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A DDoS attack is an attack where a server is flooded beyond its processing power (bandwidth and maximum simultaneous connections, typically) to take it down. Connections are spammed to a server, particularly from multiple sources (a DDoS from a single source is called a DoS), in an attempt to take it down. This is common across the internet, and DDoS attacks are often launched against anything from webservers to game servers.

DDoS Attacks in JKA[edit]

In 2012 and 2013, Jedi Academy has seen a large number of DDoS attacks, which has caused a great deal of problems for many clans and servers, in many cases bringing them completely down for weeks at a time. Attacks seem to have been coming from a number of sources; An unknown hacker was systematically attacking servers listed on gametracker.com as well as unknown groups making personal attacks against clans.

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