
  • fraglimit - sets the point limit needed to end the round.

Related Commands[edit]

  • ammap 0 - followed by a map name can be used to change to FFA by JA+ server admins.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy maps[edit]

Picture Name Location Map
Ffa1.png Vjun Sentinel Vjun ffa1
Ffa2.png Korriban Tombs Korriban ffa2
Ffa3.png Tatooine City Tatooine ffa3
Ffa4.png Rift Sanctuary Chandrila ffa4
Ffa5.png Taspir Taspir III ffa5

Bonus maps[edit]

Official bonus maps made available by Raven Software:

Picture Name Location Map
Ffa bonus1.png Gas Mine Kril'dor ffa_bonus1
Ffa bonus2.png The Fortress Blenjeel ffa_bonus2
Ffa bonus3.png Conquest of Byss Byss ffa_bonus3
Ffa bonus4.png Ord Mantell Canyon Ord Mantell ffa_bonus4

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast maps[edit]

Picture Name Location Map
Ffa bespin.png Bespin Streets Bespin ffa_bespin
Ffa deathstar.png Death Star Death Star ffa_deathstar
Ffa imperial.png Star Destroyer ffa_imperial
Ffa ns hideout.png Garbage Facility Nar Shaddaa ffa_ns_hideout
Ffa ns streets.png Nar Shaddaa Streets Nar Shaddaa ffa_ns_streets
Ffa yavin.png Massassi Temple Yavin 4 ffa_yavin
Ctf bespin.png Bespin Exhaust Shafts Bespin ctf_bespin
Ctf imperial.png Garrison 27-D ctf_imperial
Ctf ns streets.png Warring Factions Nar Shaddaa ctf_ns_streets
Ctf yavin.png Temple Tournament Yavin 4 ctf_yavin
Ffa raven.png Imperial Labs: Raven ffa_raven

"Free" Play[edit]

Most servers tend to disable the victory conditions and use this as a non-competitive mode to hang out, engage in private duels and chat, often enforcing no-laming rules.