Cloud City Mission - Vader Story

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Cloud City Mission - Vader Story
Developer Langerd
Release Date March 4, 2017
Genre Single Player action

Cloud City Mission - Vader Story is an Single Player modification for Jedi Academy, developed by a Star Wars fan Langerd, which allows the players to take the role of Darth Vader during his mission to Bespin. The mod shows some new maps, as well as models, characters, designs and new animations for the Sith Lord.


The story starts with Darth Vader in his TIE advanced starfighter, approaching the Cloud City. His mission is to find Raxle Vercel, hiding somewhere on Bespin. Upon arrival the Sith Lord is greeted by the local security forces (possible Lobot and his team), who deny having any information on the wanted Vercel. Greatly infuriated Vader cuts off Lobot's head only to explore the white hallways of the city, meeting heavy resistance from Bespin cops and other security forces, as well as Ugnaughts. Being close to finding Vercel, the Sith Lord gets reinforcements, who aid him in taking over the command center.

On one of the top floors, Vader finds the Cloud Car hangar, where a Jedi awaits the Sith Lord, who is revealed to be a male Twi'Lek. The two engage in a duel, upon which Vader Force chokes the fugitive, throwing him around, eventually thrusting the badly bruised Twi'Lek on a Bespin glass spike.

Behind the scenes[edit]

It was believed, that Raxle Vercel was the Jedi Twi'Lek, whom Vader finds on Bespin, but in reality, according to Langerd, he was just one of the four Jedi to be encountered, while Raxle Vercel was a separate character of Chiss species.


When Langerd published the mod on JKHub, it was said, that the pack would include a map as well as a lot of other files, which "are not 100% in the story". Aside from the main map, there were a few others, showing the duel arena as well as the bridge for Vader's Executor star destroyer. The many new NPCs were based on various new additions to JA, like Lobot and Jedi Twi'Lek, with many md3 models also made specifically for the project. The mod also introduces some new weapons.

One of the most impressive parts of the Cloud City mod is the Sith Lord himself – the model uses new animations, which look a lot more like what is shown in the classic Star Wars films.