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Found 505 results

  1. 458 downloads

    ////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ////////////////////////////////// Author: Magnus D'Kana Contact: magnusdkana@hotmail.com OR Magnus D'Kana#9312 Website: http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/ File Name and Version: harmony_temple.bsp, boss_battle_all.bsp and others such as models/textures/scripts/sounds etc. (Original) Release Date: 15/11/2019 Build Time: 1 year and 9/10 months (not actual work time) Filesize: 107,119 KB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***I found out that this map's npc scripts do not properly work on ja+, therefore if you want the full experience, play on base.*** So I started this map, Harmony Temple (previously named Hidden Vale), a looooong time ago. In fact I started my process of learning to map alongside starting this map after only around a month of starting JKA (January 2018 specifically). I’ve come a long way since then and I kept my old .map files which I look back on with horror lol. I have also kept a lot of the map true to how it started, most notably the spawn area which was the first area I started on the map and has been heavily revamped many times as I have progressed in my ability to map. Along the way of progress, I have had to learn many things about modding in JKA such as lighting theory, scripting, advanced entity work, architecture, game design, modelling, sound editing, skinning, texture editing, texture creation, shader creation and a lot more! Although I didn’t work on the map the ENTIRE time between January 2018 and now, I still hope that the amount of time and effort I put into this map and improving my knowledge shows in this final product and you enjoy it as much as I loved creating and testing it :). I will put in a disclaimer here...the boss battle map is fairly challenging-it is meant to test your limits as a player and as such the average player will likely fail at the challenges... a lot. I just wanted to say that this is entirely what I intended. I based the challenges around trial maps I have completed and most of those were super challenging and even frustrating but I always felt like I had improved by the end of them (I even think my map is much easier than the trial maps I've played on xD). So my idea for these challenges was basically so that they would challenge even the best of players and allow them to adapt to the challenge and grow as a player. Soooo yeah don't be disheartened if you fail at them (if it makes you feel better I died to the crushers around 49/50 times back when they were almost double the speed they are now :P. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Harmony Temple map features: -A spawn area, with combo training pads (from Virtue’s academy maps). It also has two portals-one to the combat area and one to the “pit”. -A med bay, with health and shield pickups to bring you up to 200hp and bacta tanks. It also features KOTOR kolto tanks and medical beds, allowing RP. - A mess hall, which offers ability to RP (watch for the chimney coming from the fire pit blowing out smoke on the roof!) -An outside “hang-out” area, with gardens inspired by Skyrim’s College of Winterhold’s glowlight garden in the arch mage’s quarters. It also features a crystal cave and several places to RP. -An entrance which leads to the pit, the combat area and the stairs. -A combat area, complete with two duelling rooms; a room for training various theories (theories used by The Valley of the Jedi community in regards to duelling and movement) and also a drone room for practising aerials. -A “pit”, heavily inspired by Virtue’s pit on the academy maps and also Zach’s pit on The Valley of the Jedi. This pit uses rotating central platforms, HP stepping stones and a central mini duelling platform. -A library, which features two side meditation rooms; an orb with a story (I call it the Eye of Magnus after Skyrim’s Eye of Magnus :P); opportunity to meditate on different paths of the force and gain force boons and also a hidden armoury (try to find a hidden button somewhere... unless you want to cheat-then just use /noclip!) -Dorm room hallway, which contains unique master bedrooms on the right and more boring (...except one) student bedrooms on the left. -An entrance to a trial map I am working on (this will be useless to most seen as though I won’t be releasing to the public). -A council room, which has a strong theme of nature. It is said that the masters who gathered on the chairs had to use telepathy with the force so they could hear each other over the loud waterfalls <_<. -The map also features a treasure hunt (using holocrons) and also a hidden password-locked door. There will be more info on this further down. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Boss Battle map features: -A lava challenge room, which features a laser obstacle course, booby traps and hidden doors. -A “precision jump” challenge room, which features moving small platforms. -A crusher challenge room, which features fast crushers and another challenge (no spoilers). - A strafe challenge room, which features strafe jumps which probably range from around 3-8/10 for difficulty (10 being near impossible) -A boss battle room, which features a scripted boss battle. