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The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is an European league and platform for game competitions and professional gaming. The ESL got over 4 million registered users from 36 countries in hundreds of games.


The page was founded in 1997 under the name "Deutsche ClanLiga". In 2000, they changed their name to "ESL". The company's many tournaments are run by volunteer admins. The ESL is one of Europe's largest eSport leagues.

ESL and Jedi Academy[edit]

The Jedi Academy ESL section was created in 2003 and is one of many sections on the ESL platform. Even though the exact number of competitive JKA players is unknown, the ESL make up the most part of the competitive community in Jedi Academy. On ESL any competition is held on base servers (Jedi Academy without any mods), but there also used to be MBII and JA+ ladders and cups. Even though the ESL is an European league, players from other continents are allowed to play on most cups. While the Jedi Academy section of the ESL was still active after more than 10 years, the activity dropped significantly in 2014 after the section got moved to a new page and the old forums got deleted. In May 2017 the ESL section of Jedi Academy was shut down but had a short comeback in 2019 until it was shut down again.