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  1. After probably throwing it out there for some time now @@Archangel35757 has agreed to help develop a plugin for Softimage Mod Tool that will allow for MD3 export. In the future I hope to get import eventually but it really isn't necessary to the actual artist. He's done pretty much all the work so far, I'm just trying to follow along the best I can and I'm sure I'll be the final test mule for this. So far it shows on the top menu and has a dialogue box but isn't writing an output file just yet. Hopefully some other people find this useful, I know I definitely will.
  2. I was inspired by Star Wars Commander to do a sort of 'defend against the horde' kind of map. My idea is that you're an imperial stomrtrooper doing guard duty outside a poorly protected mining facility, which is an ideal target for rebel forces. Since it's kind of hard to take screenshots, I thought I could perhaps share with you what I've done so far. To download the map, follow this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewh250uz0ztxxhb/ImperialMiningFacility.pk3?dl=0 It's a singleplayer map, if you want to check it (ideally on OpenJK, since I don't know if it works in jasp), place it on your base folder and ingame just type on the console 'map imf'. Some of the NPCs were done with models taken from other mods: Credits to the following modders: Vade Parvis, for his Imperial Army Troopers Pack. HapSlash for his Gweth model (which I recolored and added some stuff to). Oldenburg for his Female Imperial Officer's head. Jeff, cause' I used parts of his Juno Eclipse and Rebel Marksman models. Also, I recommend to check this map with minilogoguy18's High Resolution AT-ST, and any Stormtrooper replacer, since they looks better than the base ones. This is my first try at skinning and doing this kind of map, so any advice will be helpful. You can also help me by telling me if there's any bug, if you have a cool idea I could implement in my map, or if you've a nice model you'd like to see me use as an enemy (or allied) NPC. I've seen some really cool rebel aliens, but I don't want to bastardize many things without proper permission from the authors. Some pics of the modified models: Rebel Saboteur Imperial Officer Rebel captain.
  3. Several years ago, I noticed a bit of a discrepancy in JK2's dms.dat (located in ext_data). As it turns out, there was mention of several missions which did not make it to the final game, including "prototype", "cairn_dock2", and "cairn_stockpile". I poked around Raven, and prototype was an early test which consisted of a single room obstacle course of sorts, not much to display, but it had some unused dialogue. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to mess around with it, and I've only seen a few pictures of it. cairn_dock2 was actually a result of moving the game to consoles. Due to restraints on the Xbox and Gamecube consoles, Raven had to split cairn_dock1 in half for the console versions, which explains the nomenclature of the cairn_dock missions. And lastly, we're brought to cairn_stockpile. cairn_stockpile is an interesting case. Originally it would have taken place between cairn_assembly and cairn_reactor. There's still references to it in some early concepts and level design documents. Also, it would have been the first place where the player encounters the DEMP2 (or rocket launcher, I forget which), as opposed to cairn_assembly. As I understand it, the original JK2 team decided that the Cairn missions were dragging on too long (they would have spanned !5! levels, and 6 on consoles, easily twice as long as Bespin). Due to this, the cairn_stockpile mission was cut late in development. But.... That doesn't mean that the mission was entirely scrapped. I received an email a few years ago from Raven with the source of the Cairn missions, including Stockpile. I've presented these to @@MoonDog, and we discussed possible opportunities and avenues to take with the map. It wasn't fully complete; it didn't have an exit point and it was unplayable due to some things missing. There are two particularly interesting aspects about this map: The Crane In this part of the mission, it seems that Kyle would be controlling a large crane as part of a puzzle. Perhaps in this big room, the player would need to move boxes around using the crane in order to progress and access some secret areas. Very cool stuff. The Pit There's also a pit in this mission, similar to the one in cairn_dock1. Based on the level design documents of cairn_dock1, the pit there was actually never meant to exist, and was added in at the last minute due to cairn_stockpile being cut. And, in the level documents