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Epic Challenge Mod is a mod for Single-Player of Jedi Academy released in 2014. This mod contains approximatly 40 maps to play and a lot of new environnements and ennemies.

Story and Gameplay[edit]

Kyle Katarn is required to fight a sith called Darth Lawn who invaded four islands with the Reborns and Shadowtroopers of Desann who were not dead at the end of Jedi Outcast. During the journey, you will fight 7 bosses without counting Lawn and traveling around 4 islands. The gameplay is pretty simple, you begin with all powers and weapons and you can find crates all around the maps to get new items. The genre is a mix between Action, FPS, Mystery, Adventure, and Platform games.

Graphics are old school, like old platform's games.


The mod features a lot of secrets. Every island is composed of, without counting secrets maps, 8 maps. The fourth and eight maps are bosses maps. In the third and seventh maps (every maps before a boss, so every three normal maps), you can find 3 keys hidden in the level which lead you to secrets places. In every secrets places of the game, you will find codes. If you use them well, you will access an alternate ending with a secret Island.