Escape: Yavin IV Lost Maps

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Escape: Yavin IV Lost Maps
Developer Darrow Linder
Release Date Around 2011
Genre Single Player action

Escape: Yavin IV Lost Maps is a Single Player modification for Jedi Academy, developed by Darrow Linder. The project was started back in 2000s and its first version initially known simply as "Escape Yavin IV" was released in 2005. Several years later it was revised and released again as a complete and much larger version, labeled "The Lost Maps".


Escape: Yavin IV picks up where the original Jedi Academy ended, with the Dark Side choice made by Jaden Korr. After acquiring the scepter of Marka Ragnos the young fallen Jedi would continue its conquest of the Galaxy, but instead is captured and sent to prison. Upon waking up in the cell, Jaden learns, that the Sith have dominated the Galaxy, while the remaining opposition, the Alliance is on the brink of extermination. As the fallen Jedi tries to escape the prison, various Dark Side acolytes attack him (or her), being in the service of a new powerful Sith Lord.


The mod includes 38 levels (12 cinematic levels and 26 playable missions). During the game, the Player can upgrade the saber when defeating the enemies: in each case it is possible to exchange you hilt for the one previously used by other characters. The variety of lightsabers is also very large, including familiar hilts, as well as unimaginable blades, not seen anywhere in Star Wars before. It's also possible to choose any level you want from a special menu, ignoring the storyline.

Development and Continuity[edit]

The first version of EY4 was a much smaller pack, consisting of several maps, but later 25 more missions were added, thus forming The Lost Maps. According to Darrow Linder there are 35 or 38 levels in total, 150000 brushes, 25000 lines of script, 40000 entities and "3000 hours of blood and sweat" with 20-40 hours of gameplay.

The mod includes one original map, made by Raven Software – duel_valley, but it was modified and expanded by D.Linder to fit in the story.

EY4 is fully voiced – by Darrow Linder himself (Jedi, Jedi Master Savet, Rosh Penin, etc.) and Mr11 as well as The Light Side.

While the plot sticks to the Dark Side ending of Jedi Academy (which in turn is vastly considered non-canon in the main Star Wars lore), the mod delves into a completely new story, not associated with anything from known films, games, books or comics, official or fan-made: the Sith attack the Galaxy with all available forces and means, including the Clones and the Imperial troops, while Luke Skywalker sits on the Jedi Council together with Yoda and Mace Windu. The main antagonist is a new villain, however his minions include characters such as Assaj Ventress.

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