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  1. I've two levels for this example. The first level provides the observant player with an opportunity to snag a holocron granting Force Jump level 2. In another level, the player is in the same location at a different time of day with other things happening, but I wanted to leave the holocron there as a second opportunity to the player if they didn't pick it up the first time. What I would like to know is - is it possible to perform a Force Power level check through script/mapping that would remove the holocron if the player already has Force Jump level 2.
  2. Hello JkHub, I'm venturing into creating Waypoints to make my NPC Battles more lifelike. Now I have started learning the basics of both entmodding and GTKRadiant but unfortunately I'm a bit stuck. From what I understand you cannot take an existing BSP file and convert it into a MAP file without losing lighting and UVW. So that removes using GTKRadiant from the list of possibilities on creating the waypoints there. I have searched the forums and saw some posts that it was possible to use entity modding where you could theoretically extract the entities from a BSP file, and put them in again with waypoints. But I could not find solid info or a tutorial about this(the creation of waypoints using only entmodding in a text file I mean). Lastly I saw the option of converting BSP to MAP anyway even with the loss of lighting and UVW > create waypoints in GTKRadiant > Saving as BSP file > Extracting the entities with entmodding > And then putting those entities in the original BSP file again using entmodding. I guess this would help create the waypoints without losing anything but I didn't see any success stories that it worked. Could anyone please give information on what the best way is to create waypoints on already existing maps? (No worries, this is for personal use only, so I know such changes cannot be shared as they would be considered a changed version of the map which the original author made). Thanks in advance!
  3. I noticed that there are slow, strong, fast, dual, etc. stance codes in the animation.cfg file, but I want to change the default medium stance and I am not sure which sequence code that is can someone help me out?
  4. When wanting to create a new animation how do you make sure you are overwriting the correct frames and not frames 0 to whatever length your animation is. Also I have an issue when I try to use glamerger I keep getting told "can only merge frames from files with same number of bones." The other question I have is when I try to add a new animation mod why am I told by the game you cannot replace stormtrooper animation!
  5. I have a nonsolid droid run a death animation at the start of my level. If I cast Force Lightning in its direction, it'll pop back onto its feet. Any lines I can use in bED to stop that from happening?
  6. Hello! I need help with ICARUS scripts. I don't know English well and it's just hard for me to translate tutorials. Can somebody tell me the steps to follow? Please? I'm trying to make a rotation. Tried to adapt a script from vjun2 but it did not work. (model that should rotate just disappears from the map).
  7. Hey there! I've been trying to play as old Ben-Ben for a while now, but every time something comes in contact with him, or near him, the game crashes. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wekn72z89skpe8o/tfuben.pk3/file The file was from Seven's WIP thread, and I slightly altered the face texture and modified it so that it would show up as a new species on SP. I also renamed him to bkenobi, instead of benkenobi (it conflicted with another 'benkenobi' mythos mod I had). When stormtroopers shoot at me: if I deflect the blaster bolt, or even if the bolt passes next to me and doesn't hit me? Game crashes. In a saber fight? Second there's any contact the game crashes. I have no idea what's wrong. Can anybody test and let me know how to fix this? Thanks a bunch ? EDIT: I found out I was using an older version buggy of Seven's Ben Kenobi. I started using the most recent one, made the modifications to have him appear on SP menu. When I start a new game as Ben, this time, the game crashes immediately. You can find the one I'm working with here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vkgkwvetbdt2gvg/benkenobi.pk3/file
  8. It seems I had more knowledge and skills 10 years ago I guess. Before I've made a map in GTK Radiant, but now after all these times it seems I forgot how to use GTK Radiant, cuz to shortly say, it won't display anything when I try to open a map file. It displays nothing, no textures, no objects, nothing. Maybe it's cuz my JA is installed on a different drive (Not the default C:). Maybe it's cuz of Windows 10, who knows... Anyway I want to quickly add a different model (for example in a map with 4 JediTrainers I want one Luke, so it will be 4 JediTrainers and 1 Luke, OR if unable to add, then replace one JediTrainer with Luke) onto an ENT file, so I could compile it to a map. (BSP) I've always wanted to add Luke to the Yavin courtyard map in JO. It's the final battle at the Academy and he's absent. Is this possible through these lines? { "classname" "NPC_Jedi" "targetname" "squad6" "origin" "1324 -412 88" "NPC_target4" "ff_death" "NPC_targetname" "jedi_helper1" } or { "classname" "NPC_Jedi" "angle" "315" "spawnflags" "32" "origin" "-204 -780 288" "NPC_targetname" "saber_student1" "targetname" "saber_room" } EDIT: It seems I'm figuring this out on my own. I'll let everyone know if I solve it.