for cairn_stockpile, there were originally going to be two pits, the one pictured, and another one which was identical to the one in cairn_dock1. However, the second pit appears to be missing, and it's currently unknown how the player moves from Stockpile to Reactor. This map is a bit bugged; once you jump onto the second tier of platforms, the game switches to Reactor. There are some acute differences with this pit and the one in Dock: note that you're the one coming up, not the shadowtrooper. Also, the platforms are much higher and there are two shadowtroopers on the higher platforms. Screenshots Cairn Mission Changes The following changes will be made to the Cairn missions: Cairn Bay: Air ducts added to beginning segment in order to promote stealth.Cairn Bay: Imperials in control areas near elevator shafts removed. Most of the stormtroopers in this area will be converted to roaming patrols. Alerting the patrols leads to more stormtroopers entering the room.Cairn Bay: Repeater-bearing stormtroopers on the second floor of the large bay area relocate to different rooms upon the forcefield being opened.Cairn Bay: Added alarm control to control area on second floor of large bay area. Imperials who trip this alarm will cause flechette-wielding stormtroopers in nearby rooms to flood the control area.Cairn Bay: Bays are somewhat randomized.Cairn Bay: Added more cameras in general.Cairn Assembly: Reactor entrance removed. Door near the entrance to Reactor will be functional but require a Security Key to open. The door leads to a lift, which is the entrance to Stockpile.Cairn Assembly: Added new secret area.Cairn Reactor: Added a reborn acrobat spawn.Cairn Dock: Shadowtrooper labs removed, dialogue and level pieces will be moved to Stockpile.Cairn Dock: Light switch works longer.
  4. I've had this on hold long enough so I've decided to resume work on it once again. However this time, I've completely started from scratch as far as the sand job and have come up with something far better! Some key points: -Will be doing two different versions: one Battlefront based (shown above) and one ANH based. -Customization will included: 30 pauldron options, 12 armor styles, and 31 gear variations. -New Sandtrooper kneepad included. The image above is not the final product, still a few more things I want to add, but this gives a general idea on how the final product will look.
  5. I've dabbled in mapping for about a year or so, never released anything publicly as I've just used prefabs and whatever textures have been in my base.. That said decided I want to release something, so have come up with a Holonews Studio concept sort of this, sort of like an all morning show.. the ones where they present the news, sit on couches and have cooking segments.. Appreciate there are some borrowed textures, but all these will be changed by the time release comes round or permission acquired! Some screens for now.. comments and criticism welcome, just bare in mind my first real mapping project Plan is - One studio (News Desk, Couch Area, Kitchen and Weather Section) - One control room - One green room - Two dressing rooms - One reception area.
  6. Hello everyone, I've decided to start this topic to recieve feedback on my projects in order to get advices so I can improve my skills (from 3D modeling to Texturing). I'm currently working in blender since its the most easy for me to use, but I've a couple of other softwares to work with too. Anyways, I'm realy nerveous and afraid but let's just start with this one: Felucian Farm Boy(? MATERIAL WIREFRAME
  7. Dunno what it was actually called but Maul Trooper is the code name for now. New Empire Storm Trooper (thanks to @ for the info.) Session 1 - Blocking phase done, tweaks and detailing to come. Based on this concept
  8. This is a map I've been working on for a few months. I started this project to try to imitate the way Raven built its indoor Imperial environments for Jedi Outcast. I played through the Kejim levels (Which I think are the best maps in the entire series of games) and took rather extensive screenshots of the way they were built. This map is not designed to imitate a particular location, or even to be anything terribly original. It is a symmetrical figure-eight shaped CTF type map. I'm using all stock textures, with a couple ported over from Jedi Outcast. Unfortunately, the entire level is rather boxy and flat. A few weeks ago I discovered a much more efficient way to build detail in levels, and I'm rather disappointed in the way this one is turning out now. I'm still debating on whether I should push through and try to fix this one up, or ditch it and make a new higher quality map. So, tell me what you think.
