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  1. Next up in my WIP threads some Jedi Star Fighters that was done for my Episode 3 videos. Mace, Saesee and Obi-Wan V2 (Aayla's) JSF's was done long time ago. The newer ones ive done is the Darth Vader ones. Two versions one with and without the red imperial logo. Was going for the toy look, but I kinda like the no logo version better. I still have to add shaders and try to fix the missile weapons. Might be something in my base that is causing the problem. In Game Photos
  2. Been working on and off this for the last few weekends, following Pig Brain's tutorial The hair is untextured, except for the ponytail which @√čkvas kindly frankensteined onto this model for me
  3. Here are some pics from my WIP map called Cloudy. This is the second mission . https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ueaek0g3dkshu84/AAAXPLb-bQuIQ7KdMDJ1ge9Xa?dl=0 (The screens in the slideshow are little messed so if you want watch the full just click right click and select the orginal size)
  4. 31/3/2015: Update: Made some changes to the order 66 mesh and textures: Also had a go at his Padawan hairstyle: I'm going to wrap this project up now and start weighing it. Thanks you to everyone for their feedback so far, been really helpful! 1/3/2015: Hey guys got caught up with alot of other work for university, so apologies for the slow process. Started working on his order 66 skin, not quite there but I think its coming along okay: i had a different mesh that had been burnt away, but somehow I messed up the normals on it, so I'll have to re-evaluate that one. 29/1/2015: Small update: Jedi Robes: 27/1/2015: Still working on his textures, but made some work on his clone wars and darkside outfit: 20/1/2015: Just a small update. Was using dDo to help make some textures for the Jedi robes (normal maps on left and without on right): Still need to do a few things, I'll bake the normal maps into the diffuse as well, just didn't have much time this evening to do it. 14/1/2015: Finishing up his mercenary outfit: 9/1/2015: Started working on his mercenary/jumpsuit outfit. Next thing will be that shoulder/chest plate he wears: 3/1/2015: Started working on his Jedi robes/outfit, a few things are still place holder and need some work. Mainly the hands. 26/12/2014: Started working on a new model for Quinlan Vos since I got some free time over christmas. Still very much a Work in progress, right now. I'll be doing two versions one for Jedi Academy obviously, and another one my personal work - which will simply have the addition of more shaders, like normal maps and reflective maps etc. I'll be keeping to the Jan Duursema version of him, but with more realistic textures rather than comic booky. I'm aiming to do various different versions: - Standard Jedi Robes - Clone Wars Undercover Outfit, sleeved and unsleeved - Padawan Version - Siege of Saleucami Outfit - Order 66 - Older Voss But we'll see what I get done. So far I've modelled his head: JKA Version: Personal: Next stage, going to be working on his Jedi Robes and then cleaning up his face textures.
  5. So after searching for more mapping inspiration, I came across an old map challenge posting for a 20 collide-able brush map (not including skies or things like triggers). Since all of my previous mapping designs have included far more then 20 structural brushes I decided to test and see if I could create a functioning map with 20 or less. While it's presently designed as a 1v1 duel map, it is large enough for up to a 2v2 match. Simple geometric shapes were used in the design, focusing primarily on hexagons and octagons, it also features a few trapezoids to round out the ramps. There is a falling trigger set beneath the main portion, for those that decide to commit suicide . Over all design sits at 26 brushes (18 structural, 6 sky, and 2 trigger areas), and while not exactly what I'd initially envisioned, working within my self imposed limits forced me to think in perspective about form and function, and in this case I went with the "less is more" philosophy. I do hope you'll enjoy this and I will release it as soon as I figure how to get the duel spawning to work right. (devmapping the level with just duel spawns gives me a "no spawnpoint in map" error lol.)
