Dawn of Darkness

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Dawn of Darkness
Developer Anthony Greene (GreenePhenoix) & Dary Braithwaite
Release Date around 2003
Genre Single Player action

Dawn of Darkness is a Single Player conversion modification for Jedi Outcast, which replaces all the original characters with new ones, either reskins or new models.


The story takes place at similar locations and with similar events as JO, but instead of Kyle the Player plays a Chiss Mercenary. Even though the story presents a conversion of the original game, the mod is set in alternative universe, in which Kyle Katarn is also present, however he never actually stopped using his lightsaber, but applied for the Chiss Naval Academy. The mod included several txt files, describing the events prior the mod, as well as the diary of Kyle Katarn.


  • Chiss Merc (replaces Kyle Katarn)
  • Chiss Female
  • Chiss Admiral
  • Chiss Trooper
  • Chiss Officer
  • Darth Mantis
  • Darth Spectre
  • Dark One
  • Night Trooper
  • Bartender

External Links[edit]

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