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Position Barman
Homeworld unknown
Birth n/a
Death n/a
Species Chiss
Sex Male
Distinctions blue skin, red eyes; grammar errors
Weapon none
Affiliation Reelo Baruk
Appears in Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy

Baldarek, sometimes called Red-eyed Baldarek is a neutral character in Jedi Outcast. He appears only in one level of the game, but also returns in Jedi Academy.


In JO[edit]

Baldarek is a barman in a cantina on Nar Shaddaa. Kyle Katarn arrives there to find the criminals dealing with Desann after he regains his Jedi powers. One of these thugs is actually Reelo Baruk, a Rodian crime lord, which has his own garbage processing facility nearby. The Jedi tries to talk to Baldarek on this matter, but the barman ignores the newcomer at first. With a lightsaber shown at the table, the chiss becomes much more talkative, seemingly ready to discuss anything with a Jedi. Kyle neglects this fact, saying he is just a guy with a lightsaber. And a few questions.

The hint is noted by Baldarek, who offers Kyle a drink of Corellian ale, but instead of revealing the location of Reelo, closes the bar and alerts all the mercenaries around. When all the patrons (mostly thugs) are dead, Kyle corners Baldarek in the bar, making him finally talk. The scared chiss only says, that it is worth following the garbage collectors to find the Rodian.

In JA[edit]

Red-eyed Baldarek would change his job after the death of Baruk, moving to Nar Kreeta to work in the local cantina near the rancor arena. There he would witness Jaden Korr, another Jedi fighting the many mercenaries, guarding the Hutt establishment. He would remain silent however, perhaps remembering his prior encounter with the Jedi.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The chiss actually has no name within the video games, but it was established by other sources, as according to wookiepedia. In game he is simply known as the Bartender.

JA archives include a second Chiss - a hidden NPC named 'RebornChiss', which is basically the same Bartender wielding two red lightsabers and dark force powers.

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