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information and Help: -These maps are quite big together and they contain .NPC files. If you are using the base MP client, it is likely you will have to remove other .pk3s which contain .NPC files (otherwise you'll get an error when trying to play). I personally never had this issue when I was using either the openjk or the eternaljk client. I assume because they extend the limit of .NPC files. -Note that the boss battle map is really designed for a single player however, to make sure everyone has something to do, 4 players is the recommended maximum. This is because there are 4 challenges and each challenge is quite hard to do with multiple people. To make sure everyone gets a chance to play all of the challenges, you can simply restart the map with /rcon map boss_battle_all. -The holocrons around the map all contribute to make up one password-the numbers represent what order the letters are. The letters stand for their respective colour so O=Orange for example. -It is possible the holocrons are very hard to find. As such, I will give some help. Comb every inch of the map, check shadowed areas, underwater, try to break objects/walls with your saber and remember you can use your saber as a torch to search shadowy areas for hidden buttons! -The same advice as above goes for finding the hidden password-locked door. Once you reach the password door, I should tell you: the sequence resets every time you get the order wrong. If you get the right colour, you will hear a confirmation sound; if you get the wrong colour....well you’ll know-trust me >:D. -Once you have unlocked the door, press use inside the portal to change map to the boss battle map. This may or may not cause your game to crash. If it does cause a crash, just do /rcon map boss_battle_all (you can also use this command if you want to cheat but I recommend doing the full experience the correct way). -When you have spawned in the boss battle map, you will see two force fields. At the end of each challenge room, there will be a lever. This lever will deactivate a force field when used. Also in the left room from spawn, you have to press all 3 buttons at the end of each trial, and the centre “apparatus” will reveal the lever you need. -For some advice, the challenges are meant to test your patience and ability to think; along with testing game mechanical knowledge and skills. Some rooms might feel a bit like cat mario but if you observe and use your own intuition, you can work out how to avoid the traps. Also... REMEMBER THAT (whilst using r_dynamiclight 1) YOUR LIGHTSABER IS NOT JUST A WEAPON-IT IS ALSO A TORCH! ? -The boss battle consists of 3 stages. If you defeat the 1st boss "aspect" and the forcefields do not turn off-do /devmap boss_battle_all and use /noclip to restart the boss battle. -After the boss battle has completed, you will receive a message. This glitches a bit for some reason and the messages might repeat it's not too bad, just wait until the portal is on, and then press use on it to return to Harmony Temple. Like before, this may or may not crash you/your server (for some reason, the boss battle portal always crashed the server I tested the map on, but not when I was in a solo game-therefore I would reccomend doing /rcon map harmony_temple regardless, if you are on a server). If it does, restart and do /rcon map harmony_temple (if it is a base server). -Recommended settings for boss battle map: /_dynamiclight 1, force jump 3, no force speed (makes it ez :P), /g_forceregentime 200 (it causes more frustration but force management makes the challenges more rewarding to complete), /com_maxfps 125, for ja+ servers-please allow base wall grabs (I think it's something like g_debugmelee but not sure) and also for ja+ servers-disable grapple. You also NEED force push/pull level 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: - Zachry D'Kana for letting me use prefabs and textures from his map (The Valley of the Jedi) and also for his HUGE help with a lot of things including: help setting up my radiant for the first time; shaders; scripts; lighting advice; entity advice and help; teaching me how to make area portals; ideas; building a lot of the library for me and inspiring me to begin mapping with his own awesome maps! -Rhendo D'Kana for teaching me most of what I know about scripting; insisting I use clipping instead of arbitrary rotation (seriously thanks a lot for that xD) ; advice; spotting bugs and introducing me to entities for the first time. -Reep D’Kana for always answering questions I had whilst making my map; advice; spotting z-fighting; amazing ideas and teaching me many things I always wondered about such as how to make light flares. -Jaina D’Kana for letting me know how bad it was that she couldn’t splash in the fountain water (it’s been fixed now lol) and also spotting bugs in my map. -Helena Revan for helping me fix a rotating script and giving advice for one of my challenge rooms. -Rich Diesal for his awesome tutorial series which helped me immensely when first learning mapping and I even continued to check back on certain lessons even later on, down the line. -AshuraDX for helping me to fix a bad .map file my portal shader. -Asgarath83 for giving help on some NPC scripting. -Szico for his tutorial on rotating doors with area portals. -NAB622 for his tutorial on botrouting. -These are just a handful of people who have been SO helpful to me whilst I was learning every skill I needed to make my map. Because I have a bad memory, I can’t possibly list everyone who has helped me-so I just wanted to thank anyone who has supported me through enthusiasm, teaching, fixing etc. And even all the tutorials and forums posts I found to help me. I couldn’t have made nearly as awesome of a map without you all so a big thanks to all of you!! ? Testers: -Jaina, Prospero, Reep, Rhendo, Zachry and Zhan-Thanks for all the advice for improvements and extra ideas...the map wouldn't be as awesome without all of you :). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS FILE OR THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. ELEMENTS ™ & (©) LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. Jess421


