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  1. Working on getting ingame with help the textures are done Please contact me if you would like to use the content provided in the link below for any projects Download
  2. Well, this is my first post here... and it's been a few years since I was active on the older JK2/JKA forums... ( I still have several models to finish! Hah!) A couple of years ago DT and I tried to fix the exporter but could not get the BASEPOSE transforms exported correctly... so we gave up, I took a C++ class... time went by (2 years!), my C++ skills got very rusty... but I decided to knock the rust off and get this exporter fixed-- so I tracked DT down and we started up again. So hopefully this WIP thread is going to be good news to those of you out there that have 3ds Max and desire to make new animations (...and NOT just compile a model). As you may or may not know, the Softimage|XSI exporter for 3ds Max 6 (which also works for v7, v8) is broken and doesn't export out a valid .xsi file that carcass.exe would compile. There were a number of issues (which have now been fixed): The Scene Root Node was exported as "MAXSceneRoot" and the game expects the root node to be "model_root" -- FIXED!Not only is the name of the scene root fixed, but today (and yes, it took me awhile because my C++ skills are quite rusty!) I added a text field called "Scene Root" where you can enter any root name you desire (useful for other game mods or anyone that has different scene root name requirements) -- Bonus Fix!!!We finally have the BASEPOSE transforms being exported correctly -- FIXED!The export dialog window that pops up does not have an easy cancel button (it did have a keyboard ESC feature-- but it's not obvious it exists) so today I got a Cancel button implemented -- Bonus Fix!!!The orientation of the root node (model_root) is the one last issue we need to fix. The softimage code orients it 90 degrees out-of-phase with the skeleton in transforming from 3ds Max to the XSI coordinate system. I feel confident we'll have this solved shortly.DT has been helping me solve the BASEPOSE transform and model_root issue (two heads are better than one, right?), and he has been working solo on compiling a version of our changes for 3ds Max 2011... we're hopeful we can get it to work for later versions of 3ds Max but the priorities are for Max 6, 7, 8, and 9 (I have the SDK for Max 9 but don't have it installed).DT has been testing out the Max6 compiled plugin and has verified that is also supports Character Studio Biped (not that you'd want to use the Biped directly... but I guess one could if they took the time to make the Biped match the JKA bones exactly-- easier to just link the Nulls to the Biped IMO). Thankfully the last version Softimage released (v1.7) added "Export Selected" support and that's a huge deal.DT also verified that the plugin output also works properly with the GLAmerge tool (which isn't affected by the model_root orientation issue)So we'll keep you posted on our progress... are there any Max users still out there???
  3. Hey there! I'm Colonel Birdstrong (or Bird of Light, or SatoshiKura), I do a lot of model imports for different games of characters I like. I've been modding this game for years, mostly just keeping my stuff to myself. I think it's about time I start sharing it, though! I've got a lot to upload, so I'll put stuff up in increments, hopefully. I don't usually do requests, just to clear that up right away. Fire Emblem Marth Download Screenshot: Details: Robin Download Screenshots: Details: Chrom Download Screenshots: Details: Lucina https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkX6Kvh15ESd2n3693PGB22jO5NAhR7a I may redo this import, hence the lack of features included with her. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jonathan Joestar Download Screenshot: Details: Joseph Joestar Download Screenshots: Details: Jotaro Kujo Download Screenshots: Details: DIO Download Screenshots: Details: Castlevania Alucard Download Screenshots: Details: Metroid Samus Download Screenshots: Details: Ridley Download Screenshots: Details: Kingdom Hearts Sora Download Screenshots: Details:
  4. So about 8 years ago, during my heyday of classic JK/MotS mapping, I took inspiration from a certain movie, as well as games like MGS:VR Missions, and began a small Deathmatch level for Jedi Knight that I called "The Grid" Recently I've had the bug to get into MP mapping for Jedi Academy (as shown by my FFA_Dust and other maps), but I've been reliving my JK maps and decided to revitilize them (in one form or another) for JA. First up will be, FFA_Grid. A complete redesign of the map style from JK, but keeping the arena layout style, and glowing textures.
