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Blue stance, also known as "Fast" or "Light" is the quickest of the single saber stances. This is the stance the player starts with, and it is also available with dual sabers. It is the weakest in attack and defense vs. sabers and shortest reaching of the three stances, which results in it getting little use. Despite this, if used well, it can be very effective when used in counter-style due to its very high speed, and unlimited combo chaining. It also may have better defense vs. blaster fire than the other stances.

The blue style's HUD icon

Single Player:

Unlike in Multiplayer, the player must choose this stance as they progress through the campaign. The player can move during this style's kata attack as well, whereas in MP you're forced to stand still.

This style has roughly the same defense strength as Medium and Strong styles. Its swings are weaker, but its ability to parry swings and deflect blaster fire is faster and more pronounced than in MP.