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  1. The title pretty much speaks for itself, it's aim is to allow people to access 'animations' missing from mods like + and ++/OJP/ETC by giving them to 'sabers' (weapon2/noweap/noweap.glm) as readyAnims. So far I've done: Typing Sitting normally Sitting when Leaning forwards A Force Push anim using drain to give the illusion of extending a hand A 'Telekinetic lift' using Force Grips anim for lifting an object with the force A standard 'atease' that should remove the need to hold the 'use inventory' button when you bind /amatease. A 'reach' which extends the hand forward slightly as if waiting to be handed or handing over something. Things I want to add: Crossed arms (without the leaning back) - Have been unable to locate the related anim for that, may have to make a custom?) Hands to the sides (I know + has an override for that which is optional) Suggestions are welcome. Current Bugs: [*] Thin blades displayed in reverse when activated. (Base SP/MP), not yet tested on mods) [*] Animations NOT playing as intended. (Base SP/MP test, not yet tested on mods)
  2. This map to had many updates. currently in alpha. Scp chaos ops maps Raccon_drenaje1.0
  3. This thread will document my efforts to create a new dotXSI 3.0/3.5 Importer for 3ds Max 6 and later versions. This is a major undertaking for me... progress will be slow.
  4. Open Jedi Project: Roleplay Edition (OJRP), is a PC modification for Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Based on the existing mod, Open Jedi Project - OJRP aims to increase the overall quality and realism of Lightsaber combat, Force abilities, user interface, and further adjustments for the best role playing experience. Images, blog entries and more available at MODDB. Game User Interface Concept: Launcher Concept: May the Force be with you, The OJRP Team | @OJRP_Team
  5. So, today I started work on what I plan to be my first true map, following the idea from the Trials Katarn took on Yavin to retrieve his Lightsaber this one shall hopefully have a few alterations and be longer, so far it's only two rooms with a hidden third behind an inactive door that will eventually lead to the rest of the complex (but the door can serve as an entrance for the time being between map changes if you RP.) For the moment, everything I've done is tested and working as intended, obviously what is posted may be altered later on as my skill with GTK grows. This may take a while given it's my first true test and the fact I'm still learning how to do things as I go, hopefully with some help from Magsul when needed. Testers: @JungAk Here are a couple of screenshots of what I've done so far. (The reborn spawner is currently just to fill it in a little and to see if I could get one to work)
  6. OUTDATED PROJECT AND TOPIC, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE NEW ONE: CLICK ME Rooxon's HD Project - WeaponsHD News: LAST POST UPDATE on 29. march 2016 You can follow me on SketchFab - my models are uploaded there way sooner than they are released! Nickname on sketchfab: Rooxon Intro: "A mod made in spite of my own wishes, it will bring you each and everyone of the sabers availible ingame with new looks. I thought about coming back to JKA modding for quite some time, just to create a mod that would make others want to play JKA once again! So if we're in 2015, what's the best way to do it? To change the game by ourselves into 2015 graphics. First off, I will start with sabers and later other weapons, since they're the quickest to create. That said, I'm announcing that I'll be doing many Rooxon's *****HD Mods, going from map items, effects, playermodels (some will be reskined, some recreated also) and after that we'll see what else is still left to work on." -Written by me in 2014 and updated in 2015 So, that seemed like a nice plan. I fell into the depths of modding once again way back then in march last year, starting out with, let's be honest, horrible things! We all have gotten older, more clever, more ambitious and stayed loyal to our community, which is kinda inspiring me once again! But, this time, I'm gonna do it properly. I'm gonna take my capabilities and take as much time as I will have to take, restart models, texturing processes as many times as needed. I lost most of my assets during an update to my computer's Windows system, which is why I'd need to restart all these models anyway. In one year's time I got pretty far in terms of my skills. So why not take the mod project a step further as well? This will be a recreation project for all weapons in the game, playable or unplayable. I will not promise to anybody to keep it ultra-lowpoly, as you may know by know that my models sway around 600-900 vertices and faces since I like doing close-up screenshots and play even the SP Campaing with CamSP closing myself in on the player a bit more. But one more thing I schould mention is that this time around there won't be any personal modifications to the models or personal additions to the textures. This is literary gonna