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A map, level or arena is an area in which the game can be played. It represents the location the players can explore.

Types of Maps[edit]

In Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, maps come in all shapes and sizes. Different maps are set up for different game modes. For instance, in Capture the Flag, the map is usually large and will have two "endzones", each zone belonging to the teams associated with the CTF game mode. Maps can be either base maps (those that are included with the game) or custom maps (made by modders).

Custom maps often orientate themselves with clans and "hangout" areas. Other custom maps sometimes include different game styles such as racing (for example, the BDC Racing Club Map is specifically made for racing and for the clan itself).


Maps can be created by an editor such as GtkRadiant. The file format for compiled maps is .bsp.