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Developer Shadriss
Release Date Before 2012
Genre Single Player action

Deception is a Single Player modification for Jedi Academy telling the story of a Zabrak mercenary Phelan.


Phelan, the Zabraki merc

Phelan, a bounty hunter takes the assignment from the Rebel Alliance to infiltrate the Semele Imperial Droid Works facility. During this operation Phelan is assisted by a mission controller for direction and mission objectives. He is the one who provides all the information and explains, that due to passive security systems believed in use by the Semele Liberation Front, the amount of ammunition that can be sent is very limited.

The whole complex is well guarded and later Phelan is asked to go even further to locate the Production Planning Offices, and determine the end-product being made by the Semele Liberation Front. The plot proves to be far more complicated, as the production of dangerous weapons, including assassins, masked as protocol droids, was a planned by a group of the new Sith - Darth Malice, Darth Blight, Darth Umbra and Darth Wraith.


The original story for Deception was developed by Brian 'Shadriss' Goodrich, with many others providing help either with the gameplay, models, voices or maps. Some of the people, who contributed to the mod include the already known Inyri Forge, as well as Darth Algar, Gavin 'Tk409er' Chensue, Darth Scourge, Lord Kabal, Kessno and many others. It's notable, that the Zabraki model of the main character was quite new, and the whole story evolves more about shooting enemies and solving the plot, rather than being a Jedi adventurer. Interestingly, one of the enemies in the mod was made in such a way, that it reminded C-3PX, introduced earlier in the Expanded Universe stories of Star Wars.

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