  9. What we are about to show you here is still a WIP. A lot of this stuff might or will be replaced in time as we get further into Development. Here is a short list of some of the stuff we have changed. General:* Support for 128 players on a server. We have yet to test with 128 real players, however.* Lots of fixes for JKA and OJK (which we based our code on).* We have added 22 new weapons so far, and keeping the old default one also. The big plan for where we will will come later.* New HUD. Shows your and your current target's info. AI:* All AI's with a jetpack can use them.* Bot_minplayers style NPC spawning.* Civilian NPCs.* NPCs now function as a full replacement for bots. No need to use player slots to have AI on your server. (Bots still exist, and use all the goodies that NPCs used before, plus all the other AI upgrades on the NPC AI)* Padawans in some game types. You get an NPC to follow you around and help out. This will be expanded to a full companion system later.* Support for missing single player NPCs. Graphics (based on rend2, but we have added many, many improvements you see in new game engines):* Anamorphic Lens Flares.* Bloom.* Darkxpand - A brand new shader never seen anywhere else. Fixes some game rendering issues and improves edges.* Depth Of Field - Standard (static) and Cinematic (dynamic) options.* Depth Xpand - Adds depth to textures similar to a parallax effect.* E-Sharpen - Improves texture sharpness.* FXAA 3 - A fast Anti Aliasing method.* Krisp - Improves texture details.* Lens Flares.* Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.* Screen Space Global Illumination.* Texture Clean - Cleans dirty textures without loosing detail.* True Anaglyph - Anaglyphic 3D rendering with true (real) depth.* True HDR.* Vibrancy - More color please!* Volumetric light on lightsabers.* All the normal rend2 enhancements, with most of them being improved! For Mappers:* All of the above graphics improvements.* Fully automatic waypointing for your maps! No longer do you have to manually run around your map creating AI support!* Parallax is added to your surfaces automaticaly. No need to manually create normal maps, etc.* Volumetric lighting. All you need to do is set the intensity of your light to a negative value. Sound (we have completely replaced the JKA sound engine):* Low Quality (11khz) up to Ultra High Quality (96khz) sound.* AI and players use all their sounds. Not just the normal multiplayer ones.* Dopler effect on all positional sounds.* Dynamic music system.* Hardware audio mixing (with fallback to software if your sound device does not support it).* Full surround sound. No matter what your speaker configuration.* Full sound volume sliders for every type of sound. Adjust sound to be exactly as you want it.* Completely new music soundtrack (psy), but you can select original music in setup menu, or add your own music (any format) to music/custom and select custom.* The new sound engine is multithreaded, so it will now lower your game FPS at all. The plan for this mod is to be a full scale MMO-FPS game. But we could really use help from the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWDMuSwIV34
  10. https://plus.google....llection/IezmdB https://lh3.googleus...rce+Awakens.png https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...kham+Knight.png https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...assins+Frye.png https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no https://lh3.googleus...920-h1080-rw-no I don't have alot of time so i will be uploading more later. All for Now TTYL!
  11. If not in the next "immediate" update, hopefully within the coming updates for JK:Enhanced.. (Most likely release being 2017) Myself, @@Cerez and @@Asgarath83 will be looking to incorporate a new version of Coruscant into the mod, that we know to be 't2_rogue' (Capture the Crime lord - Lannik Racto) from the base game. The full info about this mission and map improvement can be found here; https://jkhub.org/topic/7489-looking-for-a-custom-mission-creator-willing-to-pay-a-small-fee/ If you'd like to participate and contribute anything towards the progress of mission, then head over to the above link and leave your input/feedback in the thread. Once this mod is fully complete and incorporated into JK:Enhanced, there are also plans to improve other base missions within the game, to bring them up to scratch and into the modern era. Although, nothing's set in concrete, as of yet.
