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  1. JKHub

    Lara Croft

    Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: Since I did't find many female skins or models around I thought of making a skin myself, I have changed the face of jan so she looks more like Lara, the file has three default skins, Lara with the old green top, a black dressed Lara with army pants and the scuba Lara from the movie (with a cool shader), also all the sounds are new, including three taunts, I hope you all like her, I believe she looks realy cute.
  2. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by Barricade24 (Fitting isn't it?) DESCRIPTION: It's a Frenzy model from the new Transformers movie, he has team, bot and npc support, and also a few cool taunts and sounds from the movie. BUGS: well If I got things right there's none. Only a little bit of clipping because of the strange shape of the model. COMMENTS: well it's not the exact copy of the movie version, on the movie he has a lot of more details than this, but well this is the best that I can do for now. If you want to spawn the Npc Frenzy: -npc spawn Frenzy ( normal Frenzy ) -npc spawn
  3. JKHub


    Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: It's a Bender (from Futurama) model, the model has four variants, the normal Bender, Flexo ( he has different taunts), a dirty Bender and the gold Bender . He has plenty of funny sounds from the series. BUGS: There's some clipping in the arms because of the non/human form of the model. COMMENTS: This is my first player model ever, so if you find some mistakes know that I have tried my best. The next one will be better.
  4. 164 downloads

    Submitted by KyleKatarn1995 Title:Maw (with legs) Author:Unsung Hero E-mail:unsungninja@yahoo.com Filename:maw_with_legs.pk3 Filesize:5.49 MB Installation: Put the maw_with_legs.pk3 into the following location:Local Disk/Program Files/LucasArts/ Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base Description: "To the one called Maw: a bitter individual that loathes all and holds loyalty to few. A strong and formidable foe. For every cord of muscle, there is hatred. It is this hate that keeps his aging body strong," said Qu Rahn's force ghost to Kyle Katarn. In the beginning of Dark Forc
  5. Version v1.0


    Was the gift I gave in secret santa last year, figured I'd release it now It's just a very simple santa hat model on a stormtrooper with very minimalistic texturing done. Model Body: Default Jedi Academy Santa Hat Model: Milamber Weighting : Default Jedi Academy + Milamber Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: Yes. SP support: No. Credits: - Thanks to Key for having requested this as his secret santa gift - Scooper for 3ds max plugins for both exporting and importing glm files directly. Modders: Anyone can use this model in their modding projects as long as I
  6. 1,372 downloads

    ******************************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ******************************************************** Title: Imperial Trooper Author: Sentra File Name: sn7.imperial_trooper.zip, sn7.sith_trooper.zip Credits: see the right sidebar Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Imperial troopers are the common rank-and-file soldiers of the Imperial Army in the SWTOR setting. There are two variants: Imperial trooper (you can see him on screenshot) and Sith trooper (different Sith Empire symbolics)
  7. Version 2.1


    ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT II : JEDI OUTCAST MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : DT Stormtrooper EP7 Author : DT File Name : DT_Stormtrooper_EP7.pk3 File Size : 1.6 MB Date Released : 12 January 2016 Model : DT Textures : DT Weighting : DT Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode VII Stormtrooper, as seen in The Force Awakens. Known Bugs: - Slight clipping in certain animations, unavoidable thanks to the JO skeleton. Bot: Yes. NPC: Yes. LODs: Yes. Team Skins: Yes. SP
  8. Version 1.0


    Hey guys. Clone 2/3. Bly has already been made, but I figured he could use a new version. No offense to Neomarz intended, but a Phase 1 version took little to no effort and could have been done originally. BUT, I digress. One more should follow shortly. Enjoy these guys! NPC names are in the readmeh.
  9. CapRaz


    Version 2.0


    DabMan was born on a planet in the Outer Rim where everyone tokes. He was such a talented stoner. When he finally reached the point of real overdose he transcended into pure Dab. Since then he helps people all around the galaxy to stay lifted.. New Textures: Yes New Icons: Yes New Sounds: Yes Shaders: Yes Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No JK2 Support: No Credits to Mormord for helping with shaders. I made a short video because screenshots can't show you how it looks ingame.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIjuNRW4Xbw&feature=youtu.be
  10. Version 1.0


    Doom was a clone commander who served alongside Jedi generals Tiplee and Tiplar. This request came courtesy of Kualan, so I figured why not make it for him. Enjoy! NPC name is in the readmeh.
  11. Version 2.0


    Hey guys! Long time no release. But if you haven't noticed, I'm back lurking. Here is the armor seen during "Clone Cadets" in season 3 of Dave Filoni's The Clone Wars. I gotta give Kualan a ton of credit as essentially I followed the blueprint he made (as he made a Domino awhile ago) and just changed a few things. Regardless, much love to him because he's a cool guy. ANYWAY, NPC names are in the readme. LET IT BE NOTED: The screenshots aren't 100% accurate due to Modview's inability to recognize shaders. The visor (the ugly orange smear) it partially see through and you can see the trooper's f
  12. Version 2.2


    This model was not created by me, however it can be found here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1902-lord-marka-ragnos/ I merely added a few modifications. Has bot support, as well as NPC support. In SP mode he has both the powered up Sith Sword and the Scepter, as well as any powers that were used in the final battle against Tavion. On top of that, he's much more powerful then most NPC's in the game, so be careful when fighting him. Make sure to PLEASE read the readme, as it tells you how to spawn him in SP mode. This is the same model featured on BattlefrontJDGamer's channel! Thanks a
  13. 182 downloads

