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  1. Version V2


    This is a skin that I made of Jacksepticeye, for Jacksepticeye. This skin includes three skins. One is Jack wearing blue 'jeans' and a grey shirt that has Septic-Eye Sam on it. The next one is exactly the same, but without Septic-Eye Sam. The last one is Jack wearing a green shirt with long, black pants. It also has custom sounds. The Zip includes two versions: - "DroidysJacksepticeye" has new text and a few new, hidden textures around the place as an easter egg. - "DroidysJacksepticeye_NoText" is just the skin with custom sounds. BUGS: - "DroidysJacksepticeye" may interfere with other mods as it changes text and textures. - Not a bug, but let me know if I should change the Septic-Eye Sam sounds.
  2. 413 downloads

    This is Counter Strike Source Dust 2 map. I made this map because I was playing Counter Strike and wanted to try map in Jedi Outcast, so now i uploading the Jedi Academy version. Jedi Outcast version: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3580-counter-strike-dust-2/ Installation: To install map, simply put map cs_dust2.pk3 file in your base folder, and in game menu you can find map or type in the console "/map cs_dust2" Features List: Support for the use of weapons. Support for the Jedi Master gametype. Support for the Holocron gametype. Support for the Team FFA gametype. Support for the CTF and CTY gametype.
  3. Version Final


    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: K-3PO Skin AUTHOR: Kylo Ren FILENAME: zz_K3PO.pk3 FILESIZE: 2.74 mb DATE RELEASED: January, 1st 2016 CREDITS to: Myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the zz_K3PO.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: A reskin of protocol droid from assets1.pk3 to look like K-3PO. There are 2 versions of this, one with light up eyes and one without. Non glow version: npc spawn k3po playermodel k3po Glowing eye version: npc spawn k3pog playermodel k3pog Thanks to Kannos for the help with the shader. BUGS: None. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. PLEASE NOTE: This skin does NOT replace any textures, it is an EXTRA droid. That is all, enjoy! THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  4. Version 1.1


    Description This is a (very) simple reskin of the Porkins model from MB2 and Kyle head to give the appearance of Santa Claus. Comes with team colors, NPC support, and a candy cane saber made by LuckMoonBoy1, from JK2Files. This was made for Omicron, for Secret Santa 2014. He allowed me to upload it for the rest of ya'll to use. Known Bugs Lots of clipping and a missing part of the mesh of the left shoulder. Comments I didn't make any of the parts of the model, I merely put them together in Blender. The body is Porkins from MB2 (not sure the author), head is Kyle, and the hat is from MonGo's Santa model. The textures are mostly made from scratch and the original JKA textures. Was a quick job, as you can see.
  5. 767 downloads

    Winter's Gift Authors: *VaS*Buffy and Jenova*Rebirth*(*VaS*Jenova) Contacts: vasbuffy@gmail.com and jenova19848@hotmail.com Release Date: 12-19-2005 Custom Textures : Yes Custom Models : Yes New music : Yes Bot Support : Yes Build Time : About 2 months on and off Description: A special Christmas and New Year's map for the Winter season for you and your friends too enjoy. Features: - Village - Snowball Arena - Hockey Field - Ski Lifts - Tauntaun Stable - Market - Maze - Carnival - Mansion - Playground - 2 Songs to pick from - Caroler Stage - The North Pole - And much much more for you too explore... Tips: You can download a Snowball mod to turn your Thermals into Snowballs to make the Snowball fights more Realistic. Secrets: Well Secrets wouldn't be secrets if we would tell you where they are now would they? However there is one secret we can help you on your way with as there are secret presents hidden all around the map in the colours: Red, Green, Yellow and Orange. We have added a special Check list to the Zip file to help you find them, Please read it as there is some helpful information in there. Good Luck! ************************************************* Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Winrar, Wordpad, Gtk Radiant, Easygen ************************************************* * Copyright / Permissions * IMPORTANT! This map and it's contents may not be modified without *VaS*Buffy or Jenova*Rebirth*'s written agreement. This map and it's contents may not be used for porn or nudity purposes. If this mod is used in any file like maps,movies,skins or others mods, Please inform *VaS*Buffy or Jenova*Rebirth*. If this mod is used We wish too receive credit for our hard work. ************************************************* INSTALLATION: Extract the wintersgift_bf_jr.zip in your star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base folder. Removal: - Remove wintersgift_bf_jr.pk3 from your base folder ************************************************* Special Thanks: - Onobi Foondu - Grimreaper - Hapslash - Worsonn - Darth G - Szico VII - Lemog - All *VaS*Members and Friends - All who we forgot to mention Uploaded by @Circa
  6. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 Well after all the hype of the new The Dark Knight movie I thought it was right to at last finish my pack of one of the coolest comic characters out there. This is a pack containing one Batman model with five skins... they are the default model of Batman Begins with his red/blue team of the classic Batman and Batman beyond and two more extra skins... Batman the dark Knight and Tim Burton's Batman. The model/skins come with new sounds, single player support and bot/npc support... so I hope you all enjoy playing around with it as much as I making this.
  7. 930 downloads