be a recreation of the weapons! Starting off, I'll do a few of the most commonly seen and iconic weapons first, after which there's gonna be a bit of a quiet time, until I get enough models done for a pack release. My teacher and very good friend AshuraDX might feel interested in this and help me out, but I can't promise you anything! Plans/work already done: - The Outcast (Kyle's Lightsaber) RELEASED - The Stinger (Reborn Lightsaber) RELEASED - The Prodigal Son (Luke's Lightsaber) - The Sith Pack (Sith Scepter, Sith Sword, Alora's Lightsabers, Tavion's Lightsaber, Rosh's Dark Lightsaber, Desann's Lightsaber) - Single-Sabers pack - Double-Sabers pack - HD Saber blades RELEASED, MIGHT UPDATE SOMETIME IF I SEE THE NEED! - Throwables pack - Guns pack Old mods: NOTE: Everything you see is done from a new .max file and a new file in Photoshop with a white background. In other words, FROM SCRATCH, I merely took the originals as reference and created new hilts in their light, with the next updates for the first two packs though, they're gonna be literary recreated! Single saber pack (YET UNFIXED MODELS OR TEXTURES, FIRST RELEASE) Misc. Sabers pack (Katarn, Desann (Retribution), Luke, Reborn (Stinger), Sith sword and Sith scepter) (Release 0.7) Dual sabers pack: HD Saber Blades: Additional hilts to-be featured in the final versions of Single Sabers Pack 1.0 and Dual Sabers Pack 1.0, offering a total of 15 single sabers and 15 staff sabers: Single 10 - The Veteran Single 11 - The Descendant Single 12 - The Rebonder Single 13 - The Neo Single 14 - The SlicerSword Dual 6 - The Marauder Dual 7 - The Arbitrator DOWNLOADS WeaponsHD: Single Saber Pack 0.1 Mixed Sabers pack 1.0 Final Dual Sabers Pack 0.5 HD Saber blades 1.0 Final
  7. So I had started working on changing the saber damage SP code to use a vector for OJK. Not sure if anyone else is interested in finishing it up or if it will even work this way or possible better options? Plus the G2 collisions code is still technically capped at 16 as well so that's why there was a 16 limit here (I think?) https://gist.github.com/ensiform/27c30883c10656ea2721
  8. I've been working on some more Skyboxes.. This time 'round, it's the mission in Single Player, where you find yourself teaming-up with Wedge Antilles to bomb and destroy an Imperial tibanna gas platform on the planet Kril'dor. According to the information found on Wookieepedia, Kril'dor is a giant, green, gas planet and is a known source of "tibanna". (Source: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kril'Dor) As you can see below, the base map is very "yellow", bland and doesn't match the colour of the planet's atmosphere. So, according to public opinion and your own personal preference, I'm including a poll in the thread, below to vote on which version of the Skybox you'd like to see released.. Base Kril'dor Kril'dor (v.1) Kril'dor (v.2) Kril'dor (v.3) The poll will close at midnight on Tuesday 8th March, in time for the mod to be released on Wednesday 9th March. Happy voting!
  9. The package is ready. (beta 1.1) 100 objects map think but are sufficient for 30 mods cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, other vehicles and an ice cream truck. soon (beta) (1.2) worth 190 mb. models. l4d and l4d2 Crysis 2 fallput 3 and nv warz and cod black ops 1 and 2 original remake Battlefield 2 models and csgo, css, cs 1.6 etc etc etc etc link --- link snipped ---
  10. Hi So I'm making a mod for JK2 that can be played just by connecting to the server and binding +button14 to a mouse button. It's a bit like Mount&Blade, but... more. And better, I think. Turning out very fun! I have a devserver up usually these days, working on it whenever I can (and a bit more). Just here to say it's actually playable now on a competetive level even.. but I would like some feedback if any of you wanna give it a try even though it's still just been one week of development. Current features: No idle block (only at the saber box).Choosing the right direction gives a guaranteed block (otherwise, you must aim very well)Block by direction keys.Block by mouse movement (option).Cancel attacks into blocks. Here's a clumsy video showing some of the last updates ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvlAhv3xEHc
  11. Heya all, as some of you've noticed, I've been working on this map for quite a while but I want to push the current engine as far as it can get in beauty and fps. The map is from Battlefield 3 but I completely reworked it from scratch from pictures , going hours ingame etc etc. Here's some of my latest screenshots, & I'm open for any kind of feedback and if you have any cool shaders or effects that I could use , please feel free to share ^^ & I know this requires some more furnature but it'll come HUUUGE SCREENSHOTS ! More images Note: the screenshots are in Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix, but this map can be runned in JKA aswell with only a few shader issues and SoF2 textures missing. But my intention is to have it also released in the JKA community at some point.