  9. Hi there I need help in making npcs shoot faster in single player. i moded weapons.dat for WP_BLASTER to shoot faster and it works for main character but for stormtroopers who have e-11 blaster they are shooting one projectile at a time. From experimentations intelligence ,altfire attributes in npc files do not have any effect (is it hard coded somewhere ?). Any thoughts how to solve this problem ? Thanks in advance !
  10. Hi there ! Long time no see ? This is the current pipeline: edit code in function-> compile code -> run the game -> load a save -> test modification So you can see the problem now . Any small changes to the code requires long time to test . Question is how to reduce the pipeline size (or reduce modded changes testing time ) ? Some hypothetical examples: eg1. run the game-> load a save (or map) -> edit code in function during program execution -> test modification eg2. run the game and load map in single command -> edit code in function during program execution -> test modification
  11. So I recently found this mod: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3512-jedi-knight-revan-by-prefxdesigns/ Decent, except for one problem: it does not have Single Player support. I contacted the author, he admitted to not having the motivation to add Single Player compatibility, so that is why I am here.
  12. Hello! Is it possible to open the saber style menu, allow the player to pick a second one and then return back to what they were doing in the same level? My experiments so far are taking me to new levels or the mission select screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi! In my mod, I have two padawan characters which can be sparred with as often as the player sees fit. What I want is a third character to trigger only when the first two have both been bested at least once. I've done something similar already with the remotes. If you defeat one, you unlock the option to spawn two and so on up to five. What I'm struggling with is how I can set it up so that I have to beat both padawans at least once in any order before unlocking the third opponent, rather than beating the same padawan twice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey guys, I'm wondering how I can make corpses instantly disappear, while having a sort of explosion as they die. I want this to happen with all NPCs and Players that die. This is going to be for my Sword Art Academy mod. Unfortunately, g_corpseRemovalTime isn't quick enough, as I need it to be instant. If at all possible, I would prefer to do this without coding, because I can't code for crap, thanks
  15. Alright soooo I've been trying to either come up with my own customization for Jaden at the start of the game to make him into a pureblooded Sith (for those of you who don't know or haven't played swtor, they're basically evil looking red skinned species that inspired the sith order). I found a mod that was already completed here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3358-sith-pureblood/ and I tried to just modify it to make it a customization option but I couldn't get it to work. I tried making an npc file for it and I even compared the player model folder to another file that was a customization option and creating what looked what was needed to no avail. I'll admit I'm relatively new to the whole modding thing, so if there's a simple solution that I've just overlooked then I apologize lol. If that one can't be done tho, I'd love some help with making a completely new one and just have it look like this, with the basic Jaden clothes I guess
  16. I've been wanting to make a Single player Campaign remaster for Outcast and Academy, by assembling a bunch of mods, and high quality player models. I've frankensteined/re-textured a new Kyle Katarn Player model, and I want to use him in the cut-scenes of the 'Jedi Outcast - Academy' mod, that lets you play the single player campaign for Jedi Outcast IN the Jedi Academy engine. In the cut-scenes, he plays all the wrong animations. In the 'Jedi Outcast - Academy' mod file, they use a particular model that uses the JK2 _humanoid gla animations specifically for cut-scenes. I've heard you have to 'hex edit' the jk2 gla to the jk3 model glm, but I have no idea what hat means, or how to do it. What would be the easiest way to do this? I have a couple player models that I also want to use in the cut-scenes, that'd need to use the JK2 animations for (Luke, Lando, Jan, and Galak replacements). Thanks in advanced - Kyle
  17. Hi! As the title suggests, I'd like to have a model in my map continuously rotate, but I'm unclear on how to achieve this and I haven't yet found a suitable tutorial. I did try creating a func_rotate and giving it a key "model" or "model2" and setting it to my desired map_object, but this didn't do the job. If anyone could chime in with some advice, I'd be very appreciative.