    Description: This is a reskin of Hapslash's Gwethenea model, intended to resemble Lara Croft as (roughily) depicted in Tomb Raider: Anniversary To access the skins, enter the following commands in the game console: /model lara_c /model lara_c/2 /model lara_c/j /model lara_c/j2 /model lara_c/blue /model lara_c/red Installation: Unzip this file and place it in the Base folder of your JK3 directory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, let me know in the review box below if there're any issues! That's all, and thanks for downloading!
  8. 356 downloads

    A bridge with lots of opportunities to jump, climb, and generally very three-dimensional gameplay. Fun to play with or without weapons. Watch out for the train coming through every now and then... Designed with mostly FFA in mind, but also works well as a duel map, and makes for interesting CTF gameplay as well.
  9. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: This a model/skin pack of the arch nemesis of batman from the new "The Dark Knight" movie. The release includes different features to use... the model comes with npc and bot support, there's a new weapon used by the npcs, full sound set ( some of the sounds used only by the npc ) and customizable single player options. The last part of this pack ( the second and third pk3 ) has a new joker themed HUD as well as some modifications of the game screens. The file jokerhudfix.pk3 lets you use the hud with JKA+ and changes other screens too.
  10. 291 downloads

    Something experimental again! This is a naval battle map designed for CTF games. Each team has their own ship, ships will meet in the middle of the map with some time for fighting, then continue towards the enemy base. To make scoring possible at all, reaching the enemy flag is enough to get a point. Note: As this map had to feature long distances for the concept to work, the ships move stupidly fast at times (so you wouldn't have to wait forever). I recommend not jumping around while the ships are moving that fast, as this doesn't work well with JKA physics and you will fall off the ship. While this map is designed for CTF games, it is also possible to play it in (Team)FFA and even Duel mode.
  11. JKHub

    Lara Croft

    Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: Since I did't find many female skins or models around I thought of making a skin myself, I have changed the face of jan so she looks more like Lara, the file has three default skins, Lara with the old green top, a black dressed Lara with army pants and the scuba Lara from the movie (with a cool shader), also all the sounds are new, including three taunts, I hope you all like her, I believe she looks realy cute.
  12. 185 downloads