    Version V3


    Title : Imphoth_a Author : Unknown at time of upload May 28 / 2016 File Name : imphoth_a.pk3 File Size : 20.1 MB Date Released : 8-30-2002 Description : A single player modification for Jedi Knight II. New Sounds : YES New Skins : no New Objects : no New Textures: YES * How to install * Just put the entire imphoth_a folder under your GameData in your game directory. Then load up single player JK2 and among the mod menu just load the mod. Then start the S/P campaign.
  3. 25 downloads

    A small FFA/Duel/Power Duel arena. Designed with Lunaran's LUN3DM4 textures specifically in mind.
  4. 110 downloads

    DESCRIPTION v1.0: My attempt to make the first High Republic character. It is master Yoda during his "younger" days in ceremonial golden robes. Use this with Plasma's saberpack. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: No Menu Support: No INSTALLATION: Extract yoda_HR.zip and put zz_zYodaHRT.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn yoda_hr
  5. 45 downloads

    This reskin of Jan Ors for Jedi Academy tweaks her colors and fixes minor issues with her model without departing from her original design too heavily. It will overwrite the existing Jan in the base game, team skins included. The changes are admittedly not too dramatic, akin to my previous Bespin Cop and Mon Mothma reskins. Since I made this for Jedi Academy, I took advantage of the fancy effects it has and JK2 lacks: specifically RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Detailed Shaders and Dynamic Glow enabled. The game is plenty old by now--I'm confident your machine can handle it. I've found that turning off Detailed Shaders still shows the RGB tinting, though it covers entire textures instead of using the alpha channel as a mask. It works, but it doesn't look great. Please let me know if you'd like a JK2 version--I'll make one if there's interest. The map seen in a few of the screenshots is Kejim Storage Room by by Yzmo.
  6. 904 downloads

    SP Support: Yes Team Skins / MP: No Npc Support: Yes Bot Support: No Since there are no other mods for TFU Sith Assasin version, I put this Frankenstein version together using parts from different models. I know the costume is not even close to the game, but I like the Jedi/Sith robes better. The model is available from the SP Menu selection and has the normal animations in order for them to work with cutscenes (custom animations don’t show or show as statues in the cutscenes). The model is also available via NPC (using the “playermodel galen_sith_assasin” command from the console) to use with Movie Duel's Backhand animations Install: Place the file Galen_Sith_Assasin.pk3 in your base folder Uninstall: Remove the file Galen_Sith_Assasin.pk3s from your base folder.
  7. 105 downloads

    This is an improved version of the New Reborns featured in the Jedi Academy singleplayer campaigns. This is only the start, based off of existing models and fanart I plan on recreating the cult of Ragnos as it should have been (I personally hate the New Reborn skins). No replacements yet but they are coming with the next update. Let me know what you think.
  8. 35 downloads

    Did you know they're canonically called Bespin Wing Guards? JK2 coined the term "Bespin cop" and JA kept it like it did a lot of player models from JK2. Nevertheless, "Bespin cop" is quite ingrained in my mind from all my time playing JK2 and JA, so I'll be referring to them as such here. This is a reskin of the Bespin cop for Jedi Academy, cleaning up his uniform and adjusting its colors to be closer to canon without outright making a new model. This will overwrite the existing Bespin Cop in the base game, team skins included. Like before, the readme has a complete list of changes. Since I made this for Jedi Academy, I took advantage of the fancy effects it has and JK2 lacks: specifically RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Detailed Shaders and Dynamic Glow enabled. The game is plenty old by now--I'm confident your machine can handle it. I've found that turning off Detailed Shaders still shows the RGB tinting, though it covers entire textures instead of using the alpha channel as a mask--it doesn't look great. I also have a JK2-compatible version available here, if you prefer.
  9. 40 downloads

