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  1. Version 1.1


    Another edited base model, made for RP purpose, using base Jedi/j2. I did it because I found the other twi'lek male model, not very handsome. Anyway I hope you like it and feel free to edit it, but give credits to Raven Software . There are two lekkus options, a short one, and a longer one. The short is not used in any .skin file, but I left it there in case anyone wants to use it. Thanks to all the suggestions you gave me! -If you have troubles decompressing/unzipping the file , use 7zip or B1- I'm just sharing!-
  2. 3,070 downloads

    Author: Infinity Blade This model and skin is my interpretation of Kyle from the game 'Dark Forces'. While it may not fit everyone's vision, I'm happy with how he turned out. It has Full LOD's, team skins, bots, and I've also included a Single Player conversion pk3. Submitted by: Barricade24
  3. 847 downloads

    This is my first model for JA ever. While I was playing with blender I frankensteined the old tavion head into her new body from JKA. I really liked it and thought I could share, so here you go ) Installation Just place the pk3 file into your base folder (gamedata/base). NOTE I did not quite counted with the fact that people would use this for SP. If you do, please comment on the file and let me know so I can create a skin for her to use in the last level (possesed). If you have any problems or whatever, please comment! Enjoy and rate this file please!
  4. JAWSFreelao

    501st Pack

    Version 1.0


    Hey guys! Just dropping a pack off for you. The 501st Legion. Kualan already made this, but I figured why not drop my own version. Phase 1 & 2 versions, as well as NPC support (names in the readme). Might update this at a later date with sounds and whatnot. This pack features Denal, Dogma, Hardcase, Jesse, Kix, Echo, Fives, Rex, and Tup. Enjoy!
  5. foshyst

    Police Jan

    Version 1.0


    A somewhat basic reskin of Jan Ors from her usual getup to a (slightly skimpy) police uniform, the design of which I improvised as I went along. This does not change the original but can be selected and used separately. To install this modification, please place the "jancop.pk3" file in the GameData/base folder inside the installation directory for Jedi Knight 3 or to any custom mod folder you intend to use it with. (e.g. japlus, clanmod, etc.) To use it, simply select it from the select screen in the game. Team support: Yes Bot support: No NPC support: No New sounds: No Menu support: Ye
  6. MagSul

    Jedi Instructor


    Description: This skin was originally drafted for personal use but as I was fond of this outfit in particular I decided on a public distribution! All of the skins can be accessed via the game menu. Alternatively, they can accessed via the following commands: /model jedi_instructor /model jedi_instructor/red /model jedi_instructor/blue The skin has team, bot and NPC support. If you encounter any problems whilst using this skin please do not hesitate to let me know. I will do my best to correct any issues. Enjoy!
  7. Version 2.0


    We haven’t had a new Qui-Gon in like ten years. Literally. So as my first successful port, here is Liam Neeson in the flesh, straight from The Force Unleashed DLC! I used HapSlash robes.
  8. 2,743 downloads

    The EG-5 Jedi Hunter droid was a deadly droid created by Count Dooku during the Clone Wars. Its sole purpose was to eliminate Jedi. This model is based on Jeremy Love's concept art with some improvisation on my part.
  9. Version 3.0


    Hey there! So this is a skin (custom sounds, team support- the whole nine yards. My first sounds job!) that was inspired by CT/ARC-21-0408, nicknamed "Echo." Echo was killed during the rescue of Evan Piell and Admiral Tarkin at the Citadel. I poured in about four or five hours on a bunch of skins. I hope you guys enjoy these. I gotta give a real nice S/O to that boy JChapman1984, as he was bomb enough to make all the battle damage on the skins and put time into it. Respect man. Another couple of guys I want to credit: Neomarz' for the original Clone Trooper models, and Barricade24 for the "cle
  10. Version 1.0


    submitted by Onlycorndog Hey! So, even though there are lots of TFU mods on JKHub, I noticed that there aren't any models or skins for General Kota. So, I took to the interwebs and I found this model. I DID NOT MAKE THIS, NOR DID I MAKE ANY CHANGES TO IT IN ANY WAY. This is a simple re-upload of an existing model that I thought would fill a niche on JKHub! It includes models for both Kota (as seen in his boss fight in TFU) and blind/drunk Kota (as seen in TFU's Nar Shaddaa level for PS3 and XBox 360). I tried like the dickens to get the blind Kota model to work but I haven't been able to. It
  11. 540 downloads

    Taken from readme: Model Name: "Mon_Calamari" Authors: Model: Moooa Skins: Moooa, for Gee "Da Admiral" (muffin_eater1@hotmail.com) & Moooa Email: moooa_duga@hotmail.com Sounds: Moooa & Dark Reaper Botfiles Moooa Special Thanks: Everybody who supported me on lucasforums.com Specially to Heks Noxu and Kururin for their support Hellfire Jedi and the other beta-tester And Dark Reaper for the sound Concept: Based on Admiral Ackbar see in Episode 6 : Return of the Jedi
  12. 266 downloads

    Author: Light Ninja This is a conversion to playable of the howler model, it has an humanoid form and a winged one, you can also convert it to vehicle beacuse it has a bolt_muzzle at the mouth.
  13. 1,520 downloads

    ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : Imperial Army Troopers pack Author : Vade Parvis File Name : z_army_trooper.pk3 File Size : 27,0 MB Date Released : 27 January 2016 Model by Vade Parvis, based on parts from several original models (AT-ST Driver by Monsoontide, Stormtrooper by Hapslash, EPVI Stromtrooper by DT85, original JKA Imperial, Snowtrooper and Hunan Merc, original SWBF2 Imperial Field Officer) with lot of mesh editions and some new elements. Retexturing by Vade Parvis (mostly
  14. Version 4.0