  18. Problem: I put together a short cutscene for the end of a level. This is purely dialog at this point aside from the opening camera movement, no look_targets or animations or anything. I thought I'd sorted out the sequence, but apparently not. After Jaden's first line of dialog everything stops. I've checked the npc_targetnames and all 3 are correct; they're also checked as "cinematic" in GTKRadiant. After a minor scare, all dialog files are accounted for and filepathed correctly. I'm really unsure what's preventing this from working. Hopefully, this will all make sense to me when I wake up fresh-faced! But in case it doesn't, I would really appreciate some support. Thanks.
  19. I've an NPC who delivers dialog when interacted with. She speaks without issue and then we fade to black. During that time the original NPC is removed and a new one is placed on the dueling mat opposite the player. When the player hits 1HP, the NPC does a quick emote, says a line of dialog and then we fade to black again. While the screen is faded out, the original NPC is respawned and the one that was on the dueling mat is removed. My problem is that when the original NPC is respawned, she won't deliver the next line of dialog by herself. I've tried this two ways: First is to simply put this at the end of the script upon fading back in: //(BHVD) affect ( "npc_ella", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_LOOK_TARGET", "player" ); task ( "jedi_zfintro1 line 2" ) { print ( "Let me know if you're ever free for any more." ); sound ( /*@CHANNELS*/ CHAN_VOICE, "sound/chars/ella/01ella007.mp3" ); } dowait ( "jedi_zfintro1 line 2" ); } The alternate way was to make a separate script to be fired instead. Neither seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions that may be able to help me resolve this?
  20. Hi everybody ! Firstly I'm French, my english can be a little strange or totally bad, but I try to do my best. I follow this website since many years, but I never posted something, so its my first post here. I'm a big fan of Jedi Knight Series, but its Jedi Outcast wich make me still play in 2018, for many thing, like its saber gameplay for exemple. So, my problem now ^^ I'm doing a Mods Pack like KotF for me and my friends, but for Jedi Outcast. I converted many Models/Maps from Jedi Academy to Jedi Outcast. Now, I want to make my Bots talks, some years ago my bots was talking fine, but now, they don't want to say one word... I have searched in CVAR, JKB, but still impossible... Here, a BotFile : // Soldat GeneralBotInfo { reflex 1000 accuracy 50 turnspeed 0.01 turnspeed_combat 0.05 maxturn 150 perfectaim 0 chatability 1 chatfrequency 9 hatelevel 3 camper 1 saberspecialist 0 forceinfo 7-2-010000000000000000 } BotWeaponWeights { WP_STUN_BATON 1 WP_SABER 1 WP_BRYAR_PISTOL 10 WP_BLASTER 50 WP_DISRUPTOR 11 WP_BOWCASTER 12 WP_REPEATER 13 WP_DEMP2 14 WP_FLECHETTE 15 WP_ROCKET_LAUNCHER 16 WP_THERMAL 17 WP_TRIP_MINE 0 WP_DET_PACK 0 } EmotionalAttachments { Tavion 2 } BEGIN_CHAT_GROUPS Died { Test ! } Killed { Test ! } Hatred { Test ! } BelovedKilled { Test ! } KilledHatedOne { Test ! } KilledOnPurposeByLove { Test ! } GeneralGreetings { Test ! } ResponseGreetings { Test ! } OrderAccepted { Test ! } I already tried many thing on it... I take this opportunity to ask this question too, all Models I converted works fine, but there are 2-3 wich make me rage cause all the triangle in the .glm aren't in the good position I think, and the Models won't aim in front of, but they watch behind while walking in front... How I can do for a good conversion ? I already changed the wrong bone in the skeleton... Thanks guys !
