Captain Bronnep's Journeys

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Captain Bronnep's Journeys
Developer Wystan
Release Date 2010
Genre Single Player action

Captain Bronnep's Journeys was a small Single Player modification for Jedi Academy about the adventures of a member of GenoHaradan, captain Bronnep. It was developed by a JKA modder Wystan in 2010. Several parts have been released since then.


Set during the New Republic time, the mod tells the story of Bronnep, the assistant to Chistori leader Verdox, the new head of GenoHaradan. He gives the Player several tasks, one being the capture of the old space station above Ord Mantell – a first step in acquiring an army of the Trade Federation battle droids to take over the city on the planet (Part I - Droids).

The next assignment brings Bronnep to Bespin, where is he opted to acquire the Tibanna gas. However the city is occupied by the Empire, which also captures captain's ship and drops it to the lower hangar. Bronnep is kept in prison, but manages to escape. He learns, that the Empire might be afraid to reveal their dark secrets, kept somewhere in the upper city (Part II - Three Centuries in Bespin).

Behind the scenes[edit]

Wystan planned to include more missions in the mod, but later switched to other projects, like Silex 3: The Paradox of colonel Williams.

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