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  1. 941 downloads

    A single player project for Jedi Outcast set in the after the Battle of Yavin and before the Battle of Hoth. You take on the role of a Rebel agent sent to the Bajic Sector to explore an unknown outpost that has the top brass at the Rebellion interested. *It is up to you, the player, to seek out the blank, "black textured" computer terminals to learn about what is going on here. Through this information you will be able to piece together the story. It is also up to you to take the time and look around to try and get an idea on what is going on. *This project is best played w/ the Ultimate Weapons Mod using Low Quality Effects. Also, Hapslash's Imperial Officers and Stormtroopers pack is recommended to spruce up it up a bit. *Weapons, ammo, health, and power ups are limited. There are no force powers or sabers. Ammo has also been reduced.
  2. 1,427 downloads

    HQ Texture JK2 conversion or HQ TJC is a project created by me and okiba, we remake new better textures for Jedi knight Jedi Ouctast some can go up to 4096x4096 resolution and also work on the contrast, colorcorrection, saturation. High Quality Blood (1024x1024 resolution) Mod description: This is a mod that adds hight quality blood effect when the player is hit. Works on Singleplayer (sp) Enjoy
  3. Version FINAL VERSION


    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Rainbow Saber FINAL AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: rainbow.pk3 FILESIZE: 25.5 kb DATE RELEASED: March, 25th 2015 CREDITS to: just my self since this is a small mod INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the rainbow.PK3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: A rainbow saber that replaces the green saber color. BUGS: none unless you count the green sabertrail and saberglow. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  4. Version v1.0


    So.. these are my first real and released maps made with the jk2editor for this game. This mod has 2 normal levels and one testmap, all made completely by myself. They're random themed, i used quite strange design ideas inspired by abstract wallpapers and some weird dreams i had some time ago. They are made in some sort of ladder style, surviving waves and that stuff.. Fighting until it ends. I wanted to write a story for this and make it longer, but i'm not interested anymore in this theme, so i thought i'll finish them quickly and release. This is a final version, and there will be no updates (just a bugfix if necessarry, but it should work perfectly as it was planned). Have fun, slaughter all those remnant and sith guys there and write a review about what you've experienced! I have some experience with this kind of editor, but these are my first maps for this game made with the editor, consider that! Thanks for DarthStevenus for the lightning effect!
  5. 89 downloads

    TITLE: The Ghost Leets skin pack GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: JJ Hookz, JJ Twist, JJ Reefer E-MAIL: darthhookz@gmail.com WEBSITE: s3.zetaboards.com/jedijunkies FILENAME(s): ghosttwist.pk3, ghosthookz.pk3, ghostreefer.pk3 FILESIZE: 5.94 MB DATE RELEASED: 6/23/2013 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip the pk3 files to base. DESCRIPTION: All of them are our clan skins with the Ghost Ben shader The Ghost Twist skin is a fix becasue there were problems with the other on on the Leets skin pack THANKS: JJ:Twist- for the inspiration to make skins JJ Hurricane- for teaching me how to make skins JJ Reefer for making JJ L33t and the Rest of the Jedi Junkies for keeping the clan spirit alive. Story: When we made the Leets there was only 3 of us. Twist,Reefer and myself as time went on The Leets got larger because of all the great and wonderful things people brought to the Jedi Junkies.
  6. 274 downloads

    The Phone boxes around the main area where u spawn take you to two other scenes from the movie, there is also the hut, when u break the door and walk thru u will find the corridor that leads to a number of smaller duel arenas ( also scenes from the film ) theres 5 all together, see if you can find them also the fire escapes have portals at the bottom and top so u can teleport up and down them
  7. JKHub

    Ben 10


    Original Author: Phonock Description: Actually i made this skin just a tryout for my brother.The skin is based on Cartoon Network shows Ben 10.I think its turn up pretty well .So i decided to share with you,and i hope you'll like it.
  8. 475 downloads

    a few hidden extras and the wall does explode older version of map should also run with this version as nothign has changed bar the fact that this now supports bots also. This map isnt supposed to be a complete copy of the helms deep as in the film. Its just a really cool map to duel on, FFA on and catch jokes on :)i did remake a low FPS version of the map but its only 40% complete and i am going to use it as a CTF map instead, last thing i want is people moaning about 'another' version :| hehe.
  9. 239 downloads