  21. Now, here's the thing, I was able to get the sword set up in the menu, but it has a saber blade sticking out of the side, whereas I just want the sword.
  22. Hello, unsword here, some of you may know my old ffa3 yavin entity modification that I've originally posted to jk3files. At a time most basic brush manipulation, placing non solid *.md3 models, retexturing and inserting additional play room with bsp models was enough, it really isn't anymore as I've visited some very creative modifications out there, and came up with ideas on my own. Spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure stuff myself but I guess I'm not bright enough Thefore, as suggested by Circa, I've came here to ask you guys for help. 1. a) bmodel manipulation. Right here, before anything, I want to mention and honor BobaFett's fantastic Ultra Utility. can't thank you enough for that toolbox. I don't know. Its silly but I'm finding myself unable to rotate bmodels in any possible way. Tried using both, "angle" "x" and "angle" "x y z". Giving the first value to func_door changes its location, not rotation, as given by entity reference from GTKRadiant, it: "determines the opening direction". func_static does not react to any angle values. edit: well nevermind, i've figure that one out b) bmodel model2 *.md3 model I'm not certain its actually possible on multiplayer, as I only know of misc_model_health_power_converter and misc_model_statics that are capable of displaying actual *.md3 models. I was attempting to use an invisible moving bmodel func_door with model2 *.md3 file to make it look as the *.md3 model is moving up and down. Again, no success. edit: also figured this one out, thanks for input guys. 2. a) Icarus scripting As the game gets older less people play and we want to keep people on the same server, while not everyone enjoys the same playstyle. I've came up with the idea to create different room's for Force Users. I've been trying to make scripts granting force powers on room enter, and taking them away when leaving. yet i can't make the script work. b) More Icarus Tried making a non-pvp area using set SET_SABERACTIVE true which, heh, suprisingly works, but not the way I would like, the saber is being turned off but not forcing the slashing animation to end. The script allows using kata moves, dfa, butterflies and pretty much all long animation moves. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  23. Concept: Possibly have the main character in an SP mission be either shorter or taller than the default value. Is there a way to define the modelscale of the player in either the newgame_first.menu or via icarus scripting?
  24. I feel like I've been making dozens of these recently! A particular target_activate in my map doesn't seem to be working and I'm struggling to work out why before sleeping on it. I've two doors which open together into the main dojo. The key/value combinations are as follows: angle 270 (and 90)classname func_doorsoundset impdoor1spawnflags 128 (inactive checkbox ticked)speed 60targetname arenaentranceteam duelwait 5 I've then made a target_activate, the targetname of it is "arenaunlock", the "target" is "arenaentrance". Finally, I have a script which reads as follows: //(BHVD) rem ( "The player can unlock the dojo if they bother to pick up a training saber." ); affect ( "player", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_WEAPON", /*@[member='weaponx']_NAMES*/ "WP_SABER" ); set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1", "SINGLE_1" ); set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1_COLOR1", "yellow" ); } use ( "arenaunlock" ); use ( "lockoff" );"lockoff" is a target_deactivate which disables a target_print and target_speaker informing the player why they can't open the door. This part of the script works completely fine, the doors just don't unlock and remain inactive. As stated above, I have plenty of other target_activates in the map, I'm not sure why this one in particular is being a problem. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please drop a note!
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