    A reskin of Mon Mothma for Jedi Academy, in the same vein as my previous reskin of Kyle, although the changes aren't as drastic this time around. I primarily wanted to clean up her appearance and add fancy shaders. This will overwrite the existing Mon Mothma in the base game, team skins included. Since I made this for Jedi Academy, I took advantage of the fancy effects it has and JK2 lacks: specifically RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Detailed Shaders and Dynamic Glow enabled. The game is plenty old by now--I'm confident your machine can handle it. I also made a JK2-compatible version, if you'd like. It's not particularly apparent in the screenshots, but I gave Mon's eyes a similar specular shader to what I gave Kyle last time.
  10. 22 downloads

    This is my reskin of Mon Mothma for Jedi Academy, adjusted to work in Jedi Outcast. Aside from removing the extras that only work in JA, it's the exact same reskin. That said, the icons still use JA-style backgrounds (which were made by Ruxith here on JKHub). The hologram of her that appears in the opening cutscene (after the opening crawl and the Raven's Claw flying towards Kejim) is untouched, since that appears to be one of three ROQ files (the ones used for pre-rendered cutscenes) and I have no idea how to edit those. For the record, loading the JA version in JK2 doesn't crash the game (I deliberately didn't include the model.glm primarily to avoid unnecessary redundancy), but the shader parameters that JA uses to assign dynamic glow to stuff aren't programmed into JK2, resulting in errors if the model is loaded. Her dress uses one of its two specular textures (the one to make the necklaces shiny, so it's entirely black save for them), while her mouth and eyes use their specular texture, making her eyes look a little creepy. Likewise, her boots are mostly black, save for a pair of brownish accents here and there. Moreover, the JA model includes a sounds.cfg written for JA. The vanilla file has her using "mp_generic_female" instead of "mothma". There is actually a soundset in JK2 called that, but the way sounds.cfg are written in JA is different than in JK2. JK2 wants "chars/mothma/misc" followed by "f" on the next line to indicate Mon is a woman and it should read "[player name] killed herself" and so on when applicable. JA's syntax just needs the name of the soundset folder within "chars". As a result, JK2 reads "mothma", looks for a folder within sounds called "mothma", doesn't find it, and therefore leaves the model soundless. It does properly read the "f" on the second line and adjusts the death messages accordingly, though. In short, it doesn't do any harm if you use the JA version in JK2 beyond making Mon Mothma look kinda freaky. So if you feel like messing around, give it a whirl.
  11. 217 downloads