    Title: Darklight Skin Pack Author: Ataris Version: 4.0 Intro Darklight is a set of reskins for all of the cultists in the game, including Alora. It has been through 8 iterations, all of various names released on FileFront, but in this last and final version the concept has been revisited and brought into a higher, more professional quality. With a refined design, it is hoped these skins blend naturally into the game and enhance the characters. The goal of this pack is to provide a more dramatic look for the game's enemies, in the fashion of the Sith, while also making them easier to dete
  15. Version 1.1


    This contains 2 new additions to the default Lando model, giving him the appearance from Episode 5 and 6, with his capes included. I made this over 2 years ago now and kept forgetting to release it. It was for the Star Wars Saga mod. For MP, the skins replace the team color skins. So the ESB skin is team blue, ROTJ is red. /model lando/red /model lando/blue For SP, there is NPC support: /playermodel lando_esb /playermodel lando_rotj Or to spawn him: /npc spawn lando_esb /npc spawn lando_rotj
  16. Version 1.00


    A quick Frankenstein, some caffeine, and a reskin later and we have ourselves Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. INSTALL: Extract the .pk3 file to your GameData/base folder. Enjoy!
  17. 14,008 downloads

    ******FINAL UPDATE****** Along with the complete Soundpack, I am altering the title of this model of Kylo Ren. This Kylo Ren model now represents the Concept version, not the final movie version. An image has been added to show you how the Concept version looks. FILENAME: zz_EPVII_KYLO_REN.pk3 FILESIZE: 14.2 mb DATE RELEASED: August, 16th 2015 UPDATED: February, 7th 2016 CREDITS to: Myself Kualan dark_apprentice Jolly Jeff Toshi DT85 Hapslash Almighty_gir TOR Team INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the zz_EPVII_KYLO_REN.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gam
  18. Version 1.02


    Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. UltimateForceUser wanted me to make a new Kylo Ren, so I did! To use this mod, place the "Kylo V.1.02" file in your"C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base" folder, or wherever your base folder is. Single Player, Multiplayer, BOT, and NPC support included. NOTE: Like most Kylo Ren models, for this model to work properly you need to download DarthMartyr's Kylo Ren Lightsaber. Playermodels: Kylo (Kylo Ren with cape and hood) Kylo_nocape (Kylo Ren without hood and cape). Known bugs: Minor clipping. Helmet shado
  19. Version 1.01


    After seeing The Force Awakens, I thought it would be cool to have Rey in JKJA, so I decided to make her. Part of me wanted to wait for a master modeler to make her, but I got impatient. I also decided to make a staff for her too. Single Player, Multiplayer, BOT, and NPC support included. Playermodels: Rey_staff (Rey with staff and no Force Powers) Rey_saber (Rey with Force Powers and Anakin's Lightsaber(not included, requires saber "anakinesb") Rey_2 (Rey in outfit from the end of The Force Awakens with Force Powers and Anakin's Lightsaber(not included) Saber file can be found at http
  20. Kameleon



    The original version of this skin (The red version) was made by my friend and fellow Co-Leader called Okiba, and was made to be my personal skin. After some time I added the blue version for team support, and a few days ago I then finally added a cloaked version of the skin, which suits my name quite well. I asked Okiba if I could share the skin here, so that it would be easier for everyone to download it, which he of course agreed to. Both the blue and red versions of the skin have menu support, but in order to use the cloaked version you must use the following in the console: /model
  21. Version 1.1


    Description This is a (very) simple reskin of the Porkins model from MB2 and Kyle head to give the appearance of Santa Claus. Comes with team colors, NPC support, and a candy cane saber made by LuckMoonBoy1, from JK2Files. This was made for Omicron, for Secret Santa 2014. He allowed me to upload it for the rest of ya'll to use. Known Bugs Lots of clipping and a missing part of the mesh of the left shoulder. Comments I didn't make any of the parts of the model, I merely put them together in Blender. The body is Porkins from MB2 (not sure the author), head is Kyle, and the hat is from M
  22. 859 downloads

    Description: This is a reskin of Hapslash's Gwethenea model, intended to resemble Lara Croft as (roughily) depicted in Tomb Raider: Anniversary To access the skins, enter the following commands in the game console: /model lara_c /model lara_c/2 /model lara_c/j /model lara_c/j2 /model lara_c/blue /model lara_c/red Installation: Unzip this file and place it in the Base folder of your JK3 directory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, let me know in the review box below if there're any issues! That's all, and thanks for downloading!
  23. 75 downloads

    The Peace Trooper is coming now in Jedi Academy ! There are small modifications compared to his Jedi Outcast's brother. On the same base of fun, enjoy to make a little bit of love in those violent worlds ! Or become the next duck everyone's hunting ! Team colors : Yes Bot support : Yes NPC support : Yes (unarmed and surrounding immediately) New sounds : No (original Raven's french stormtrooper 3 misc from JK2) Have fun
  24. 54 downloads

    This is an old skin made some years ago just for fun. Run around every battlefield and try to convince fighters to love them each other... or blast 'em for Peace and Love, goddam ! Team colors : Yes Bot support : Yes NPC support : Yes (coward like Ugnaughts) New sounds : No (original Raven's french stormtrooper 3 misc) Jedi Academy skin coming soon...
  25. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: This a model/skin pack of the arch nemesis of batman from the new "The Dark Knight" movie. The release includes different features to use... the model comes with npc and bot support, there's a new weapon used by the npcs, full sound set ( some of the sounds used only by the npc ) and customizable single player options. The last part of this pack ( the second and third pk3 ) has a new joker themed HUD as well as some modifications of the game screens. The file jokerhudfix.pk3 lets you use the hud with JKA+ and changes other s
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