  6. good only few people know the mod scp chaos ops but I'll leave images of a map I built for scp mod chaos ops good map is called raccon_center1.0 images
  7. Not putting open links up, this topic is not to debate or argue either because there will be no real end to it. It is purely this: -Pictures of models -PM me if you are interested in any of these -Each model will support working hands -Works for JO/JA (don't complain if kata doesn't work for dual sabers) -Specific sound files to the character model itself -Team Skin support I'm not setting up working mouth/eyes as well as caps for simple reason, I played JO and it didn't need or use those in MP and these models are setup for MP. It's delivered specificly for FFA mode which is only what I play, it's that simple. It will not have bot support or specific lightsabers for them either. Don't reply to this thread or post some long winded crap, because I'm not responding to it nore am I'm doing personal requests. I'm simply showing pictures of what I've setup and if people want a specific download link simply PM me what link you want specificly. This thread is purely for showing pictures of what I got setup currently. They will be in the spoiler setup so you specificly will have to click the spoiler to see what the pictures are. You can't hold me accountable if you choose to indulge in your curiosity to see what character models these are. You don't have to like or agree with what I do, if you wish to properly engage me in a civil back and forth I would be more than happy to do it, but keep it in PM because this is something for the playing community who are in game, not for your pointless forum rants. This initial post is specific yet vague enough to not harm or wound anyones personal ego or what have you. If you choose to look at the picture of what I have setup, you are the one choosing to get upset over what I have done and also choosing to agree/disagree with me. I will keep all that is posted in spoiler, no this isn't anything horrible or terrible. It is just content that some people get very debatable with and this is just content given to the community without any hoop jumping or begging. I'm not interested in beggars or debaters, it is purely content people can choose to look at, then personally decide if they want a download link for or not. Don't blame me if you click the spoiler. Again, it is nothing that will end the world or destroy the community or graphic content or something that mind corrupt the children. What you see, is what you get. It's that simple. Again if you get control freaky, possesive, begging/requesting, threatening, or any sort of that manipulative hostility. You will get jack via me. Act like a level headed and like a mature/proper human being and you will get a simple little download link for this. For me, this is not about getting a big fancy title or being a hero or anything. To me it is practice and improving something and people get to test it out. So more people happy than unhappy I feel.
  8. had somebody request i finally finish this. i decided to just start fresh. i got proxy done, but stupidly rigged a cap tag to his radius and had dismember problems. so im gunna re rig that and ask mini to take a look at my kazdan rig, and rig him before i texture this, but i figured id post a pic. i was pretty stoked about it cuz i did it all in a matter of hours. 5068 tris if i remember right his shoulder pads still need some work but im back to rigging proxy atm
  9. Hey there, everyone! So I've been tinkering around in GTKRadiant during a few spare hours over the last day or two and as a result I've gotten myself started on a new project! I figured, why not share how it's coming along? This is a map set aboard a starship, something which I've always wanted to have a swing at. The initial inspiration was derived from the Jedi Defender (the Jedi Knight's vessel) in the Old Republic. As development comes along, a lot is going to change that'll separate it from that origin. Before you take a look at the screenshots, take into account that obviously this is a steady work-in-progress, and don't mind how places are lit for the time being. Remember that not a great deal of time has been put forth into this quite yet. I'm really enjoying working on this so far and with a lot more free time this week, here's hoping I'm able to buckle down and get this out there! In it's current state, there's not a great deal to share, but here's what I've been able to put together so far:
  10. Total of 5 maps consolodated into a single .zip file for people to download/use, some extra side stuff you can take it or leave it in the zip file. Makes easier getting all the content in 1 convinent package than having to download everything individually all the time plus it saves me having to only update 1 .zip file instead of 5 or whatever. If you wish to share this content with your personal little forums/clans/communities I recommend you use the .zip file link I put here simply because it's the only one that will get updated with most recent map versions that include any bug fixes. Following maps are contained in this .zip files. -Massassi Temple (Has Day/Night version) -JO Yavin Temple (Has Day/Night version) -Korriban Sith Academy -JO FFA Deathstar -JO FFA Bespin JO Yavin Temple relies heavily on Massassi Temples assets so you need Massassi Temple in your base folder as well to make full use of that map also. These maps are intended to be in a persons base folders. If