Emergency Assistance

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Emergency Assistance
T1 fatal.png
Location Bakura
Map t1_fatal
Game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Officials from the planet Bakura have requested our assistance. An unknown party has taken control of a power station up in the mountains. They sent a team to investigate, but they haven't reported in. Their concerns are two-fold: they want to stop whoever has taken over the station, and more importantly ensure that the station itself remains undamaged. The station is built over a dormant volcano, and if the facility is destroyed, the volcano could destroy a heavily populated city. The Bakurans' need someone to infiltrate the facility and thwart the group's plan.


  • Disarm the 5 bombs the Imperials have placed.
  • Disarm the last 4 bombs.
  • Disarm the last 3 bombs.
  • Disarm the last 2 bombs.
  • Disarm the last bomb.
  • Get back to your ship.