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Position Dark Jedi
Homeworld unknown
Birth unknown
Death 12 ABY
Species Chistori
Sex Male
Distinctions 2m height, purple skin, deep voice
Weapon lightsaber
Affiliation Jedi Order, Empire Reborn
Appears in Jedi Outcast,

Jedi Academy (Mentioned only)

Desann is a primary antagonist in Jedi Outcast video game. Being a former student of the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, he later left the Order and joined forces with the members of the Empire Reborn, using his minions to destroy the Jedi and bring the fall of the New Republic.


Desann was a chistori Force User, native to an unknown planet, where the Force was considered as abomination and abnormality. He was then discovered by the Jedi and began his training on Yavin IV, often proving to be rush and ambitious student.

Kyle Katarn encounters Desann during his second mission, which brought him to Artus Prime. The Dark Jedi was aware, that Katarn had been involved in the situation on Kejim, as informed by Galak Fyyar, and was ready to meet with the one, who destroyed Jerec in the Valley of the Jedi. He then ordered his apprentice Tavion to kill Jan Ors, Kyle's counterpart, thus making Katarn reveal the location of Ruusan and use the powers of the Valley for his own goals.

After regaining his Jedi powers in the Valley, Kyle met up with Luke Skywalker on Yavin IV to have his old lightsaber back, but had to pass a few trials before that. Luke then told Kyle about Desann, that the chistori was a member of the Order once, but after killing a fellow Padawan, he escaped the planet and started his path towards the Dark Side with true motives unknown. However Luke knew of his ties to the criminal Reelo Baruk on Nar Shaddaa, and Kyle makes his way to the Vertical city to find the thug.

After dealing with the mercenaries on Nar Shaddaa and Bespin, Kyle goes to the Leniko belt, as told by Desann's apprentice Tavion, who acknowledges, that Jan Ors is still alive and is kept prisoner there. Luke Skywalker is also chasing Desann and his Reborn warriors, and even engages the fallen Jedi in a duel near the landing ramp to the Doomgiver, a vessel, intended to be used against the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.

The academy is indeed attacked soon, as planned by Galak Fyyar and Desann, though many of the Shadowtroopers and main Imperial forces have been destroyed during the explosion of the Doomgiver. Kyle aids the New Republic forces and the Jedi repelling the attack of the Empire Reborn, and later finds his way to the secret underground level of the Massassi Temple, where Desann is hiding. The Dark Jedi uses the old ruins to weaken Katarn, as well as sets many traps for him, while enhancing his powers in the main hall deeper within the Temple.

Realizing, that his plan is falling apart and most of his forces destroyed, Desann tries to persuade Kyle to join the Dark Side. As Katarn refuses, Desann attacks him and an intense duel takes place. After the defeat, Kyle would return to Luke and Jan.


Desann only appears in one game, where he acts as most other villains do - trying to destroy the Jedi, which he left in the past. It is implied, that he is the leader of the organization, which includes many Reborn warriors, created with the use of the energy from the Valley of the Jedi. His main goal seems to be the destruction of all the Jedi, while Galak Fyyar, while additional sources reveal, that Desann was just one of the followers of Lord Hethrir, the real leader of Empire Reborn and the actual mastermind behind the attack on Yavin IV.

In Jedi Academy Desann is only mentioned during the main course of the story, when his former apprentice Tavion tries to resurrect Marka Ragnos, old Sith Lord, with the help of her cult. Some of the Reborn warriors also joined this organization. Desann is also available as a player model in JA Multiplayer.

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