you run into any bugs or issues such as missing sounds, that is on your end, same with missing textures. All maps were setup in line with my base folder, which is relatively empty so it does not rely on any other content besides that is in the core games base folders. I test these maps and look for those kinds of bugs. If you have to edit map entities of these levels for your server, you should be taken outside and beaten. I will personally just keep recompiling all maps in this .zip if I hear/see anyone has to .ent mod any of this content or I visit a server that hosts any of these. Each map has its own specific/unique look or style and this .zip has specific maps that offer more than enough content, just switch to those specific maps that offer the content you want. If you think adding fire/stupid glowing clan tags/edits of level textures/etc to any of these maps will increase your server popularity or make your server advertising to pull in people better whatever, you're a fool and should be treated as such. This content is made/shared for everyone. If you want something personal for your group, stop being lazy/stupid and create something yourself. All that custom .ent work on any base maps people do are an ABSOLUTE eyesore/nightmare to look at, it's also a good way to know what community/group is into being gaudy, gimmicky, and tacky. Basically I have 5 maps here that should cater to peoples specific atmosphere/attitude type for certain things such as maps for clan based structure, smaller scale maps for more ffa, or something that really doesn't cater to a jedi/sith look or mindset aka bespin. You can consider these my Raven equivalent to bonus maps for JA. JO Yavin Temple is basically a light end version of Massassi Temple as FFA Deathstar is the sith equivalent light end for the Sith Academy on korriban (yes I am going to add on at least the starport and sith valley to it). Best part of using this pack? All these maps are relatively up to date with 2015 and all across the board have solid enough stability/map portals/level lighting and in this pack there is more than enough content to satisfy anyones group who needs something a bit more modern/newer but doesn't take 3+ minutes to load and fits perfectly into the star wars theme. I also include a notepad file that says the last time any of the content was updated aka fixed bugs/shaders/map recompile. Just shows the last date which the new version was added to the zip file. If you don't see a map in the notepad file, that simply means that I haven't updated it since the last version which for Korriban and Massassi is the last time I updated those specificly for jkhub. I will also update this first topic with the same dates from the notepad file anytime a map is updated/improved upon in regards to bug fixes. Last Updates: FFA Bespin - 02/17/2015 FFA Deathstar - 02/22/2015 FFA Yavin Temple Day/Night - 02/24/2015
  11. Some wip shots from the new upcoming SGC and Atlantis maps. Please leave feedback & suggestions.
  12. Wonder what will become of this... Perhaps an NPC. Admittedely I've always wanted to play as Yoshi, but afraid he would look silly in human proportions. But perhaps not so stupid? I'm just around 700 verts yet, so I'm aiming for some more detail in the hands, and of course the saddle on his back. With that said, he would almost be perfect for the Tauntaun skeleton... Yes... perhaps a Yoshi vehicle?
  13. new teaser of scp chaos ops mod for jka scp chaos ops teaser
  14. Here are some concepts I mapped for the upcoming SGEHv2 (Stargate Event Horizon v2 mod) using GTK Radiant and EasyGen. Tell me what you think. I will posting additional images as more of my ideas come along. Suggestions for Stargate maps or potential stargate maps would be extremely helpful to the success of this project.
  15. many would like the previous teaser (scp chaos ops) whether to remove the new teaser maps scp chaos ops hope you like it
  16. the mod already have clan and sub forums they can go to be members of the foundation the links are down clan http://www.moddb.com/groups/scp-chaos-ops-the-clan-oficial sub forums http://horizonstudios.tk/forum-scp-chaos-ops-46
  17. Downside is, if it was hosted, people would have to download it to use it. Since it's a recompiled level you proably wouldn't get cross support between the original base ffa3 and this. FPS wise I was stable 90 through the whole map due to the cleanup with detail brushes and fixing a few other little things. Is it perfect recreation, light wise? Nope, so don't bother complaining about it. All this does is brings back the models that weren't working, makes the console textures show up as well as lights getting a proper glow shader. As well as the sand now gives proper footprints and is setup with the sand shader when walked in. It's basically just a recartion of base ffa3. Nothing fancy or special beyond little fixes to it. Few of the clips over the level moved back so got more areas to fight. Since all people do is ffa with sabers, all item drops were removed and health/shield pickups placed at all major areas for ffaing/duels. Will I release this? Meh I simply don't care to, and I'm not interested in releasing a map source cause people already do god awful map mods with tacky and gaudy garbage on base maps. I wouldn't wanna fuel that crap either. Any textures replaced such as the consoles are now in there own folder so they wouldn't conflict with base shaders or textures any either. Now for some screenshots.