  5. So this is something I have been working for the past month alongside a few other mapping projects of mine. There are very few Stargate Atlantis maps out there, or atleast one that has done it justice. none the less I have taken matters into my own hands while I learn how to use Radiant. Half of the map is .ase models since GTKradiant does not like brushes on extreme angles. IE: the control room stairs. The Balcony, those pillar thingies are also .ase models again due to the Q3 engines restrictions on angles. Skybox is a modified version of Grimm Night by Hipshot All of the Computers, TVs and Interface screens are fully animated. The Aquariums on the lower levels also fizz bubbles, still working to perfect the shader for it. Oh please ignore the untextured proto control consoles Still working on the model for those While I could use Wade's gate. I am trying to make my own so my map won't conflict with other Stargate mods. I will need help with scripting the gate, I'm hoping someone more well versed with Radiant could help me do that. That and I want to make a gate with some sexy shaders with the glyphs slowly and dimly pulsating. I am also making a Coruscant/blade runner esq city map with all of the shader and lighting styles I learned from making Atlantis, still too early to post anything of it as I am still crafting textures and shaders for it so stay tuned. PS: Oh as a treat, I am attaching a playable Alpha of the gateroom. I will need to know how this runs on low end machines and what your collective framerate is like. Let me know how it is with and without dynamic glow. Either select solo game or at the main menu hit ~ to open the console and type in /devmap Gateroomalpha Atlantis Alpha
  6. Kind of a cryptic subject? Good lol. After a bit of a hiatus (needed a new mouse), I've begun work on a new FFA level with a familiar feel. Utilizing textures in the CS theme, I've begun what i've dubbed FFA_DUST. Level layout is essentially done. It's in essence a full loop, with very few if any potential hang ups. Hoping to finish the design and begin item placement and maybe bot-routing (my first attempt) by the end of the week.
  7. I've been suggested by some people in an few Discords to share some of my kitbashes, so here goes. I'll add more as I make ones I'm proud of. All credit should really go to those who initially created the parts used in any of these models, as they're the real talent, and I can't model from scratch (yet). Inquisitor Starkiller Based on the concept art by Daniel de Almeida. Pretty sure it's a fan piece, not official, but it looked cool either way. Comes in two versions, both have sound. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oSbEmL0-fZab2VRd042MeiEDdeKqDt-R/view?usp=sharing Inquisitor Cal Kestis Taken from the design in Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis in his Inquisitor outfit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16NVlDPb8YxSCV5ZvoEF8Du2lYgR-Lzs6/view?usp=sharing
  8. Greetings, comrades! Finally, I was also going to open a topic dedicated to my works for the JKA. Please note that I'm working on it in my spare time, combination of which with inspiration, unfortunately, is not so often as I would like — so don't judge me too severely for slow progress In recent months, I'm closely working on a large pack of imperial military personnel models, and I would like to share screenshots of the current progress in this direction. 1. The prefinal version of my revamp (both geometry and textures) of helmets of imperial pilots (based on the original Raven's TIE pilot's model and texture, it's old chunky fan-made reskin to a AT-AT version and some parts of mesh and textures from HapSlash's Stormtrooper). For greater clarity, I quote them in comparison with the original geometry and textures on which I worked. Stormtrooper-style valves are placeholders. Small props aren't added yet. 2. Additions and corrections to the classic HapSlash's Imperial Officer (with parts from my old Imperial Army Troopers pack): 3. WIP female version of the Imperial Officer, based on the male mesh and unified with it by textures and general shape. In the future, I plan to add to it all options from the male version and some unique ones.
  9. Hello there! I joined this forum a while ago and have been greatly inspired by many of the talented artists within this community, needless to say my passion for all things 3D has recently sparked and I look forward to being able to continue to Improve and share my works here as a learning experience. So.. Welcome to my WIP Forge where I will be working on various models that I hope to eventually finish and share.