  12. The Temple of Mechanism is a long lost Jedi temple located in a lush forest of (wherever ). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw0wzU8JHlPkNVAxdzlHRTgxWkU/edit?usp=sharing I actually started making this map back in the day, during the year 2005 according to the time stamp on an old backup. The map was going to be a sequel to the infamous Outhouse map which was a clan map for my old clan Leveling Mechanism. I had made the main area and had made many members rooms and we played the map some but it never got very far in it's development. The main area was pretty effing big, too big in fact. It was a bit on the laggy side and lacked detail. I really liked the map and decided to work with it and suddenly got an inspiration to redesign the map after messing around with a few things. This map has been totally transformed into a much better and polished gem than it used to be. I spent a few days just making shaders for it. I've also put many hours manipulating new royalty free sound effects to create a very inviting forest ambience that makes you feel like you are deep in a secluded forest somewhere in Jediland. This map is no longer a clan map, and I am sure some will be glad to hear it. All the members rooms are gone. I am instead creating more of a Jedi temple themed map trying to work it more like the Forest House map with many secrets and surprises however, I have spent most of my time polishing the exterior of the map and I haven't added too many secrets just yet but I have a plethora of ideas written down and have designed a sound file to add a little something extra when I get around to it. I really like how this map is going and wanted to get a WIP posted here on JKHub once I felt it was ready for a test. The map is built currently for Jedi Outcast. In Jedi Academy, a few trees may not be visible if there is a _b tree somewhere. The jump targets around the temple that jump you to the top of the temple will not work correctly in JA. And there is another secret trigger in a tree that won't be usable in JA but no matter which JK game you use, you will have a very hard time finding it anyway. Everything else should be just dandy for testing the map in Jedi Academy. I will convert the map to work in Jedi Academy when I get closer to a final release. There are also some textures for JO that may not show up in JA but many are custom textures or if you have a JO texture pack you'll be fine. There are a few things to take note: All spawn points are on top of the temple. The Outhouse was done this way and makes for a lot of fun for ffa or "King of the Temple". There are 4 entrances to the temple. 2 of them on the sides that go down (indicated by a picture above them that looks like an egyptian guy with 2 lightsabers in his hands) go nowhere. Eventually they will go somewhere. The other 2 entrances go up into the temple that has only just been started and I plan on making some star wars memorabilia or some holocrons or some weapons or something. That area has only been started yesterday I think so I am unsure what it will become when I work on it some more. Underneath the top of the temple there are 4 top entrances. Inside there are 4 stone tablets with fire underneath. When you jump into the fire of 2 of the tables there are teleports to access other areas. The tablet with the cracked looking JK2 base texture is for the middle of the temple that can be accessed on the bottom level. The tablet with the egyptian Jedi will teleport you to another area that can only be accessed by that teleport or using no clip. I will be adding access to that without teleport eventually but I have not done so just yet. Also to get out of the bottom area just follow the corridor and jump into the glowing evil face to teleport back out to the top of the temple. There's lots of no damage shaders around so falling off the temple won't get you hurt. Sorry to the JA guys not being able to use the triggers for the jumps to the top of the temple which is really fun to do and for the JK2'ers using 1.02, you can use those jumps to jump up and over and land in the deep water and if you hold the jump button down you will be launched into the air able to land back on the temple. (it's a JK2 1.02 bug and is fun to do also like in Shroom's Country Academy map). There are a couple other bugs in 1.02 with rotating vultures and eagles and lilly pads in the map. I can't really get rid of those in 1.02 but I think the bugs are gone for 1.04 and JA where if you die they may stop rotating or moving for a short period of time but I have done whatever I know how to do to keep it from happening. If anyone knows how to fix those bugs please let me know. I hope you guys enjoy. I am still working on a couple other projects in my spare time, trying to finish up bespin arena also released as a wip here on the forums which has been slow going. Working on the Temple of Mechanism has been more satisfying lately so I've been making it more of a priority. Tell me what you guys think. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you can give me. =)
