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Duel is a multiplayer gametype available in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy where players duel each other one on one. After the match, the winner (depending on the server settings) will continue to fight the next player in line.

Jedi Academy Maps[edit]

Picture Name Location Map
Duel1.png Bespin Courtyard Bespin duel1
Duel2.png Generator Room Naboo duel2
Duel3.png Imperial Shaft duel3
Duel4.png Imperial Control Room duel4
Duel5.png Taspir Landing Taspir III duel5
Duel6.png Yavin Training Area Yavin 4 duel6
Duel7.png Rancor Pit Korriban duel7
Duel8.png Abandoned City Korriban duel8
Duel9.png Hoth Canyon Hoth duel9
Duel10.png Vjun Fuel Processing Vjun duel10

Bonus Maps[edit]

Official bonus map made available by Raven Software:

Picture Name Location Map
Duel bonus1.png Coruscant Coruscant duel_bonus1

Jedi Outcast Maps[edit]

Picture Name Location Map
Duel bay.png Imperial Shuttle Bay duel_bay
Duel carbon.png Carbon Chamber Bespin duel_carbon
Duel jedi.png Battleground Jedi 2.0 duel_jedi
Duel pit.png Trial Pit duel_pit
Ffa raven.png Imperial Labs: Raven ffa_raven
Duel bespin.png Bespin Air Vanes Bespin duel_bespin
Duel hangar.png Hangar Bay 72 duel_hangar
Duel temple.png Ceremonial Hall Yavin 4 duel_temple
Duel training.png Lightsaber Training Yavin 4 duel_training