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One of many veteran players in the long history of the Jedi Academy community. Not know well enough due to many times since the beginning of changing names until 2008 where he stuck with Bacon. He has joined a total of 15 clans which some have remained or been forgotten over the ages.


Little odd ball he is. Everything about him is something many would say they enjoy about or dislike which seems to be a common thing among the players. You won't meet another player like him with his ideals and views of the world. He is a true friend to many and will help a player if he has the know how and proper skill to share.


  • Likes = N/A
  • Dislikes = Idiots, selfish kids, immaturity, fake people, and trolls.


  • Amateur film maker and editing software user.
  • Amateur Photoshop and Image editor.
  • Rookie Voice actor
  • Writer

Current Clan:= Dark Jedi Empire "Lord/Founder"