Epic Challenge Mod II

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Epic Challenge Mod II is a mod for Single-Player of Jedi Academy released in 2015. This mod contains approximatly 50 maps to play and a lot of new environnements and ennemies. It is the sequel of Epic Challenge Mod, released one year before.

Story and Gameplay[edit]

The Destroyer is a sith who believe he have to conquier the galaxy to be fine. Kyle Katarn has been attacked by his side-kicks, an army of fanatics who follow him. His repear is hidden and only appears if you have the 4 crystals of the elements. Kyle will have to travel again around a strange world, with a lot of places, like the Bad Weather Swamps, the Coast, the Skies and the Dark Ways to find the four sanctuaries where the crystals are hidden.

A lot of new ennemies, and hours and hours to play, with a difficulty which increase during all the game. The gameplay is pretty simple, you begin with all powers and weapons and you can find crates all around the maps to get new items. The genre is a mix between Action, FPS, Mystery, Adventure, and Platform games.

The mod is largely inspired by Rayman II: The Great Escape.

Graphics are old school, like old platform's games. Instead of the first ones, there are a lot of differents landscapes and the design is darker than the first one. There are a lot more of light effects.

The World Of The Mod[edit]

It is an alternate world where the laws of physics aren't the sames.

The Bad Weather Swamps[edit]

Called because it is rarely sunny, those swamps are made of long caverns and in the exterior, the water is very often toxic.

The Coast[edit]

The coast is a large place in the side of the Beach. There are a lot of Command Centers and the army of The Destroyer is pretty large here.

The Skies[edit]

In the skies there are some structurals places without any sense. The gravity is different and the tiny platforms make everything hard to achieve when you don't want to fall in the clouds. The skies are a shortcut between two sanctuaries.

The Dark Ways[edit]

The Dark Ways are strange and dangerous places. Only the Darkest side-kicks can access and monsters live there.


Sanctuary Of Water And Ice[edit]

This sanctuary is divided into 3 levels, one in the water-theme and the two others in the ice theme. The sanctuary is located in the fronteer between the swamps and the coast.