    This map is basically made of a few hills with rocket launchers, jetpacks and lots of explosives. It also features an ice slide, presents that explode every now and then, and a super-surprise-christmas tree. It's a rather silly christmas-themed map I made a few years ago. I just found it on my old hard drive and thought I'd publish it, maybe it's gonna be fun for some people!
  13. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put all the pk3 files in you gamedata\base folder. DESCRIPTION: I started with a sword for Loeb, and I couldn't stop, it's just an small collection of famous swords. BUGS: I hope not. COMMENTS: not this time.
  14. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by Barricade24 (Fitting isn't it?) DESCRIPTION: It's a Frenzy model from the new Transformers movie, he has team, bot and npc support, and also a few cool taunts and sounds from the movie. BUGS: well If I got things right there's none. Only a little bit of clipping because of the strange shape of the model. COMMENTS: well it's not the exact copy of the movie version, on the movie he has a lot of more details than this, but well this is the best that I can do for now. If you want to spawn the Npc Frenzy: -npc spawn Frenzy ( normal Frenzy ) -npc spawn Frenzy_dual ( you get the point )
  15. JKHub


    Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: It's a Bender (from Futurama) model, the model has four variants, the normal Bender, Flexo ( he has different taunts), a dirty Bender and the gold Bender . He has plenty of funny sounds from the series. BUGS: There's some clipping in the arms because of the non/human form of the model. COMMENTS: This is my first player model ever, so if you find some mistakes know that I have tried my best. The next one will be better.
  16. Version 1.01


    This changes your JKA HUD into HUD of "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow"! Choose between Dark Magic (SITH) and Light Magic (JEDI) version! THIS IS A GIFT FOR @Rooxon! ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014 EVERYBODY!! Season Blessings! ~
  17. 549 downloads

    Author: Orbitius This has been an ongoing project for several months now, but sadly its not complete. I decided to release it as it is, unfinished, because im moving on do to bigger and better things. Q3 engine just can't satisfy me anymore. Anyway, some of the things that we were planning on doing with this map were a complete weapons replacement mod; ak47s, uzis, Rpgs, etc... Also, a complete replacement of items and pickups... Also, new vehicles such as the huey on the roof and speed boats... And i was planning on doing a "modified" siege gametype... All this would have been great but i felt it wasn't worth the effort for JA. Sorry... Another game, another time. It is in fact likely that we'll work on a mod like this for another game.. We're not sure what, probably UT04. For those who care, the real reason i'm moving on is that i'm just tired of getting ignored for my NON-Star wars themed stuff.
  18. 355 downloads

    Ghost In The Shell: Tokyo map by Captainm http://mapdesign.uw.hu captainm@playware.hu English: This map based on the Ghost In The Shell anime. I saw this movie and I started to create this part of Tokyo. If You want to get the feeling of the movie, please download this weapon mod pack, and copy the weapons from there: http://www.pcgamemods.com/15519/ Building time: 4 weeks Install: copy the pk3 file to the base directory Uninstall: delete this file 2005. Ghost In The Shell: Tokyo map by Captainm The Jedi Knight series and all of those things are property of Lucasarts, All Right Reserved
  19. 851 downloads