  12. So I am finally learning how to map, so I figure that I might as well make a SP mission for this project while I learn. This is my first map, bear with me here. Basically this mission will have something to do with the cultists at an old Sith temple on the planet Ilum, where lightsaber crystals are found during the films. The Jedi had a temple for Padawans to take a trial to get their crystals, I figure the Sith had a temple too, and I'm sure it had a great deal of dark side power to draw Tavion to it. This map will take place in the Sith temple, but it's more of an underground cave temple, inspired by Skyrim and KotOR. Lots of red crystals scattered throughout. Perhaps the source of the power is a giant crystal? You'll start out the mission outside a cave, in which you enter the cave (probably an ice cave, a la Skyrim) and make your way into the temple's entry. There will be the first room, with a "cleansing" trough (could be used for ancient rituals or to cleanse the crystals), and some boulders. No obvious door is visible, but an observant player will notice the wall looks odd, and can be pushed with the Force. Through that door opens another small room with crystals, a statue, and a door: the entry to the temple itself. First room of the temple will be a very large corridor with statues lined down the walls. And that's as far as I've gotten so far with the map. Here are some screenshots to show my progress (sorry for the darkness, its not that dark in-game):
  13. Nothing worth showing for now, but i'm tinkering with pre-rendered cloth and trying to find an easy way (i'm lazy and on a tight schedule!) to bolt it on all characters. There would be no such thing as a complete jedi robe floating around in the wind and reacting to each movements, it would be better for hanging pieces of cloth, hair, rope etc. Approach 1 Simulate a short sequence, create keyframes from simulation, export to either .glm or .md3 as a separate animated object. With that approach i want to replace an already bolt-able object with animation support, jetpack seems like a perfect candidate. First .glm test was vertex driven and failed to export animations, i guess that would've been too easy. Max 9 Md3 was not even compatible with JA, still haven't tried npherno's tool but i doubt it will make much of a difference. Next test was bone driven, new standalone skeleton created, transfered cloth sim, exported with success, works in modview when bolted on character and looks half decent, the real test however was in-game: complete failure, animations are not working and the temporary texture doesn't even show up. Any coder(s) would like to enlighten me on the process of bolting animated objects on a player model? I've seen weapon holsters in a mod *i think*...they required extra tags being added to the player model or something like that, but i'd like to know if an animated object is possible at all without code. Approach 2 This one would be bone driven with new sets of bones added to the existing skeleton. The major drawback is each model would have to be recompiled but no coding required and lots more chances of success. More to come at some point...or i might just give up XD. http://youtu.be/tBtYSg6nPDk
  14. In response to @'s topic and @@dark_apprentice's attempt I started something. I wanted to get this guy out for valentines day (aww how romantic!) but I got swamped with work at my job so I haven't been able to get anything finished to do a public release. This isn't anything magical so i'm not expecting any praise or criticism, it's just a good old frankenstein project to get us a decent looking deadpool model into jka. This is a screenshot of an early WIP, since then i've tweaked the hood a little and started retexturing the body; the weights all work perfectly Now that i don't have a timeframe i'm probably gonna go with my original plan and try to make some of the costume variants too, so any updates i'll either post here if they're wanted or just upload something when it's ready!
  15. She's back from hiding, coming soon to even the score. (And to show everyone how @@AshuraDX's lightsabers are really wielded! Haha!) Teaser screenie now, more info later... I'm still working on finalising the rigging and texturing. And yes, it's a realistic, JK version of her. (I have been listening. ) Edit: I've been working on this model closely with a skilled friend of mine for almost half a year now. It's come a long way since we started on this project together. Now that it's finally nearing release, I thought it may be time for a treat.
