BDC Racing Club

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BDC Racing Club
Bdc racing club.jpg
Author(s) Darth Zappa
Link(s) JK3Files

The BDC Racing Club map was created for the members of "Black Death Clan" by fellow member "Darth Zappa"

It was released in early 2004 on the JK3files website. It supports Duel, Power Duel, FFA, and Team FFA gaming types so its got its pleasures. It's a very large map with a huge main base in the center and many other stations around the canyons. It's partially based off Tatooine. As the name suggests, it has a race track for swoops with seating for other players to watch as well usable turrets.

Within the buildings themselves are even larger rooms and areas for players to explore, duel, and just hang out in. A few hidden secret chambers are here and there, some are easy to find while others take time.

As is typical for clan maps there are many pictures of members around.