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The Empire Reborn is a faction of imperials who have aligned themselves with (for Jedi Outcast's purposes) the dark Jedi Desann and admiral Galak Fyyar. It trained a large army of Force-users, comprised of Reborn soldiers and the more elite Shadowtroopers. They caused a significant amount of damage to the Jedi Order when they assaulted the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV. However, they were opposed by both the Jedi (led by Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn) and the military force of the New Republic. The force was left without a leader when Desann was defeated by Kyle in lightsaber combat. They would later be reorganized into the Disciples of Ragnos‏‎, lead by Desann's apprentice named Tavion Axmis.

Notable Members[edit]

The following are the primary leaders/collaborators for the Empire Reborn movement:


The following is a list of all the soldiers who fought for the Empire Reborn:


Reelo's enforcers

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