  16. Hi folks! This is a small OpenJK fork I started working on for JA a couple days ago with the sole intention of spicing single player up a bit. The base game is quite easy even on its highest difficulty, so for my own amusement I thought I'd try to give the enemies more of a fighting chance while also perhaps opening up a few new playstyles for Jaden. Please let me know if you've got any suggestions toward those ends. GitHub repository is located here. Completed Bowcaster hits now have a knockback effect and an additional chance to knock damaged targets down. Stopping a bolt with a lightsaber will drive you back a couple feet as well.Bowcaster bolts can now be reflected on Hard. Previously they'd just disappear, which I thought was rather silly.Attempting to use a lightsaber to deflect damage from a DEMP2 will cause the lightsaber to deactivate and be briefly unusable. DEMP2 shots will also cause guns to jam for a brief amount of time.Increased the player's likelihood of being knocked down by explosive effects from 0%/33%/50% on Easy/Medium/Hard to 0%/50%/100%.Removed the attack cooldown from Force Grip, allowing you to saber or shoot enemies that you're choking (though any attack except for a thrown saber will break the hold). Victims of ranks 2 and 3 of Grip will also fall down after being released.Increased NPC weapon damage values on Hard to equal a player's. Previously, most guns did significantly less damage in the hands of NPCs, even on the most difficult setting.Increased the burst spacing (rate of fire) of NPC guns on Hard to be equivalent to those of the player.Increased the pitiful blast radius of thermal detonators.Enemies with blaster rifles will now mostly use primary fire (more accurate, fewer shots) when their target is far away, and secondary fire (inaccurate, many shots) when the target is near.Enemies with the Imperial repeater gun will lay waste to their surroundings with the explosive alternate fire when targets close in on them. Very nasty!Enemies with the flechette launcher will frequently use its scatter bomb alternate fire when their target is at long range. In Progress Fix the facepalm-inducing time it takes for Imperial officers to attack once they come out of stealth. Neat Ideas? Possibly randomize the appearance of certain enemies (an idea taken from Seven's Reborn Sith Replacer and Spanki's wonderful Sith Customization).Similarly, possibly randomize (within reason) the weapons, AI ranks, and other stats of enemies at spawn. Discarded Changes No more increased projectile speeds. It was actually a bit too brutal combined with some of the other tweaks.No more chance to be knocked down by bowcaster bolts at close range even if you deflect them (same reason).
  17. So, I decided to try something new and attempted to get in-game a Skipray Blastboat I modelled from scratch - you can thank the Trilogy of Thrawn for that. It partially works. I can spawn it in-game, it flies, the animations "work", it fires... but it suffers from a strange glitch which renders it completely distorted, but just from certain points of view. I'll let the screenshots talk, wireframe view for better understanding of the model geometry (nevermind the test textures and projected UVmapping): Here's what it's supposed to look like, and what it looks like on certain angles: And this is what happens when I rotate the camera at certain angles or hop on board: Another view of what it looks like if I stand completely still close to it: And here's what happens when I crouch at the very same spot: I can't figure out what's wrong with it. I used Blender to rig it to a modified version of the X-Wing skeleton. All the meshes seem to be correctly weighed to the proper bones, and in Blender itself I can pose it correctly. The hierarchy seems set up fine. But I must be missing something. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  18. I took up this request from this thread. What you see is what I have so far, a basic mesh, I'm sure the main body isn't the most accurate so I'll be looking around at more images and such trying to edit it to get as close as possible. @@AshuraDX I'll let you know when it's UV mapped and ready to go so it might be a bit longer. When it gets to that point I should at least be able to start building the skeleton and doing some of the basic animations by the time the textures are finished.
  19. I'm resurrecting my IG-88 model... I want to get this in-game with a custom skeleton (based on a CS Biped) and custom animation set... along with all of IG-88's mix of weapons. Would this need a new class? Or can it use Boba Fett's class?
  20. Well, I had this model sitting around for years. It was originally meant for SWBF2 but later scrapped when at the time documentation on animating walker vehicles was non existent and figuring it out all by myself proved difficult. Right now I kinda need a distraction or something to get me motivated again and since animating is one of my favorite things I thought I'd take on the challenge of making something quite different. Right now it's just a mesh, I just started to build the skeleton and rig for it. I don't know if a rotating head with usable turrets by other players is possible but if not just the forward facing cannon will shoot. I need to UV map it still and then it'll need some textures which hopefully I can maybe sublet that part of the job out to someone who's much faster and better than I.
  21. So I have been working on planning stuff to film since im able to do movies again. Well ive been reading the Star Wars wiki for idea's and realized that the HS Dooku model didn't have a Jedi skin like the model before it.