    TITLE:The Lost Maps of Jedi Junkies ffa_sabrosa shambala nameste bodhisattva GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: d00bie stu E-MAIL: d00b-e@hotmail.com WEBSITE: http://www.freewebs.com/d00b FILENAME: JJ_Shambala.pk3 jjnamaste.pk3 ffa_sabrosa.pk3 JJ_Bodhisattva.pk3 FILESIZE: 39.7 MB DATE RELEASED: UNKNOWN INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip pk3 FILES to base. DESCRIPTION: The Lost Maps of JJ. The Junkie Legend Booya made these maps to give a home for the Jedi Junkies As time has past no one really knew about these maps just the core members of JJ. I bring you these maps to jkhub so that what little community that is left in JK2 can see them. BIG THANKS TO DOOBIE STU AKA BOOYA FOR MAKING ALL THE MAPS FOR JJ HE IS PART OF THE REASON JJ LIVES. <3
  10. 1,435 downloads

    Author Major Clod Jar Jar Binks for Jedi Knight II, what more can I say! A generic Gungan skin is also included. Custom sounds and bot support. Other Info : LOD support is not included yet. I simply haven't had the time to add this feature, I just really wanted to get this model released.
  11. 246 downloads

    Author: Monsoontide This map contains support for FFA, Team FFA, Holocron FFA, CTF, CTY, JEDI MASTER, and the hidden game mode SAGA (Which is an objective based gameplay mode for two teams). BOT support is included.
  12. Version v2


    Skin name: DeathDealer2.pk3 Author(s): JJ Hookz and DeathyD File Size: 2.89 MB Description: Rodian skins The deafult is Green with JJ on the chest, Jedi and Junkies on the arms, and Death on the back. also has a red and blue team skin with really cool shaders. Special Thanks: DeathyD for all the great years and service to the Jedi Junkies.
  13. Version v2


    CE Lunatik Skin ================ Chiss skin with no shirt and a wicked tattoo on the back. He wanted a red and blue team skin so I made him a new version of it. Size: 2.02 MB Author: Hookz File Name: lunatik.pk3
  14. JJxHookZx

    JJ W!cked


    Title: JJ W!cked Game: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP Author: JJ Hookz and JJ Twist I used a skin Twist made and edited a few things that JJ W!cked wanted WEBSITE: s3.zetaboards.com/jedijunkies FILENAME: w!cked.pk3 FILE SIZE: 1.90 MB Date Released: 6/6/2013 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip the pk3 file to base. DESCRIPTION: Hooded model. The Hood, Gloves and Boots are red. Has a bryar front and side flash shader. also has two stars on the back with JJ on it. THANKS: JJ:Twist- for the inspiration to make skins and for letting me use the model. JJ Hurricane- for teaching me how to make skins
  15. 454 downloads

    Original Author: Covax Description: This is a Weapons Upgrade for Dragon Remix mods but can be used either stand-alone or in cunjunction with any JediMod-based game. It includes mamy of the sword/meele weapon models released to the community, made as mod-compatible as possible. The sounds are a mix of the Buster Sword, Tusken Raider and Katana mods, to give a bit of variety. There are also a few 'energy effects', insted of saber colors, to spice things up. Weilding two Flaming Wraith Swords is a site to behold. Although 2 swords from the LotR pack are added it is reccomended that this be used in cunjunction with that mod to have a full 'arsenal'. [sP Weapons Altered] If you don't want the DRWP file to alter your single player game, simply move them to the relevent JediMod-based game folder. Kyle's Saber / Silver Katana Desann's Saber / Shadow Sword Luke's Saber / Bokken Jedi/Reborn Saber / Ninja (Choku-to) Sword Instructions: Extract all files in the GAMEDATA folder. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Weapon Models: 'Bokken' and 'Silver Katana' based off of 'Katana' by Ages120 'Masamune', 'Shadow Sword' 'Ninja Sword', 'Caladbolg', and 'Axe' by Sephiroth__VII 'Bushido Katana' by Scarecrow and PlayingKarrd 'Strider's Sword' and 'Ring Wraith Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Saruman's Staff' and 'Gandalf's Staff' by Madjai 'Split Saber' by The Project X Team(?) 'Gaderffi Stick' by Major Clod Light Saber Hilt Models: 'Samurai 3000 Hilt' by Chrono 'Dooku's Hilt' by MonkeyKungFu 'Exar Kun Hilt' by Sish_Sadeet 'Maglite' by Mr.Sinister Sounds: 'Katana' by Ages120 'Buster Sword' by Nick D 'Tusken Raider' by Major Clod Saber Energy Blades: 'Burning Saber' by Wendel Crow 'Samurai Lightsaber' by 66sith 'Valsabers' by Val(?)
  16. Version 2