    Submitted by: By The Kid!? Original Creator: OGOO7J1 (formerly known as Pitchest Heart) FM3Av4 is finally released! Changelog: *NEW SCREENS, MENUS AND VIDEO - Music can be accessed on any map using the in game "MUSIC" menu located in the options bar. - You can access a selection of various crosshairs in the main menu after choosing a saber in profile or in the "AIMING" menu while in a game. - While in a game you can access the "VIEWS" menu to adjust various aspects of the camera's position in relation to your character. - A seperate config for each class can be created and saved from the "CONFIGS" menu. - Some extra features can be bound to keys via the "XBINDS" menu including a 4th person view, zoom in and out, a demo recorder and hotkeys for inventory items. - New title menu video. *NEW HUDS - Each faction has a specific HUD symbol. * MODELS - Each model icon has been given a mark in its lower left-hand side to denote that particular model's size. The sizes range from tiny to extra large (T,S,M,L,XL). The sizes have also been divided up in such a way as to help balance certain classes. - All models have had their standard annoying jumping grunt sounds removed leaving only the sound of the feet tapping the ground as they jump. *SHAPESHIFTERS - Ancient Ones and Dark Ssges have been given the ability to shape shift having access to all models in the game (except Droideka). *IMPROVED WEAPONS AND MELEE - Blue saber style: This style now has manual blocking on diagnol_back attacks as well as side to side auto-combos and an improved forward attack. - Green saber style: This style has been altered so it no longer dominates the others. While powerful, it has far less range. - Orange saber style: Side to side attacks slowed for balance - White saber style: Standing kata replaced in favor of one that leaves the user less vulnerable as well as fixing an animation bug seen in all versions of FM3. - Vong: Super high parry removed to better match the updated saber forms. Crouching kata replaced with the "Death Pounce". - Tusken: New crouching kata. - Noghri: New standing kata which fixes an animation glitch. - Cursed weapons and alternate multibladed weapons available for saber users. - Royal Guards only have blue with glitched styles removed. - Vong staff: Damage, parry, knockback, and hitbox values have been increased and range decreased to appear more realistic to the actual appearance of the weapon. The can do a standing and crouching katas as well as walk along walls. Vong are the only class to be given mega strength able to kill almost any targets in 1 hit as well as knocking targets back an incredible distance. - Tusken and Noghri weapons: Damage, parry and hitbox values have been increased as well as added standing and crouching katas. - Fletchett has better looking explosions. - Rockets have been better smoke trails. - DEMPs primary fire is better looking. - Thermal dets emit a cool looking shockwave after they explode. *IMPROVED BOTS - There are a huge variety of bots that randomize when the maps switch using the server file. They are quite a challenge even to experienced players. *IMPROVED DROIDEKA - Heallth increased to survive 1 saber throw. Shields set only to 100 because of thier hard coded , fast auto-regen. Enjoy! -The Kid!? and OGOO7J1
  12. 1,141 downloads

    Changes: The mod changes the walk, attacking and jumping animations. The staff and dual stances dont have new attack moves, just the idle animations of Movie Duels 2. Bugs known: In the scenes with non gameplay animations (for example the walking animations and when Jaden have a discussion with Rosh in Taspir) are bugged, in that scenes all the npc and the player will have the Gloat animation, idk how to fix it, if someone know how to fix it or if u already fixed it please, give me the mod fixed.
  13. Siberi

    Training Shrine

    Version v2


    Author description: "When it comes to the Force, sometimes you are the stream. At other times, the rock." Current features: Six rising balance beams (button) Moving beams duelling area (automatic) Adjustable floor duelling area (Force)
  14. 60 downloads

    A reskin of Kyle Katarn for Jedi Academy, revising his color scheme and design into something I think is aesthetically pleasing. This is most definitely not my first attempt at making a reskin, but it is my first time actually posting the end result. It will overwrite the existing Kyle in the base game, team skins included. In short, I made Kyle's outfit mainly black and white, with the accoutrements (shoulder pad, bracers, armbands, gloves, belt, boots) made a consistent shade of brown. In long, check the readme in the zip file for the complete list of changes and/or look at the screenshots. I made this for Jedi Academy, as it takes advantage of JA-specific effects like RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Detailed Shaders and Dynamic Glow enabled. The game is plenty old by now--I'm confident your machine can handle it. Please let me know if you'd like a JK2 version--I'll make one if there's interest. The changes not apparent in the screenshots are: Kyle's textures were cleaned up via waifu2x-caffe before editing to improve visual fidelity The addition of a second armband underneath his shoulder pad His pants have white stripes down them Several of Kyle's sounds from JK2 are included, replacing JA ones
  15. Version 2.0


    I hope you enjoy Darth Maul this new version Title : GustavoPredador's The Clone Wars Darth Maul Author: GustavoPredador (Darth Lord Vader) Credits: Hoodz, Mogs Original File: https://jkhub.org/files/file/633-cybernetic-maul/ Installation: Place GustavoPredador'sTheCloneWarMaul.pk3 into the "StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base". Steam "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData\base". Instructions: In order to use NPC's you will need to activate cheats here's how you do it. Singleplayer- Once your in the game, hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "helpusobi 1"...hit enter (cheats are now on)...next type "npc spawn (the npc's name)" Example: npc spawn DarthMaul. Here are the npc model names for this model... For Playermodel: DarthMaul For Npc:DarthMaul
  16. Version Beta v1.2