  22. Grandfathergitfs now available The following is the list of vehicles and objects.l4dl4d2hl2 and hl2 pre-war vehiclesblackmesa sourcetf2csscsgoCod: Advanced WarfareCod: Black opsCod: Black ops 2Cod: MW1Cod: MW2Cod: MW3Cod: GhostsCod: WAWPayday 2GTA 4Silent Hill 2WarfaceCrysis 2 Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Alan Wake Bionic Commando Defiance Halo ReachHalo 3 Gears of War 2 Battlefield 2142 Fallout 3Fallout 4Fallout New VegasFallout 3 and New Vegas vehicles pre-warKilling FloorSurvariumSTALKERDirtybombBorderlands 2Fallout 3 until bethesda bought all the falloutMetro 2033Metro Last LightMetal Gear Solid 5South African Ratel IFVRavagedAPB ReloadedWarzDayzBatman Arkham knightDead BeforeAnd I think that this amount of vehicles, there are more than other companies that I know well here images of the map objects from black ops to jka. more images from the map objects of granfathersgifts: http://www.moddb.com/groups/scp-chaos-ops-the-clan-oficial/images/black-ops-vehicles-exported-to-jka2#imagebox I accept any constructive criticism. Please be serious. Copyright information and more information: Information: These models are free gmod and tf3dm. They are completely free provided that they are not to use economic You can use any of the materials in this package freely in their own work, include credit to the original author Please give credit to companies that were asked really make these models. the only thing I did is to export them jka JKA does not have many models of "support" or "real" than those of Grandmaster Szico VII which I highly recommend your package. This package is for those who want to make maps of cities or directly a remake mod. CREDITS: All the companies: Treyarch: - Original models and textures. Valve: Original models and textures. OverKill Software: Original models and textures. GSC Game World: Original models and textures. Slant Six Games: Original models and textures. Infinite ward: Original models and textures. Rock Star: Original models and textures. 4A Games: Original models and textures. Activision: Original models and textures. Rocksteady Studios: Original models and textures. 2K Czech: Original models and textures. Bethesda Game Studios: Original models and textures. Bungie: Original models and textures. Ensemble Studios: Original models and textures. 343 Industries: Original models and textures. Gearbox Software: Original models and textures. Westlake Interactive: Original models and textures. Pi Studios: Original models and textures. Microsoft Studios: Original models and textures. Vanguard Entertainment: Original models and textures. Certain Affinity: Original models and textures. Saber Interactive: Original models and textures. Robot Entertainment: Original models and textures. Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo: Original models and textures.Creature Labs: Original models and textures.Climax Studios: Original models and textures.Double Helix Games: Original models and textures.Vatra Games: Original models and textures.WayForward Technologies: Original models and textures.ETC Users: Renafox Tooles ETC Many Thanks Please support the companies not to the exporter. link to forums: http://scifi-network.newagesoldier.com/topic-black-ops-1-vehicles-map-objects-in-the-last-updated-of-grandfathers-gifts?pid=1330#pid1330 Project completed. link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9pcw591l1mmlqdp/grandfathersgifts.pk3
  23. Decided to get back into skinning and AshuraDX's Minecraft Model got me inspired to make more Star Wars + Others skins. Not sure How I am gonna go about just yet to release them, but here is what ive got done so far. Dead Pool Boba Fett Han Solo Chewbacca Luke Bespin Poe Dameron Kylo Ren Phasma
  24. As many of you know, a month ago I released the Yavin Trial Temple map for Jedi Academy, which received some positive feedback and now I've taken a small break and gotten my new PC up and working without issue, I feel it's time to continue where I left off and introduce a scripted version that follows the similarities of the original SP test mission from Academy. Goals: Working Audio with Subtitles + Opening Cutscene if possible (HOPEFULLY) Make it fully compatible so it will play in the place of the base map when you start a new SP game, this will take additional scripting so I'll be extending my hand towards @@MagSul for assistance in this regard. Keep the original level of immersion without overdoing it on additional content. Optional Plans: Rework some of the existing rooms, either to alter the layout or to increase the size of the rooms themselves. New content. Additional audio to give the illusion it's part of a much larger building, thus not isolated. (Busy hallways near the entrance) New puzzles (Maybe, if I can manage to get it to work properly) Create more exterior areas throughout, to move away from the claustrophobic nature the original one had. I can give no ETA on this, as I don't even know if I'll manage to get far with it given I'm making it a major task doing things I've not attempted before, all I can do is post updates on the progress I make.
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