    Readme File: TITLE: JJ Hookz skin pack 2 GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: JJ Hookz Major Clod - I used the Tusken Raider skin and did a few things to the model credit goes to Major Clod. AnKura KyouOso - I used the Mara Jade skin to make the skin samurai for a clan mate all credit goes to AnKura KyouOso <Ca>JaggedCougar - I used the Iam2 skin to make the skin om_punk2 for a clan mate credit goes to Jagged. Trentonite - He let me put the Klown skin in the pack E-MAIL: darthhookz@gmail.com WEBSITE: s3.zetaboards.com/jedijunkies FILENAME(s): Chosen.pk3,jjblindghost.pk3,jjcunt2.pk3,jjtusken.pk3,klown.pk3,lunatik.pk3,nosferatu.pk3,om_punk.pk3,samurai.pk3 FILESIZE: 22.4 MB DATE RELEASED: 6/5/2013 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip the pk3 files to base. DESCRIPTION: Chosen skin is a Imperial with a freaky look. jjblindghost is a hooded blue and black skin with custom sounds jjcunt2 is a imperial worker with gold and white. jjtusken is a Tusken Raider with gold, white mixed with some blue klown is a wookie skin with a clown face Lunatik is a Chiss with no shirt and tattoos Nosferatu is a purple and black Reborn skin Om_Punk2 is a dark blue Storm Trooper Samurai is a female model with a green jacket Most of the skins have some cool shaders as well THANKS: JJ:Twist- for the inspiration to make skins JJ Hurricane- for teaching me how to make skins <Ca>JaggedCougar- for letting me use the iam2 skin AnKura KyouOso- for the Mara Jade skin Major Clod- for the use of the Tusken Raider Trentonite- for letting me put the Klown skin in the skin pack
  17. 117 downloads

    Readme File: TITLE: JJIceMines GAME: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MP AUTHOR: d00bie stu E-MAIL: d00b-e@hotmail.com WEBSITE: http://www.freewebs.com/d00b FILENAME: JJIceMines.pk3 FILESIZE: 3.71 MB DATE RELEASED: June 05, 2005 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: unzip JJIceMines.pk3 to base. DESCRIPTION: It has a maze that leads to a hall of a castle. Outside the white area is like ice you can slid around. All around the castle is some good duel spots. Also in the maze there are a few little surprises > . BUGS: not sure THANKS: Booya aka Doobie Stu this was the first real map he put out for our clan and he never got to have it uploaded anywhere so thank you for making the map friend!!! MUSIC: Star Wars THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM &
  18. Version V1.5