  10. Hi everyone I've done a partial remake of the Dark Forces Imperial City level. It starts at the entrance of the main building and ends as Kyle descends into the computer core. There is no Boba Fett fight (sorry!). Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nzg8gxq470kmsy3/DF_Impcity.zip?dl=0 Last year, I remade the whole Robotics Facility (level 8 of Dark Forces) as a playable map. You can download it here. https://jkhub.org/files/file/3544-df-robotics-facility-remake/ These maps were inspired by DFMOD, which recreated the first 6 levels of Dark Forces for the Jedi Academy engine. In this map I have used several hi res textures from the DFMOD project. I'm calling this a WIP because the map is incomplete, but I don't have any current plans to go further with it. ------------------ To install ------------------ A. Unzip the contents of DF_Impcity.zip into your GameData directory. (It should create a subdirectory called DF_Impcity) B. Run Jedi Academy, single player mode. C. Go into Setup, click on "Mods", and select DF_Impcity D. Type "map impcity" into the console (shift + ~ to open console) ---------------------- Screenshots ---------------------- https://www.dropbox.com/s/tie3ulxz2tl9a6q/impcity.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9e8nuc8whbuemz1/shot0001.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/twxdpawdco0egmy/shot0002.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wl6van8abjc1hf6/shot0003.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cy0a00h7jeqx4k8/shot0005.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wya9xxges24tbz2/shot0006.jpg?dl=0
  11. So uh, I'm new. Yeah. H-hi people of the internet. It is I. A person. Y-yeah. So uh- I made this thing not really made but you know... So like, I was bored while I was making my horrible attempt on a Cor-Sec Investigator and looked at the Royal Guard for awhile until I shrugged and thought about combining the helmet from the Defiler and the Royal Guard into one. Initially I threw in a bunch of other things but uh- well I'm not putting that on display for a reason knowwhatimsayin and so. Yeah. Don't really know what to say other then Hello there. I wanna cringe so badly in the next two to four years when I look back at this post. Any feedback would be nice, not sure about that additional plate on the top on the right helmet might remove it or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. <Update> Model currently pending approval for upload. finally made it to release lol. ////////// Right then, so, I was bored one day, and in my state of being in the state of boredom. I decided that I would do something that I decided to then do. At that particular point in time. And so I did that thing in which It decided- By Myself, that I was going to do. (Note, all textures are WIP. everything is subject to change, who knows, I might put a top hat on his shoulder... or maybe a monocle on his nose. We will never know untill it is released WHEN it is finished) (Also, no promises I will ever release this, as time is my enemy right now, BUT IF I DO. Then I do.) I suppose some pictures are in order. And also for giggles
  13. hello guys. i little something i have wanted to share for a long long time, but have not could find the right time. some know i once worked on EoC Saber system in the old days, i stopped there and tried some other mods out like working on JKG and then i started on my own by playing around with a new saber system again as a little side project from Warzone. my nephew asked me if i could try make a mod for him, about 2 years ago to make a better saber system from what i had done before and then i tried to come up with this. *new Hud, *no BP at all *based on openings when you useing you attacks, can do some small trick with mblock to sort of counter attack and hit you enemy after *slap moves. *SP Shield flash when getting hit. and a lot more.* *New BLock anim *SFX Saber *better Saber Clash EFX *Added Manual Block to work wtih attack at the same time. so time running is a tactic aswell *removed basejka Auto Block and maked manual block to work on parrying blaster shoots The Saber system is based of from a close OJP code there never saw the days of light for long time ago where i had it on my HDD and wanted to try it out. i started removing* *Mishaps *Dodge* *Fake Attack *Stanima/Force power drain when attacking. and a lot more and then started adding new stuff like damage on movemens and bounce option where it where more over at the BaseJKA saber system with blocking and bounce on the saber inpact more or less the code is not OJP anymore, and this is what i got out of it with some little coding for the bot AI. it is way more fun with players and the combat looks more diffent in that then it does with the bot as it is more instens with players i hope you like it, and maybe some day i can do more of it by having someone try it out with me. and other players UPDATE: Hey all a little video update for the mod. a lot has change sense the last video that is posted in here with the bot i fight with, this time its my nephew who is my enemie and also who have helped alot with anim and ideas for the mod as well So the changes that has been made so far. Added Back Force Power use when swinging the Saber for balance agains force use, when a player has less then 25 depends on the stance he will get in to a stagger when the saber blade get hit added More Parry anim for each side so there is 8 anim in all for the to manual block with, TOP BLOCK, BACK TOP BLOCK, TOP LEFT and TOP RIGHT BLOCK, BACK LEFT and RIGHT BLOCK and LEFT and RIGHT BLOCK side LOWER LEFT and RIGHT BLOCK, tweaked the damage and anim speed, the damage is not updated in this video here sadly with better damagehitbox, some anim like the parrys have been set to be really fast and can look a little odd sometimes, but its done this way to make the parry time faster to block the attacks. Removed some old OJP Codes that force the saber blocking to do body blocking, this was a big ugly part that make the combat look wierd and now you are full open if you don't parry in the right side of where the attack comes from, the saber blade is solid and collides on every hit u do to the saber All 3 stance that is used for single saber only use yellow's anim for all 3 stance, i know it sounds wierd, but there is a idea behind it, i never like blue's swings or red swings for this sort of saber system so we did some tweaking and balance to the saber system by doing this, they have all the same damage blue, yellow and red, but have its own abalitis that can counter attacks or make massiv damage if you time you attacks at the right time and end you enemie faster added health and Shield regen time added damageplum and tweaked and redone in a lot of ways from how it was done in JKG Plus alot more stuff has been done, can't remember it all a release date has not been set so asking for it atm is not something i can give, but a close beta is something i plan to do at some point.
