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An entity refers to anything that the player can interact with in an Id Tech 3 map. Weapons, items, NPCs, doors and switches are all types of entities.

The static geometry of a map is also an entity, known as "worldspawn".

This article describes selected entities.

Entity types[edit]

These are the types of entities in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy:

  • ammo
  • emplaced (emplaced guns)
  • func (doors, moving platforms and elevators, breakable walls, glass, etc.)
  • fx (effects such as smoke, fire and weather effects)
  • holocron (force power items)
  • info (player starting point)
  • item (medikits, shields, batteries, bacta, etc.)
  • light (light source)
  • misc (miscellaneous entities, including 3d models, gun turrets, security panels, security cameras)
  • NPC
  • path_corner (waypoints for func_train)
  • point_combat (combat location for NPCs)
  • rail (special entities for creating the moving train effect in t1_rail level in Jedi Academy)
  • ref_tag (location marker for scripts)
  • target (perform various functions when activated)
  • team (entities for team multiplayer maps, eg. player spawnpoints and CTF flags)
  • terrain
  • trigger
  • waypoint (used by NPCs for navigation)
  • weapon

func entities[edit]

func entities are composed out of map geometry (brushes and/or curve patches). They can, however, be made from a nodraw brush and a 3D model assigned via the "model2" key.


This is used to create breakable walls, grates, and other structures.


A simple door. Can be opened by proximity (default), the "use" button, or Force Push.


A rotating structure, eg. a fan. Can be switched on and off.


In JO and JA, these are typically used to create objects which are moved by ICARUS scripts. For example, elevators, moving platforms and ramps.


An object that moves along a pre-defined path, set by path_corner entities.


A object that can be visible ("on") and invisible ("off"). Typically used (together with a trigger) to create switches.

fx entities[edit]

These create local or global effects.

fx_rain, fx_snow and fx_wind create a global weather effect (appears throughout the entire map, in any "outside" areas).

fx_runner creates a local effect, from an .efx file.

misc entities[edit]


An ammo recharge station.


An ATST walker that the player can drive. (Like in the Yavin Canyon SP map).


A security camera, which the player can look through.


Big ion cannon, used in Artus and Hoth SP maps.


Magnetic lock, seals doors until destroyed by a lightsaber.


Allows placement of a md3 (or .ase) model. Is converted into bsp.


A breakable md3 model. Can also be moved by scripts and ROFF.


A static (non-breakable) md3 model. Not converted into bsp.


A gun turret that the player can control remotely.


Requires a matching item_security_key to unlock.


A shield recharge station


Creates a sky portal at the location.


A gun turret.


Sets a region to check for weather contents (inside or outside brushes). Should be used with a weatherzone brush.

NPC entities[edit]


Used to spawn a custom made NPC.


A vehicle.


NPCs equipped with guns move to these locations to fight.

rail entities[edit]

These are special entities used to create a moving train / tram illusion, as in t1_rail.

It is in fact the scenery (buildings) which are moving entities, while the "train" is actually stationary (worldspawn).

target entities[edit]


Ends the current level.


Runs an Icarus script.


Plays a sound. Can be assigned a SoundSet or a .wav file.

trigger entities[edit]

Triggers should be made entirely out of a brush (or brushes) textured with the trigger shader.


Does damage to players and/or NPCs. Can be set to an electrocution effect, or falling (pit) effect.


A standard trigger, which can be used to make switches (if "facing" and "use button" spawnflags are set).


Like trigger multiple, but can only be triggered once.


Pushes players and/or NPCs in a certain direction. Can be used to create wind tunnels and conveyor belts.


A trigger which is triggered by being looked at. Can be set to force sight only.

waypoint entities[edit]


These are used by NPCs (like Stormtroopers) for navigation. A map requires a network of connected waypoints; otherwise, NPCs will not be able to move around. Jedi and other lightsaber wielding NPCs do not require waypoints.


An NPC can be moved to this location with a script.

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