    Original Author: Covax Description: Basically this is SP skin/weapon modification, the 'hidden' sword styles and The Ladder level, which is a great way to test your swordsmanship. The Skins of Kyle, Luke and all the Reborn/Dark Jedi have been altered in several ways. First I was just going to do a skin pack for myself and my freind at the Writer's Block, dubbed 'WB: Tornament'. Then I stared throwing in dragon pictures on all of the skins and I realized that Desann would be an ultimate 'Dragon Warlord'. I figured the Ladder mod needed some spicing up, the fact that the mod seems to effect the SP game is a bonus. Seeing Dessan do a butterfly kick will make your jaw drop. Instructions: Place in your GameData/base folder. Play as normal form the begining /or/ load up the exellect Ladder level from the Savegames or the console command 'map ladder'. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'The Ladder' by JediNight 'MGS2 Ninja MOD' by SquallStrife 'JediMoves 2' by Master D-Ley Asam 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann Weapons: 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120 'Shuriken Set 1' by Laghima 'Swords' by Sephiroth__VII Skins: 'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell 'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert 'Ultimate Shirtless Maul' by Septic Child 'Lord Rive' by ?? 'Cerann' by ?? 'Dark Kyle' by ?? 'Xander' by ?? Audio: 1 - Blood is Pumping (Club mix) by Voodoo & Serano 2/3/4 (you'll have to see..) Bugs: 1- I've been working on this for a week: I have no idea WHY but it seems that this mod no londer works in the single-player campain. I've narrowed it down to a possible problem with the modified Kyle skin/model, since replacing them with the 'plain' Kyle works fine. Fan-made single player levels (like The Ladder) seem to work ok, so it may just be a problem with the cutscenes. I'm working on it. 2- This MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the katana seems to be bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the beginning.
  19. 150 downloads

    JJ Skin Pack by Hookz ====================== This is just simple skins I made for my clan mates File Details Zip Distributed Name: JJ Skin Pack.zip PK3 Name's: ironlungz.pk3,jjcunt.pk3,darthhookz.pk3,checkers.pk3,om_punk.pk3,dish.pk3,unknown.pk3,drago.pk3 and deathseed.pk3 Model Author: ~The Hooded skins DarthHookz,OM_Punk,Checkers, and Unknown all credit goes to JJ:Twist!!! He made his own skin and from there I used his skin to make these THANKS TWIST!!! ~The Dish skin all credit goes to Plasmacoolant who made the skin Jan Roses All I did was change the color of the roses to black and added stuff. thanks!!! ~The JJCunt Skin all credit goes to THC Fluxus without his skin I wouldn't have been able to make this Thank you Flux!!! Lucasarts/Raven Software - Using the SW:JK2:JO Jan Model,Rodian,Lando Skin Author: JJ~Hookz~sXe~tL* Email: darthookz@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks/Development Credits Special thanks to Plasmacoolant for the use of his Jan Roses skin. Also to JJ Twist and THC fluxus A Big Special thanks to JJ Hurricane for teaching me how to skin ----------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Unzip the PK3 file to your SW:JK2:JO Base directory. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  20. 133 downloads

    This is a skin pack of the leaders of JJ known as the Leets. IronLungz2 skin - I used the blade skin so all credit goes to Magnetixxx he made the Blade skin and without it I couldn't have done it thanks. MaLove2 skin - I used Leela Civilian to make the skin my friend wanted all credit goes to Dan Kapphahn 'DAK/Antizac' thank you.
  21. neomarz1

    Ki Adi VM


    Ok, a lot of credit goes out to both PsykoSith and Grafox for Ki Adi Mundi. Although the skins that Grafox supplied were awesome, I thought I would fine tune the textures a little (Fox's fine work made it easier for me to skin this model). I watched the post for this skin, and couldn't wait to see the outcome. When it was released I knew I had to skin it! Again all credit goes to those who worked on it, This is only my own interpretation of Ki_Adi. This pk3 will not overwrite the original, so here is whats new... 1) Refined facial texture. Improved face lines, and the eye lids were brighter than the rest of the face (This was the only real nit pik of the skin). Skin was a little brite so I darkened it. 2) Refined Clothing texture. torso brightness/contrast needed to match the sleeves more. Sleeve color changed to more of a Tope. 3) Team colors were pulled to a greyer tone (personal preferance). 4) Unfortunately I had to change the beard (shader). The hair file was huge, and needed to be downsized to jpg format. 5) The end result was a dramatic change in file size! I changed it from 2.44MB to 1.2MB.
  22. JKHub



