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Custom or Modded sabers are the highlight of Jedi Academy. They are used by every player who downloads them from a site or if they came with a pack of some kind.

Most players don't like the idea for players to use them because some custom sabers contain extra points such as giving the player a speed boost or the sabers damage. Not all custom sabers have these but they change the length of the saber to point they do damage normally but oddly.

There are many types of custom sabers with or without extra points packed into them.

Different Custom styles

  • Swords: The saber is changed from a beam to a Blade with the ability to bounce more often when it hits the ground.
  • Staffs: Staffs or rods are similar to the normal double sided saber but they appear as a staff. An example of this is the Staff of Ragnos They sometimes have the same abilities to the swords
  • Modded: Most sabers look normal but have a slight fix to them. If it be saber length or if they have Speed boost to them.