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Dureal is a former competitive Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast player, mostly known for his achievements in the Electronic Sports League as player and manager of his team Team-aXiom. Dureal is widely considered to be the most successful player in the history of Jedi Academy.

In 2001, after gaining his broadband connection, Dureal started his online-gaming career. Brought to Jedi Outcast by a friend, he took his first steps in the game. With the release of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy in 2003, he switched to the newer game and founded a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy squad in his first and only gaming clan, Team-aXiom. Being awarded several times for his achievements, he left the active gaming scene in 2006. About one year later, he decided to use his experience to support players as administrator in the Electronic Sports League. Having worked hard to gain the respect and trust of the player base, he was serving the community as Master League Administrator.

Besides winning many tournaments, Dureal was also ranked #1 in the International as well as the German section of the game in the 1on1 Saber Ladder, 2on2 Saber Ladder (with 3 different partners) and the Team Deathmatch Ladder with Team-aXiom. His player strength, according to the Elo rating system, was rated at almost 2000 points, a value that only two other players reached in the game, being placed more than 200 points higher than the 2nd strongest player when he left the league. In a German interview from 2004 he revealed that he is was no longer receiving any points at all for most of his won matches because the elo differences were too high, stating that he only acceppted the challenges because he had fun playing the game.

When the Electronic Sports League reopened an International and German 1on1 Saber Ladder for Jedi Outcast, Dureal decided to join the ladders and quickly achieved the 1st rank in these, too. Apparently, he only gained a silver medal in the German ladder (for being placed at rank 1 for 60 continuous days) because the ladder closed again before he was awarded the gold medal (for being placed at rank 1 for 120 continuous days).

Leading Team-aXiom was not the only team-management job Dureal took upon himself. Due to the success with his own team, he was also asked to manage Team Saarland, a regional team for a German national championship called Deutsche Länder Meisterschaft, winning the tournament shortly after. Later on, when the community reached its peak, he also became manager and player of the Germany national team, reaching the second place in 2006 and snatching Germany the title of World Champion in the Jedi Nations Cup 2009.

Despite having officially left the competitive scene, Dureal returned several times to play in tournaments, proving that he didn't lose his shape. The last tournament he played in was the Winter Games 2010 series where he won the 1on1 Cup against his team member mrl. Together with his fellow gaming partners of Team-aXiom, they also managed to win the 2on2 Cup and the Team Deathmatch Cup in the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy-section of the Winter Games 2010, playing a big part in their group winning the whole tournament.

Dureal was Master League Admin in the ESL until 2012.


Place Year Event/League Part.
1st 2004.03 Saber Opening Cup 53
1st 2005.01 Saber Cup 2005 32
1st 2005.02 Bantha Cup Feb 05 64
1st 2008.09 Coruscant Champion Cup 32
3rd 2009.09 Summer League 2009 Playoffs 16
1st 2010.02 1on1 Saber Winter Games 2010 16