    Original Author: JamyzGenius Description: A Skin for Kyle Katarn inspired in Obi Wan Kenobi. The skin incluides this : - Npc support - Bot support - New Icon - Normal Kyle Sounds - Team support (Blue & Red) To Select Kyle Wan Kenobi : Type in your console ` : IN SP . Playermodel Kylewan IN MP . Model Kylewan NPCS Normal : . Npc Spawn Kylewan Lightsaber & Combat : . Npc Spawn kylewan_boss (Without the .) Comments: Credits: Credits for the creator of the Episode III Obi Wan Kenobi Model. Incredible model for it's time I must say, and my first file in jka. Neat
  14. Version (v3.0)


    Author: MagSul Description: This mod includes two separate pk3s, one which does not overwrite Rosh Penin and one that does. They are both appropriately named "Rosh_Alternate" and "Rosh_Overwrite" to avoid confusion between them. If you ever encounter any bugs of issues, please let me know! Rosh_Alternate.pk3 --------------------- Included with the Rosh_Alternate.pk3 are several other outfits which can be accessed via the following commands: /model alt_rosh /model alt_rosh/blue /model alt_rosh/red /model alt_rosh/1 /model alt_rosh/2 /model alt_rosh/3 /model alt_rosh/4 Check the scre
  15. JKHub

    Iron Man


    Original Author: Phonock Description: I've made two version of Iron Man. 1: In full Suit 2: Iron man open his faceplate mask to reveal Tony Starks face. For Tony Stark face i use Robert Downey Jr picture.You can play both Iron Man and Tony Stark in SP by typing this in console, playermodel iron_man and playermodel tony_stark.To Spawn both models as NPC,type in console npc spawn iron_man and npc spawn tony_stark. Both models can fly! Teh_Blizzy's Blades of Fury and Tobe's New Force Lightning are also included,but as separate pk3's. Credits: Let me begin by thanking Tobe,for second tim
  16. Version 1


    There was a request for a skin which is no longer available for download, so I recreated it, and hopefully improved upon it in the process Here is a list of what is included: Mars Marshall's Darth Maul: Shirtless, Robed and Hooded. Reskins for Maulkiller and Savage Opress Teamskins Custom icons Shaders for the clothing. As it was a reskin of Darth Maul, I felt that I should include the original skins too, so that's why they are included. I have also removed duplicate files to reduce the overall filesize, and added teamsupport and icons as mentioned above to suit everyone. Credits to Illi
  17. JKHub

    Eric Lassard


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Eric Lassard from Police Academy franchise NPC Command - /npc spawn lassard
  18. JKHub

    Frank Drebin


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Frank Drebin from Police Squad! botfiles, command skins, sounds and npc files are included Thanks to you Leslie Nielsen. I will remember you forever.
  19. 364 downloads

    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Ellen Ripley from Alien Quadrilogy movies. SW goes to SW bugaga! Second edition of Ellen Ripley - heroine of AQ movies. Included skins from all Alien Quadrilogy movies. Added also underwear skin and winter skin (for winter maps like a Hoth ). All skins have team colors. Added also Lightsaber "proton1". Use the console and input "saber proton1". NPCs: "npc spawn jedi_sw", "npc spawn ripley_a1", "npc spawn ripley_a2", "npc spawn ripley_a3", "npc spawn ripley_underwear" bots: "Ellen Ripley" "Ripley A2" "Ripley A3" "Ripley A4" "Ripley underwea
  20. Jora custov



    Description: Trinity from the Matrix movies Developed time: 1 month Now supported "m 1" "m 2" skin Used soft: 3dmax 7.0, Milkshape 1.7.8, Photoshop 6.0, SDK JA This is my four JA model.From Matrix with love bugaga!
  21. Version 4.0


    This is a model of the character Link from the Legend of Zelda. Included, with this version, as a bonus - is "Young Link", from "Ocarina of Time"/"Majora's Mask" (I tried making him look like a cross between the two). He also has OJP tags, but he looks friggin' huge, unless you have a mod, that allows "Playermodel Scaling" in which I suggest he be at a scale of 65. But most mods limit scaling - so probably 70 - 75, would look fine. I included an NPC file for "Young Link" - so you can atleast see him at the scale he's supposed to be at. I also planned on having Character Customization sup
  22. JKHub

    Ellen Ripley


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Ellen Ripley...This is a woman whose deeds quaked the universe! She prevent dreadful alien menace and expose greed bosses of WY corp. She not burn on the fire and not sink on the water. Enemies may stay away from her! She goes now to Star Wars World ! SW goes to SW! Bugaga! Developed time: 1.5 months too much NPC files overloads the game therefore for NPC created separate .pk3 file Now supported "alien 1" and "alien 4" skinz Used soft: 3dmax 7.0, Milkshape 1.7.8, Photoshop 6.0, SDK JA This is my second JA model. from alien universe bugaga!
  23. JKHub

    Agent Smith


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Agent Smith from Matrix movie
  24. JKHub



    Original Author: Killjoy Description: This is a reskin of the Cultist model that came with JA. We reskinned it to look like Rikimaru from Tenchu. This skin doesnt replace any original skins that came with the game to my knowledge. This is the first skin that me and darsc have made for JA, hopefully many more will follow. Enjoy!
  25. 176 downloads

    Description: This file replaces the base Kyle by a cool emperor's hand in cortosis armor with some inspiration at the shadowtrooper, the biker scout and the Fett's secret weapons(grapple launcher, flame thrower and shield generator are now added to the black armor) also force gem and tie life support. ....I was bored seeing Kyle as a Bantha farmer > this 1 looks better. Dedicated to my enemies, lamers and admin abusers cause they make me continue XD Credits: George Lucas & Raven Software and master revan for pose...(hey revan..u are the Icon ^^)
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