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The player takes the role of Jaden Korr (voiced by Philip Tanzini if male, and by Jennifer Hale if female). Jaden is a new student arriving at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, along with fellow student Rosh Penin (Jason Marsden). On their way to the Academy, the students' shuttle is shot down by an unknown enemy. As Jaden and Rosh make their way to the Academy on foot, they encounter stormtroopers and a [[|reborn|Dark Jedi]], whom Jaden defeats. Jaden then sees a woman using a staff to drain energy from the Jedi Temple, but he is detected and knocked unconscious by the beam. Awakening, Jaden is met by Kyle Katarn (Jeff Bennett) and Luke Skywalker (Bob Bergen), who both express concern about the incident. Jaden and Rosh become apprenticed to Kyle; however, in their first training session, Rosh's over-competitiveness endangers Jaden. Jaden is then dispatched on various peace-keeping missions across the galaxy.

After completing several missions Jaden returns to the temple and overhears Rosh talking to another student, saying that he feels like the Jedi masters are trying to hold them back. Luke tells the assembled students that the Dark Jedi who attacked the Temple are members of a Sith cult called the Disciples of Ragnos, who are led by Tavion Axmis (Kath Soucie), the former apprentice of Kyle's nemesis Desann from Jedi Outcast. Tavion has recovered the "Scepter of Ragnos", which has the power to drain and release Force energy. Tavion's appentice, a Twi'lek named Alora (Grey DeLisle), was able to infiltrate the Academy during the attack and stole Luke's journal. This has allowed Tavion and her followers to find numerous places strong with the Force. The students are sent out to investigate the locations in Luke's journal. Jaden is sent to Hoth to investigate Echo Base, where he encounters Imperials and Alora. Jaden defeats her, and she flees. Returning to the Academy, Jaden finds that Rosh did not return from his mission to Byss.

After completing several more missions, Jaden accompanies Kyle in an investigation of Darth Vader's fortress on Vjun. There, Jaden discovers that Rosh has joined the Disciples of Ragnos, having fallen to the dark side to avoid being killed. Jaden defeats Rosh as Kyle arrives. Tavion appears and disables Jaden and Kyle, causing the room to cave-in as she escapes with Rosh. Kyle and Jaden narrowly escape and return to the Academy. Jaden is promoted to Jedi Knight, and constructs a new lightsaber. Luke comes to the conclusion that Tavion plans to restore the Sith to power by using the stolen Force energy to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos. As the Jedi prepare to battle Tavion and her followers on Korriban, Kyle informs Jaden that he has received a call for help from Rosh. Though skeptical, Jaden agrees to help. Fighting through a mining facility on Taspir III, Jaden is again confronted by Alora, who continues to taunt him as he chases he through the complex. Eventually, Jaden finds Rosh, who asks for help and claims to have seen the error of his ways. Gripped by anger, Jaden is goaded by Alora to kill Rosh and join Tavion. At this point, the player can choose to either kill Rosh and turn to the dark side or let him live and thus stay on the light side.

Dark path[edit]

On the dark path, Jaden kills Rosh but refuses to join the Sith or help resurrect Marka Ragnos, instead killing Alora and heading to Korriban. Jaden leaves a trail of destruction behind him, killing Jedi and Sith alike before he confronts Tavion. Killing her, Jaden steals the Scepter only to be confronted by Kyle. Jaden defeats and apparently kills Kyle escaping with the scepter. Kyle is found to have survived the duel by Luke, and laments losing both Rosh and Jaden, vowing to hunt Jaden down. Luke, wishes Kyle good luck, and notes that although Jaden has turned to the dark side, there is always hope and Jaden may not be beyond redemption. Jaden is then seen on the bridge of a Star Destroyer beginning a campaign of conquest.

Light path[edit]

On the light path, Jaden spares Rosh and saves him from Alora, who cuts off Rosh's left arm. After Jaden Kills Alora, he then heads to the Tomb of Ragnos to confront Tavion, fighting his way through her followers with other students. Jaden bests her; however, she's able to use the scepter to resurrect Ragnos's spirit who possesses her body. Jaden defeats Ragnos and destroys the Scepter, banishing Ragnos' spirit back into its tomb. Back at the Academy Jaden sees Rosh, who has recovered, and is honored by Luke, Kyle and the rest of the order.

Notable Characters[edit]

Jaden Korr The main character in Jedi Academy
Kyle Katarn Jaden's mentor
Luke Skywalker The head of the academy
Rosh Penin One of the students of the academy
Tavion Axmis A dark jedi
Alora Tavion's apprentice