Desann style

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Also known as "Purple" style in MovieBattles II. This one-handed style is sort of a cross between Medium and Strong styles. It is only available to single saber by default.

Compared to Red Stance it is slightly faster. It also has unlimited attack chaining. It uses the same stance pose as Medium style. It uses the Leaping slash-down DFA of Strong style, the Lunge attack of Fast, and the kata of Strong style.

The Desann style's HUD icon

Single Player[edit]

In Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast, this style must be obtained using cheats, custom .sab files, or NPCs. In Jedi Outcast it is used by the Desann NPC.

In single player, this style's attack swings are actually more powerful than Strong style in certain situations. It also recovers from parries and blaster deflection somewhat faster.