    Epic Challenge Mod II is the second huge mod of my creation for SP Game. It is a sort of sequel of the first one and contains more maps and the design is more various. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: RJA File Name and Version: Epic Challenge II Release Date: 2015 Filesize: Description with installation instructions: THE PLOT: I always loved awesome movies plots. So, I decided to don't make a plot, because this one doesn't deserve a plot. The Destroyer is a bad guy, I mean, a REAL bad guy (you see he has a red lightsaber... when I say bad guy...). Kyle Katarn, who killed Darth Lawn in his islands some months ago, is now drinking on a beach, and absolutly not giving a f*** about the galaxy. But when two strange hooded guys try to kill him, he knows he MUST do something. To Join the secret lair of The Destroyer, Kyle will have to get 4 crystals which are hidden in 4 sanctuaries, one per element. To find his way, he'll travel around the swamps, the coast, the skies and the dark ways. A total of more than 50 maps with new ennemies, musics, textures, landscapes. Hours to play, and a difficulty which really INCREASE. All is playable, because I played all with my girlfriend (yes, the same I forced to play the first one, but she's still alive, don't panic). And well, the new secrets... this time, no need to find boring keys, you'll simply have to find secrets zones which lead you to secrets maps, one per environnement (environnement is composed of 5 maps between the sanctuaries, the fifth map is always a boss). In theses secrets levels, you'll get a code, which notice you to use it in a specifical level. One little thing I can say, don't forget to add " 90" after the code. Without that, It won't work. The map is based of Rayman II: The Great Escape, and It is an old platform game mapping style. Because I assume I'm not a living god in mapping, but just a decent mapper with a passion for mods with sith and secrets. Nooowwwwwwww... TEASER (With beautiful Pillarbox, before I learn how to do a video correctly): You simply have to run the .exe and install the mod in gamedata/. After that, go in gamedata, create a folder ECMII/ and put ECMII.pk3, royalguard.pk3, modsect_skin01.pk3, hidden_dragon_skins.pk3, skeleton.pk3 and ECMII.cfg in this folder. Now, you have LucasArts/Star Wars [...]/gamedata/ECMII.bat and gamedata/ECMII/*files*. To play, after install, simply launch ECMII.bat. THINGS YOU'LL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD TO PLAY THE MOD WELL: http://jkhub.org/files/file/559-stick-man/ http://jkhub.org/files/file/2214-kylo-rens-lightaber-adx/ Copyright/License: External Content Used / Credits: SKINS I USED FOR MY NPCS: Inpsyte - ModSect Evil Skin Pack Eric Landreneau - Royal Guard, in this one you'll fight him. Orb - Hidden Dragon Skins Skeleton - This is an old model I get from a site which crashed. I have it for years, didn't find the original author. Thanks to him, I hope he'll see my mod one day and recognizes his fantastic work and tell us his name ! TEXTURES: Raven Software - JK2 textures. Sith J-Cull - Lava Texture from SJC Map Pack. MUSICS: Eric Chevalier - Rayman II: The Great Escape OST Justin Scharvona - Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos OST Claude Samard - Rayman M OST Swallow Studious Game - Toy Story 2 PC OST YELLO - Oh Yeaaaah Dr.Viossy - MoonLigt Sonata 3rd Movement in METAL. IN THIS MOD I CREATED: - Maps - Skins (those who are not external sources) - NPCs - Videos (low quality) - 3 Scripts - Textures -
  20. 74 downloads

    Yey!!! Teensie from Rayman series Enjoy! I made model and textures It is kinda old but i thought i will upload them. NPC: Default: npc spawn Teensie With Crown: npc spawn Teensie_crown If you want use this model for your modification just send me a message and wrote in read me that it is made by me ^^
  21. 183 downloads

    Author: ook Have a nice, quiet duel along the beach, or take it to the waves for a deadly surf-off! It's just like that one Batman episode!
  22. 44 downloads

    Hey all, this is my very first skin release ever! Now presenting, Dr. Doom. The awesome armor-clad Lord of Latveria. With an entire nation under his control, he strikes from his shadowy domain at his hated enemies, The Fantastic Four! I designed him after the 1967 version, and am pretty pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy it too. I will have more to follow, if of course I have the time.
  23. Version Final


    So finally... The TARDIS, my vision of the TARDIS, the one to be used in Doctor WHO WWU project by the final Doctor Who. I spent much time just preparing for making this map, developing design etc. This design is currently my best. It's partically based on Lee Sullivan artwork, partically on Matthew Savage concept. Most is made using converted to md3, 3ds max models. I also used some Star Trek Elite Force 2 textures and recently i added several things (brush and md3 models) from both jk2 and ja and from Szico modelpack. Overall, it's a medium size ffa/team map for maximum 16 players. I hope you like it.
  24. 134 downloads

    Author: MagSul Date: 12 October 2014 Description: Placing this .pk3 in your Base folder will mutate your cursor into a zombie's arm, just in time for Halloween! If you should encounter any errors with this file, please don't hesitate to let me know so I can fix them.
  25. 111 downloads

    Author: Christopher--Sirhc A bowling alley with REAL BOWLING ACTION!!! Also includes a couple of mini-games and some fun areas for all gameplay.
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