  13. I'm working on a collection of new SP missions aimed to bring to life Clone Wars style action in JKA. Originally my intention was to give them an introduction and tie them all together as well with cinematic cutscenes and a cohesive story, but I think I'll start with something simpler, and maybe add in that cinematic scripting, voice acting, and dialogue later. I welcome any new ideas you may have for a Clone Wars style mission and its briefing. So far I have the following ideas: Title: Red Nexus Getaway Location: Coruscant Underworld Player: Jedi Padawan Celesa Chini Sidekick: Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano Briefing: "The Red Nexus have been alerted to your presence, and your comlink's been destroyed. Find Ahsoka and get back with her to Padme's ship before you two are captured." Development Progress: 30%30% Title: Mygeeto Rescue Location: Mygeeto Player: Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano Sidekick: Jedi Master Plo Koon Briefing: "Lead your squad, and come to Master Krisham and Padawan Wobb's aid before they are overwhelmed by General Grievous' forces and killed on the battlefield." Development Progress: 0%0% Title: Ahsoka's Nightmare Location: Dream (Palpatine's Office) Player: Ex-Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano Briefing: "Order 66 has been executed and the Jedi are no more. Duel Darth Vader in Ahsoka's post-Order-66 nightmare." Development Progress: 100%100%
  14. Important note : Green means new! Currently working on : Bedrooms : Zeo's WIP Npc Vehicle Valkyrie : Kahzmat's WIP Optimisation : Comes last First of all, my english is bad, sorry! Authors : Kahzmat : Models, Shaders, Mapping Zeogrey : Mapping, interior design Title : Heavy Frigate Aulum T-5 (say it Awloom in french xD) Length : about 400m ---Mapping--- Brush count : 11295 (outdated) Entities count : 1303 (outdated) New textures : Yes (mostly from Kamino and Fearis) New shaders: Yes! New models : Yes! (Players models) NPCs : Yep! Vehicles: Yes! (V-Wing, shuttles, cannons and turrets) New sounds : Yes! Custom Skybox : YEAH! Rooms : - Main Deck - Corridors - 2 Flight Decks - Depressurisation SAS - The Rise! (Bar with kitchen, kind of restaurant but cooler, you see. xD) - 2 cannons Decks - Prison - Armory - Corridors... - Corridors . - Meeting room - Jumping training room - Blaster practice (with movable parts and respawing targets!) - Big area so you can fly around the ship! - Real-time blaster simulation - A ship ! - A shuttle ! (Unmovable) The Aulum come along with Kahzmat's personal skin and soldiers/engineers/officers, reskins of basic JK soldiers with custom sounds More to come, stay tuned! We "may" release a test BSP so it will be easier for you to spot any bug and eventually suggest us new things
  15. This thread will serve to document my modelling of the Raven's Claw cockpit for 1st (and 3rd person-- with modified camera position?) use. You can help by posting official cockpit layout reference images. Thanks!
  16. As i have already mentioned in previews thread, where i had the skin file problems, I am working on re-textured version of the Damaged Vader from TFU game, because i don't find the existing once here to be close to what it is in the TFU game. At the moment the model looks pretty much like this and this is how the model looks like during game play. That's pretty much what I could done so far with the model. Model is from Toshi's Anakin/Vader model. Original Face texture is from AngelModder New/Edited face texture by me Here is a Photoshop idea of what I would like to see, but even after few Blender tries i could not bring to reality. for this frankenstein photoshoped image I used just as an example the leg from C3PO and Savage's robotic arm. Originally in TFU the left arm is with Vader's glove on the palm, but it could be just a full robotic arm (as the one from Savage, that i used as example). I would really appreciate any help from the masters of Blender.
  17. Hi, many of you may know me I'm Democan. Since the singleplayer source code released I always wanted to continue my old mod Expanded Universe. I decided to make the story based between Order 66 and Episode 4 we will take control of a Jedi General who survived Order 66. I haven't decided much of it yet...