    Author Major Clod A completely new Wookiee player model for JK2. The fur effects were created using alpha channels and shaders.The default skin is Chewbacca, CTF skins are based on the wookiee bounty hunter Snoova. Bot support is included. ENJOY! Other Info : LOD support is not included yet. The mesh has been giving me some trouble, and I need time to get it right. I plan to have LOD support in future releases.
  23. Version (v1.0)


    JK2/JKA Map Models (v1.0) Image Reference Library by Szico VII May 13th 2013 ===================== CREATED BY Szico VII MSN: szicovii@gmail.com E-Mail: szicovii@gmail.com AIM: Szico VII http://www.jkhub.org ===================== Map Models - Screenshot Reference Library (v1.0) for JK2/JKA Size: 51.78MB =========== Description =========== This is a complete compressed (.zip) file containing screenshot references of all the JK2 and JKA model assets, located in the base/models/map_objects folder. This should make it easier for modders of the game to browse the models and decide which to use without manually loading each and every model in radiant to check. You should unzip the entire library to your computer so you can utilise your OS's inbuilt thumbnail viewer. =========== Notes =========== - Some models are broken - i.e they are missing texture assets. These are clearly labelled. - Some models are for JK2 only, so you will need the JK2 asset files for the models to display correctly. - The above also applies to JK3. - Some screenshots were taken ingame to better illustrate their ingame appearance, so if they appear differently in radiant do not be alarmed. - Any model with a _b suffix in its name was designed for use as a misc_model_static. It is otherwise identical to its normal counterpart, so there are no screenshots of these models. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I spent a great deal of time compiling this library together so please leave credit if you find it useful in your projects! You may not redistribute these images or use them for anything other than personal use only. NO ELEMENTS OF THIS FILE CAN BE RIPPED! ================================================================================== THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSERS. ================================================================================== ~Szico VII~
  24. 97 downloads

    Original Author: TiM Description: Features Modified: - The Lightsaber model that the player model holds has been replaced by an all new version - Saber Color Choose Menu has had pictures modifed - Saber Weapon Icon in Heads-up Display displays the New Saber icon - New Lightsaber sounds played when extending/retracting (The original sound played higher) Shaders: Scrolling lines up along a section of the main body, Saber has an overall metallic reflection all over it. ******************************************************************************************** This is the first JK2 modification I have made. It is also the first time I have tried skinning a model in Photoshop from scratch that WAS NOT just a large pile of gradient colors. For my first time try at something like this, I think it went quite well. This mod will just simply modify the Saber and most of it's aspects to an EFP* version of it. Nothing else has been changed, so it is possible to use this mod in servers that are not pure. Originally I was intending to create a simple different colored blade that would alternate colors constantly, however I found that it was not technically possible to do it the way I wanted it do in JK2. So instead, I tried my hand again at a bit of 3D modeling and I made this saber. And I think that this thing is much better than a simple blade! So, I hope you enjoy the EFP*LightSaber Mod! Enjoy! Tim
  25. 1,227 downloads

    Recently there has been many experimentations of Shadow Trooper reskins on 'The Void' This is another variation I did. I based it off an unfinished project by Sharad Hett. I made most of my textures from the exception of the metal plating on the torso and behind the thighs, this is from Neomarz1's Magnaguard,I used this to improve the skin in general since I couldn't find anything else that would fit. I would like to thank my friend Selek, for letting me use the shader on his skin for my icons, and getting some sound files - cheers for that Sel. As a little bonus this skin will work in Jedi Outcast as well, simply extract the pk3s in the JO_File folder to your Jedi Outcast game data base. There Singleplayer replacements in the folders which need to be extracted with the other pk3 in the folder, in order for it to work. I would recommend if you have a computer which supports dynamicglow and high textures, with minimal lag that you play with those settings to experience the full potential of the skin. Other than that enjoy. Skin commands - /model JOst_shadowtrooper JOst_shadowtrooper/blue JOst_shadowtrooper/red JOst_shadowtrooper/green JOst_shadowtrooper/default_glow Best played in dynamicglow. Special Thanks to Buffy for getting me screens. Credits: Sharad Hett (For the original Idea), NeoMarz1, Selek.
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