    Update: Thank you for your feedback! Please view the change log for a list of updates. As always if you encounter any issues, do let me know! About the mod: Please unzip the NewBeginning.zip folder and extract the contents to your Gamedata folder. Once installed, you may use the included "newbeginning.bat" file to load the mod for you, or you can load it yourself from the usual setup -> mod screen in single player. These instructions should apply to a disc and Steam installation (as I've used both!) This is a single player mod set one year after the original game (Light Side ending.) You will play as a new character over two levels (discounting cinematic maps.) The first level takes place in the Jedi Academy and the second takes place at one of the many training grounds. I strongly encourage you to explore the first level as there're a fair few secrets and Easter Eggs to be found! It was designed with the original Jedi Outcast level in mind, which means you could end it very, very quickly if you wanted to bypass the fun of exploration and move onto the trial level. The trial is the same one that was originally released here on JKHub with minor edits. I wanted to place emphasis on the Yavin Temple in order to receive feedback while I work on a brand new trial level and the first mission beyond the Jedi Academy. If you encounter any bugs- Oh, God. Please, please don't tell me you've encountered any bugs. ;_; My head might implode! Special thanks to Circa for play testing at various stages of development! Additional thanks to everyone over in this thread for providing so much help (still). Problems with the .bat? A Windows 8 tester did seem to be having a problem loading the mod with the .bat provided. They overcame this by creating a shortcut to their jasp.exe. (Right-click, copy, paste shortcut) Open the shortcut's "properties" and then move to the "shortcut" tab. Then, add the following (after a space) onto the "Target:" field: "+set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game newbeginning" Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game newbeginning" I hope this helps!
  17. 114 downloads

    -Carbon Freezing Chamber by lukesandylowground- Credits: LivingDeadJedi for most of the textures, thatSFXguy for ripping the sound effects off the movie. ::INSTALL:: Put the zzz_zzcarbon.pk3 in your base or mod folder. ::REMOVE:: Remove the zzz_zzcarbon.pk3 in your base or mod folder. So here it is, my third official map. This one is a location from ESB, in Cloud City. Here this chamber was used to freeze captain Solo. the map has actual sound effects from the movie, with the music "Carbon Freeze".
  18. 79 downloads

    Jedi Academy Version This is a simple recolor of Jan to match my Kyle. I made her shirt white and the vest, with all the other brown parts, black and give her the pants from her blue team skin. As a bonus I've added a Jedi skin for her which is simply the default skin without the vest like in Jedi Outcast. The JediF NPC will use this skin but it's also selectable in MP.
  19. 93 downloads

    This is a simple recolor of Jan to match my Kyle. I made her shirt white and the vest, with all the other brown parts, black and give her the pants from her blue team skin. I've checked if you can use this for Academy. Because it doesn't work, I made a Academy Version so you can use this skin in Academy also:
  20. 122 downloads

    My first skin, which I have done on my android device, is a simple reskin of everybody`s favorite guy with a lightsaber, Kyle Katarn. I simply put him into edited clothes of Jedi2 and changed the color of the pants to green, made Kyle`s boots black and played a little bit with the brightness and contrast settings on the torso. His shoulder pad is now also black and I disabled the collar thing. I like my version of him much more than the farmer Jedi and I hope you too. This will work also in Jedi Academy!
  21. Version (v2.0)


    Texture Author : AngelModder Model Author : Toshi Release Date December 25th 2013 Mod name : AngelModders Darth Vader File size 27mb For full version 11.9MB for Basic Description - Its rather simple really, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to mods, I saw that there was yet to be a decent reskin of Toshis Darth Vader. Jedi Knight Jedi Academy has had for to many years some pretty crappy Darth Vader models, and even worse yet the reskinns on them. So I set out to make the one Vader skin to rule them all. Very little detail was compromised on with this project. You have 2 default options normal, and ghost, as well as red and blue team. You also have a Darth Vader species with 18 heads 12 legs and 30 torsos totalling out to 6480 different combinations of Darth Vader. This was a LOT of work, in total it took over three weeks to pull off, the last of which was fine tuning and t echnical setups. This is my first publicly released skin. so I wanted to make an impression and a statement of the kind of quality you can expect from me in the future. I hope to reskin Almighty Girs Darth Revan model soon as the ones on it look more like a template place holder. I really hope you all enjoy this skkin, I've enjoyed making it and will enjoy using it! Installation - Unzip the Am_DarthVader.Rar file to your Jedi Academy Game data folder. Notes - This comes with a hilt which overwrites default 3, it has a no stance (though unless its uploaded to the server and other clients have it they see you standing in normal red/yello/blue) and a whole new set of sounds for it! It overwrites single_3 which is a hidious s aber no one in there right mind with any taste uses LOL XD! Before you edit this in any way! I spent a lot of time reskinning this model pretty much from scratch, do not use, redistribute, or modify my work in any way for this or any other game or platform style... Make it your self from scratch as I did! If you wish to modify the model please contact Toshi, as thats on him, but my textures are off limits. Any ways I hope you enjoy! Ångel-Modder This mod is not created/owned/suppourted by "Raven tm, Disney tm, LucasArts tm. or any of their affiliates."
  22. Version 1.5