  14. Hey there guys. I promised to post my topic a week or so back in my introduction thread but I wanted to hold off on it abit so I can show you something interesting as I work with you all to get Kanan from Star Wars Rebels into the game. Since this is my first model going into the engine I wanted to make it clear I will stumble along the way to figure out the ins and outs of porting into Jedi Academy. I have read alot of tutorials posted and watched some very valuable videos posted using blender and wanted to say many thanks to all for taking the time to create them. I work with 3ds max and Zbrush I mostly understand the limits of the engine and any help/feedback would be fantastic as it benefits the result for us all in the long run. Many thanks to all and with my holidays from work I HOPE to start getting people testing out the alpha versions of the model next week so we can get rid of any bugs before I get too far along. As far as deadline I'm aiming for May 4th latest. Cheers!
  15. For the 3ds Max users out there... I've downloaded the original MD3 source code (from here: http://forums.duke4.net/topic/1065-md3-exporter-for-3ds-max-2010-x86-and-x64/ ) ...and have it ported over into a Max2013 visual studio 2010 project. It was compiling successfully until I added the DoExportMD3.cpp file-- which now results in 20 errors due to the Unicode conversion. I hope to have these errors sorted out by the end of this week. Also, @@DT85 - if you made any improvements to the code in your Max2010/2011 version then I would like to add your changes as well. Thanks.
  16. Hello fellow JKHubbers. It is I, a guy named swegmaster. I've opened this thread to show off works I've done or helped work on. Some of you may remember that I made a WIP thread already, titled "sweg's Fuckin WIPS". I came to hate it, since none of it was WIP, and it was just a port/port-kitbash thread, with occasional releases that were never teased, they just got posted. I've made this thread since I've learned a lot more than porting over the years, and put up the stuff I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while. I will edit this post with any current WIPs, and releases. Here's my first work, "Maul" from Rebels: Releases: Maul (Rebels): https://jkhub.org/files/file/3643-maul-rebels/
  17. Figured I'd just start this thread here since the one on GF died but the model is being worked on again, textures are in the works, making Inyri do them since I'm doing something for her. =p Soul Reaver is at least in game which was the reason for my other thread abous sword trails.
  18. Hello! This is a skin of vergil from devil may cry game, i grabbed scerendo's general hux model (wich is outstanding), repainted clothes and modeled a bit the face and hair. Im no blender expert, actually this is my first try! XD Its far from perfect, i would like some opinions!
  19. Hey there. I'm The4thRemnant, very rookie model porter for Jedi Academy, who's useless at making models from scratch. I was requested by a few members in the roleplay group JAO (Jedi Academy Order) to attempt to port some models from various games for their characters, and decided to post the results here. These are very W.I.P, and the rigging is in no way up to par with anything anyone else posts here, but I hope these models will be good for some purpose. (Important Note: I DID NOT MAKE THESE MODELS! I ported these from their respective games, and rigged them to the Jedi Academy skeleton (and badly at that). I take no credit for making these models. This goes for all models here, unless otherwise specified.) (Side note: None of these models have SP Support, NPC Support, Bot Support, or even dismemberment. These will be supported in the future, when i am better at this kind of thing. Until then, try to enjoy these models in their current state) (Extra side note: Don't worry about any weird model names. Those are from the RP group, but the models still work) Warrior of Light - Dissidia 012 (Requested by Lord of Hate) (I believe somebody rigged his weapons, but I am unsure where. If you have them, feel free to use them in conjunction [and maybe send a link my way? ]) Genis/Genius Sage - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Requested by Revan'koon) Zidane Tribal - Dissidia 012 (Requested by me)
  20. So, Darth Java has been gone for awhile now, over a year, in 6 months it'll be 2 years, I'm not sure if he'll be back. For those of you not aware, he did a bunch of great files based on ancient sith, and to my knowledge the only known Arwing in existence for JKA: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3233-star-fox-arwing/ With that said, these are not works in progress, but more a place to show off some of his work. He had a few more swords he was going to release: He also had finished a model of Ludo Kressh: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/ludo-kressh For those of you wanting Kressh's sword, he did indeed release it: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3196-kressh-and-sadow-swords/ (Kressh's sword is the blue one) He also did a Chaos from Final Fantasy Dissidia model, I know that he released his sword, but this was the model that came with it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pkv0tprkjhdydz/ff_chaos.pk3?dl=0 For more info on who Chaos was, see here: His sword was released by Darth Java as well here if you just want the sword: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3385-chaos-sword-final-fantasy/ For where his sword was showcased: He also released models for Tidus from Dissidia (which is basically Tidus from FFX), and also Gilgamesh from Dissidia 012, but the links no longer work. For reference here are what Tidus and Gilgamesh look like: (Please move this to the correct subforum if this isn't the right one, this was a LOT of writing, haha) Keep in mind I haven't been able to get in contact with him, not through his email, or on here, so until he comes back this should be a good testament to what he's made.