  18. So back when I was making movies I had to make some Hologram skins. Ive done 8 skins in total: Aayla, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Cody, (2) Plo Koons, (2) Yoda's and Count Dooku. Im in the process of getting them ready for a release to the public. For those that wish to beta test the skins here is the link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vh8oged50cymuz/holo_skinsv1.pk3?dl=0 Screen Shots:
  19. Perhaps this video you like and it is the beginning of the (third) campaign (scp chaos ops) the video lasts six minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BZKqnpLUJ0
  20. Knocked up some made-up clone commander and clone trooper skins tonight, for the webcomic I make. Managed to do ten skins this evening, so thought I might make some more before releasing a pack for people to download if they want a little more variety. Nothing spectacular, just some dib-and-dabbing with Photoshop - some recolours, some added symbols, a bit of original skinning too - and editing of the .skin files to create some new troopers; Before I can release them I need to look up how to get models in-game and working. At the moment they exist only in my base/models/players folder, and have no associated sounds, gfx, bot or npc files. Not sure when I'll get around to doing that. But for those curious, here's what I have so far - even given them some fanon names. Commander Falco; A trooper under Falco's command; Commander Killik; A trooper under Killik's command; Commander Rawls; A trooper under Rawls' command; Commander Sohn; A trooper under Sohn's command; Commander Trackshot; A trooper under Trackshot's command; The commanders also come with "unholstered" versions, for when the player is using dual pistols and doesn't want them to appear at their hip too. Will also make some helmless face reskins as well probably. Nothing fancy, just some unique tattoos or hairstyles.
  21. So I've been working on and off on this Desann reskin. I doubt I'll ever finish it, but I figured I'd show it to you folks anyway. All the bone parts and scales are hand painted with my pen tablet in photoshop (I used the original teeth thouhg).
  22. I have a dilemma. I can't decide, what weapons to use. Blaster, Flechette, Disruptor: Modern: Futuristic: Bowcaster: Plasma caster: Plasma rifle: Anyway, every base weapon's gonna be replaced.
  23. So as you may or may not be aware, I produced a small mod with Silverfang titled Gunslinger's Academy. While not very significant in and of itself, it had a very small but tight-knit following. The idea was simple: create an FPS environment from JKA with features from Call of Duty. A large number of features made their way into Jedi Knight Galaxies, like Ironsights, Sprinting, etc. The mod went dead after version 2.4.4, but we had planned for a 2.4.5 release before our time was consumed with Jedi Knight Galaxies. In order to boost both our resumes, we're looking to revive this mod as Gunslinger 3.0. Most of the code is being rewritten to support OpenJK and play nicer. A lot of the focus is being put on cleaning up the code and existing content before we seek to add new features. As always, I will keep people informed on a release date and new features. So here's what you can expect from Gunslinger 3.0: An actually working, bug-free version of the game.All of the original features of Gunslinger's Academy, sans the graphics changes as they haven't aged well, and Overlord, our social media project for the game as it no longer represents our vision.Two new hud skins to be announced at a later date. One of these will be Hotline: Miami themed.Compatibility with OpenJK.All of the menus redone to actually look like you aren't playing JA.A handful of new weapons. Several of these have new mechanics unique to any JA mod.Streamlined controlsA new gamemode which was teased a long time ago.Refined Ninja mechanics.New co-op maps.New killstreak items.Modular languages system, so more languages can be added easily and without a .menu modification.Fixing the pre-game lobby.Naturally we will support mods, so you can even make new maps that have new weapons that ship along with them. I'm also announcing the creation of a new studio - Full Spectrum Software. Gunslinger 3.0 will be the first product of Full Spectrum as Rapture, our main project, is on development hold until Valve releases Source 2. We are looking to expand our team with like-minded individuals. Ultimately we would like to have multiple teams working on different projects. Inquire within if you are interested in becoming part of our team. All positions needed.
  24. Still Wip and I don't know how to put that in JKJA. Player model ? NPC ?... What do you think ? 693 vertex / 680 faces
  25. As big fan of the TIE family vehicles (and willing to have a real-life replica someday), I couldn't resist myself from willing to start a personal project. I decided to start at first with the TIE Fighter from JKA and just mess around with what I can do at the moment for it's textures. I will be glad to other members who are far more professional, than me in textures to help out, till I reach the result, that would satisfy me. Maybe it will be released here some day too, but not sure what I would be able to create due the process with this TIE Fighter re-texture. Right now I can't find some good reference pictures for the new TIE Fighter designs on upcoming Episode 7 Force Awakens. So as it is now on a very-very LOW level and what I could saw from the Teaser#2 I've managed only this "Negative" version ATM: Still need tones of hours of work on it TIE
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