    Description : Wow. Has it really been a year since I last released a mod for Jedi Academy? And has it really been 3 years since I released my last player model? Time flies it seems, after a year of personal problems I finally got myself together again and also regained my ability to focus on doing Artwork. During my Absence from JKA I spent a lot of time playing Dark Souls, now I present you my rendition of Solaire of Astora, Warrior of Sunlight from the first game of the series. Solaire comes complete with: -His signature Sword and Shield -Teamskins inspired by Dark Souls PVP cosmetic effects aswell as an additional "Sunbro" skin, aswell as matching weapon skins -Bot support -NPC suppor -new sounds from Dark Souls V2 will add new animations and hopefully LOD support! the npc names are as follows: "solaire" - Simply Solaire "solaire_darkwraith" - the Darkwraith aka Red Teamskin "solaire_darkmoon" - The Blade of Darkmoon aka blue Teamskin "solaire_sun" - The grossly incandescant Solaire, as he appears when you summon him for help in Dark Souls. Weapon names are : "slsword" and "slshield", to get the color variations attach _r, _b or _s for the colored weapon skins Now have fun with this guy, remember to Praise the Sun and be careful out there, neither of us wants to see you go Hollow! UPDATE 1.5: -new, improved textures -added LOD Support -decreased clipping in some areas BUGS :I didn't discover any during my last tests, if you find any severe bugs send me a pm INSTALL : put the Solaire.Pk3 in your base folder UNINSTALL : remove the Solaire.Pk3 from your base folder
  23. Version 1.0


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: ilikewaffles File Name and Version: Single Player Maps: Version 1.0 Release Date: 07/01/2018 Filesize: 21.2MB's Description with installation instructions: A few maps re-set back up for use, this time for the Multiplayer Portion of Jedi Academy. Roleplay, or whatever comes to your mind when utilizing these maps. Might be a bit messy but compiled and setup for multiplayer so no weird script errors, doors that don't work now work, and so forth. More maps to come later on potentially. Might still be bugs but the maps should all work well enough. Warning: Because these maps are re-setup for MP you might run into possible crashes. These were loaded up real fast with /devmap, not through the scripts setup for the map. Copyright/License: None. External Content Used / Credits: None, core base game content. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS FILE OR THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. ELEMENTS ™ & (©) LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  24. 87 downloads

    -Dark Palace Duel- Credits:The Secret Order of Sisyphus (Neural Upscale Pack) Probaly the first Duel Map inspired by Dark Forces 2! This is the iconic level from DF2 Yun - The Dark Youth, where Kyle has his first Lightsaber battle with Jerec's apprentice Yun, in the Dark Palace. The map is at full bright to simulate the Dark Forces 2 Shader. With music from the game, (High quality version of course)
  25. 1,684 downloads

    I always found the Jedi in Jedi Outcast and Academy to be rather inaccurate, but I liked how each of them had unique outfits, not just different color Jedi uniforms. I decided to make a modification so that they still have their unique outfits but have the traditional robes the Jedi Knight within the order should have. This was inspired by the Jedi Robes you could get in the MMO "Star Wars Galaxies" which you would wear over your usual clothes to enhance force powers, etc. Enjoy! Also, if you edit the .skin files you can surface on the Jedi hoods so they are actually on the models heads, but I didn't do this myself because it didn't look quite right. Issues: Clipping (not really avoidable)
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