  21. This nefarious weapon affects matter at the molecular level, ripping apart living material with ease. Because of the weapon's inhumane nature, the DXR-6 is outlawed throughout the galaxy and is generally only used by scattered droid and Remnant forces. I will be increasing the amount of detail based on the textures of the model, normal maps are also a possibility with inclusion of Rend2 support in JK2 HD
  22. Press on the images to see them in HD
  23. I have decided to make a mod for JA called Old Republic Duels. Pretty self-explanatory. I have LukeJM28 helping me with maps, but we need people for music, animations, etc. Here is the link to the official Discord server:https://discord.gg/FB4tXpv
  24. Hi everybody! This is the topic that will contain all updates on my mapping.. HOW TO USE: 1) Put the .pk3 file into your (KotF) base folder 2) Open the game (preferably with KotF mod) 3) Type in console: "map mapname" (eg. "map vet_crait") Finished Maps: Harrower-class Dreadnought (Devmap TOR_dreadnought) can be found in the KotF mod BUT link for seperat download is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgGY4DafplMyCjPn" Work In Progress: (you can follow the work on YouTube, where i will post updates) - https://www.youtube....M3iXO5MUBMag3ew Furthermore, you can download the (at all time) current version of the raw map here: Rishi__________________-----> This project is only about 5 % done, so no link is available! Part of the Death Star______-----> This project is 90 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgAgBWaW4tMfJkoK" Mustafar_______________-----> This project is 85 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgLbIiPn-GyIvPJ_" (Updated 07/04-19) Malgus________________-----> This project is 80 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjmeCy3Uf7y0VjjJA" (Updated 04/05-19) Crait__________________-----> This project is 65 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgPHOMo0EuYSPeWX" (Updated 02/04-19) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Triggers: Rishi__________________-----> NO TRIGGERS Part of the Death Star______-----> Follow the "movie-path", few triggers put tin Mustafar_______________-----> 2 triggers, the first is at player-spawn (next to R2D2, press the button and begin the Vader mission), second trigger is on the lower platform, near the player spawn, press the button there, and begin the vader v obi-wan duel Malgus________________-----> One trigger (walk 2 feet) Crait__________________-----> several triggers.. Move from base to trenches via underground tunnels, and you will trigger a battle.. 2) Press *use* inside the Crait command room (near the tunnel entrance) and Luke will come fight with you.. 3) If Luke reaches the movie-place where he gets shot, Kylo Ren will spawn.. A few guidelines to help you navigate this topic when time passes: 1) I DO take suggestions outside the polls, but do NOT expect me to be able to build it in the foreseeable future 2) Keep a nice tone, or I will not accept your suggestions - I hate being "the bad guy" 3) Every update will be made public in THIS post Have a good summer peeps! Wettergren (Vet) All maps are free, and you need not credit me if you use it elsewhere..
  25. (Actress/model reference: Mandy Amano) Here are my front and side reference images (I had to manipulate the sideview image in Photoshop to get things lined up properly): Yes, I'm aware her front pic has her head slightly tilted to her right and rotated a smidge to her left. So here is the final reference images: I have taken the right half of the face (front view) and mirrored it over for complete symmetry... I will have to take into account the temple area as it sis a little wider than normal in this mirrored image. It also messed up her upper lip in the middle (losing some roundness). I tweaked the ear in Photoshop to get it to properly line up... (as typically the ear should fit between the top of the eye and the bottom of the nose). Ok... so here's what I've managed to do so far poly-modeling inside 3ds Max. Life and work hinder my progress: The lower part of the nose is finished (inner nostrils not shown)... but I need to work on the upper bridge area of nose (it's not Asian-enough) and the eye-sockets, as well as continue flushing out the lips. The lips match her relaxed side-view mouth reference image-- whereas in the front view reference image she has pulled the corners of her mouth up. When I get these areas finished then I'll start on the ear and then fill in the rest of the face. Currently, she's a little spooky with those eyes staring at you...
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