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Syko's JKFiles Mirror is a backup of the mods hosted on Filefront (now Gamefront). The files were mass downloaded from Filefront and then re-uploaded to for archival purposes.

SJFM's download interface.


In March of 2013 former Jedi Academy modder Syko, seeing the brokenness and instability of Filefront had the idea to download the website so it could be accessed locally from his computer in case the site ever went down. Thinking that this resource could be helpful to others in the seeming unlikely even that Filefront ever went down, he uploaded his backup of the site and posted on the JKHub forums about it. The backup was positively received, though several felt that the backup needed the mods themselves to be complete.

A typical error on Gamefront that randomly occurs when browsing JK3files.

This was agreed upon by all, but realistically all of the mods hosted on Filefront would have to be manually downloaded and then re-uploaded for this to be done. A Filefront downloader bot however, provided by spior sped up and automated the process. The bot had its limitations however, and became increasingly less stable, resulting in numerous crashes. spior worked hard to fix these errors, though he eventually gave up.

Fortunately the large majority of the mods were able to be downloaded on Syko's end. He uploaded them on where they remain as of this writing.


Several mod categories remain missing due to errors in spior's downloader bot. These categories include:

  • Jedi Academy Skins
  • Jedi Academy Models
  • Jedi Outcast Skins

The mirror also effectively eliminates Gamefront's country blocker, as can be accessed from most countries.

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