  18. Hey all! Anybody that views anything around here knows that as soon as I get back to the wonderful state of Oregon on Monday I will begin my work on a Clone Wars edition of Anakin Skywalker. I will post screenies and updates here as soon as I can! The poll will be for my next texture job. Vote away, y'all!
  19. is 29 December 2014. and to celebrate I say about advances mod (scp chaos ops 1 The Beginning of the End) in this post I will discuss 15 secret things and scenes of chaos ops January scp. 1: The beginning of the story originates in the united states or as I call (the city 51) to enter the first mission code: devmapall el_pueblo. 2: easter egg if you put in the bar tricks and put npc spawn last_flutter is placed on the map (fluttershy) mlp series. 3: easter egg if you put in the bar tricks and put npc spawn jesus jesus (El Salvador) will be on your side forever 4: easter egg if you put in the bar tricks and put npc spawn cat a feline will haunt you until you kill 5: devmapall raccon_city.1.2 6: every season there is a hidden dlc. 7: snow is red 8: a uzi gun renplasa the first weapon jka but as the second weapon is semi automatic 9: there are a lot of music from rock and metal 10: 2 types of battle tanks 1: priest 2: stug 11: 5 secret missions per campaign. 12: there are 7 campaigns 13: sleep mode 14: realism and new models 3d map objects prefabs tutorials etc. 15: 682 last enemy scp
  20. I made a three new guns. One is my own project but two of them are simply weapons from the movie (Dlt20a - disruptor, T-21 - repeater , T-25a- rocket launcher) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6jp5xn0m4xkgqvn/AABQwG85vknmyLvoHUM-WtdNa?dl=0
  21. I started this guy any suggestions for the piece that should go on his right shoulder, cause I'm out of ideas.
  22. Hello JK Hub! I am gonna use this post to show off some of the stuff I plan on releasing this year. Since around 2003 I have been collecting and making files to be used in my movies. As some may know most of the stuff will be from the prequels but there will be a few non star wars files too. What to expect: Dark_Cuillere skin pack of Neomarz's GunshipEpisode III Jedi Star Fighter vehicle skinsHologram Skin Pack of Jedi & Commander CodyMMT vehicle made by HatrusAT-AP vehicle (forgot who made it, but was never released)Dark_Cuillere's Clone Swamp SpeederGollum Player ModelTerminator VehiclesPlus many more!!! So enough teasing here is a photo of the gunships which I am currently working on to make fully function stand alone vehicles that can be spawned along with neomarz's original vehicle. As of right now im working on the .veh files. Already got the player model skins fixed. After all that is done will require some text which I may ask for a few lucky people to help me test them to make sure they are ready for a long awaited release!
  23. So I decided to make an attempt at a trandoshan head, for starters (based mostly on this picture). If it turns out well enough, I suppose it can be used as one of the interchangeable heads. It will have a normal map from the sculpt to make it look good in rend2! Right now I'm working on topology, and currently at 572 polygons. I've done the entire topology from scratch, vertex per vertex - so there are some things I'm not all too experienced with, but I've given it a try. Mainly I'm concerned about the transition from higher to lower densities of polygons, and would like some tips and feedback on how to properly deal with the obligatory triangles, and feedback about the general poly flow for animation purposes. I think some of the loop endings look awkward, and they're not very hard to spot here. Harp!
  24. Here it is. It's for my Ultimate Force Icons Mod I have made. What do you think guys? Is it too small, or just right? https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/673/HQ0qFf.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/673/pGt1LA.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/904/UUS7ZC.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/673/lqx0gU.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q50/905/GOlvKv.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/537/XE1Euq.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q50/910/4R1iVY.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/673/PASWCG.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q50/908/nxNd17.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/908x681q90/673/UqjKYl.jpg
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