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  1. 141 downloads

    Author: Onobi Foondu Description taken from Readme: Description :The map speaks for itself. A very longtime in the making, this map is our official clan home map. Everything is original down to the new shaders and textures. Secrets abound in this level. This map is the first release by our leader Onobi Foondu.
  2. Version v2


    Hello everyone, I present to you the package of visual enhancements to the colors of all lightsabers. The effects of the sabers that includes the game by default are too bright for my taste, therefore, realize other simpler and more prolix as the sabers of the prequels. THIS IS MY FIRST MOD, I hope u like it. Name: Best colors for lightsabers Category: Visual, lightsaber File type: .rar (PK3) By ZA-7 Instructions: - Extract the "Better_Lightsabers_custom_colors_BY_ZA-7.pk3" file in the "Base" folder of your game. Post data: Remember, if you have other mods that change the colors of lightsabers perhaps these new not work, therefore, I recommend eliminate or move them to another folder so that they work properly.
  3. JKHub



    Author: Light Ninja Submitted by Barricade24 This pk3 file has 2 desann skins that are differents to all the desanns and i worked too much in the texture of the face so it looks really cool. Information : Extract it in your X:/.../GameData/base Directory. IMPORTANT : This skin DON'T REMPLACES the desann/default, it just is like a desann extension that has the same size of desann at the mods. To play with it just go to the player selection window and choose it or type in console: /model desann/default_rex /model desann/default_termirex
  4. Version 2.1


    ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT II : JEDI OUTCAST MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : DT Stormtrooper EP7 Author : DT File Name : DT_Stormtrooper_EP7.pk3 File Size : 1.6 MB Date Released : 12 January 2016 Model : DT Textures : DT Weighting : DT Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode VII Stormtrooper, as seen in The Force Awakens. Known Bugs: - Slight clipping in certain animations, unavoidable thanks to the JO skeleton. Bot: Yes. NPC: Yes. LODs: Yes. Team Skins: Yes. SP: No. Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Outcast directory. ====================================================================== THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  5. 177 downloads

    Author: ook Have a nice, quiet duel along the beach, or take it to the waves for a deadly surf-off! It's just like that one Batman episode!
  6. Version JK2


    Well, not to much to say, better explore it by your self, Its really optimised for good FPS, so don't afraid to lag! Has several really nice duelling arena where you can challenge your mates! It also has some secrets, hint for that Ghetto.
  7. 102 downloads

    Author: Christopher--Sirhc A bowling alley with REAL BOWLING ACTION!!! Also includes a couple of mini-games and some fun areas for all gameplay.
  8. 1,028 downloads

    Author: HapsSlash The first pk3 will overwrite the Jedi Outcast's default imperial model, and was intended to be your all-purpose standard officer. The model itself features 7 different rank badges, 4 individual code cylinders, 2 seperate pairs of belt boxes, and an additional holster. The pack also contains 6 different texture sets for the various uniforms; although not all of them are set up to be used in this pk3, and with separate base textures for each of the rank badges included; virtually any rank of officer can be recreated. The traditional team skins have been replaced with full color uniforms; red, representing the uniform of the Imperial Intelligence agents; and blue, similar to the uniform of the officers of the old republic. Since this was truly intended to be a simple model replacement, there are no new bots or extra sounds; only what is needed to overwrite the original officers. Also included within this pack, is the DH-17 model replacement for the original imperial pistol.
  9. JKHub



    Author: Duncan_10158 Submitted by: Barricade24 The strong Dug physique comes from evolution on a high gravity world. On Malastare, the Dugs are arboreal beings, brachiating among the canopies with alarming speed. They have built primitive villages called tree thorps in the Malastare forests of the western continent. An especially dangerous Dug who could once be found roaming the streets of Mos Espa, Sebulba is a shifty Podracing champion who never lets such trite concepts as rules and sportsmanship get in the way of victory. Sebulba is a perfectionist. He personally organizes and rehearses the bands that play his fanfare whenever he enters a racing arena. (starwars.com/databank)
  10. JKHub

    Duel ATAT Bay


    Author: Belial This is a duel or ffa map. It has a large platform area whereby you can duel safely, but if you venture out you can pick up the better powerups...but it can be risky.
  11. 86 downloads

    Author: Worr Sonn Submitted by: Barricade24 After 3 months of hard strenous work my final map is finally complete. Outside entrance: Mountain Range and a bridge leading to the entrance hall of the building Main Building: Surrounded with high chrome pillars and 6 doors. 1st Left Door: Unnamed's Nameless Arena: Lava pit with duel arena, and flare lights 2nd Left Door: Grand Duel by: Alvinater : Huge curvey room with giant duel pad, can host about 4 duels 3rd Left door: ShroomDuck's HangOut: Psychadelic grass room with Shroom's that bounce you, tribute to him for his help Middle door: Teleport to Sloda's room, secret area in here, sit in the meditation chair for a cool effect 1st Right door (wood door): Worr Sonn's (me) dojo, and drop to the testing Do-Jang. The Do-Jang is my TKD school in real life... Testing Do-jang's textures are all original textures by me 2nd Right door: Highly retailed hallway to the council room, council room is unlocked from the outside, it has a teleporter elsewhere Secret Hangar: The Entrance is at Sloda's Temple, it's from Episode 2 from deleted scenes. There's a bit more not discussed here, have fun... All music by Linkin Park, mixed by Worr Sonn (me).
  12. Version v3


    SK Arena v3 is a complete rebuild of SK Arena v2 and is based off of the Republic Commando map Lockdown It is basicly a large arena with a blue and red base on either side and a sniper post on the other two sides Beta Testers: The SK Clan. If you want to take any of my ideas or textures and use them in your own map go ahead just give credit to me in your readme.
  13. Version 0.1


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Texture Author: DARTH LORD VADER Model Author: Sithlord II, Cheshire & Arco File Name and Version: Lord Vader 0.1 Release Date: 2015 Filesize: 2.47 MB installation instructions: inside your Jedi Academy/Game Data directory. Unzip Description New textures: Yes New icons: no New sounds: Yes Shaders: no Team colors: no Bot Support: no Npc Support: Yes JK2 Support: Yes
  14. Version 1.0


    This is a Model (.emdl) file containing the Jedi Outcast skeleton made of null objects. I changed the appearance greatly to help new users better understand visually which bone should influence thier custom models. As far as I know there was no skeleton for JK2 for Softimage so I took my JA skeleton and added in the necessary bones. To use this file simply just have your model open and go to File>Import>Model and choose the DaVinci_Male01_NullBones.emdl file. It's in this format because the merging option doesn't work properly in Mod Tool versions and this way you wont have to export your models in and out just to get the bones which can cause loss of certain data in your scene files such as groups and layers. I recommend selecting objects and putting them in groups for further ease of use, I could not group them myself since the .emdl format doesn't support groups. Here are the preferred groups... tags - containing every tag including stupidtriangle_off, set the visibility to do not show members, tags are already enveloped to the bones they need to be so don't mess with them. do not envelope to these - bones that you should not weigh anything to, includes model_root, mesh_root, skeleton_root, Motion, face, lhang_tag_bone and rhang_tag_bone, set it to do not show members and do not allow selecting members bones - this ones simple, all the bones that would be used for character deformation, leave group settings alone as you want to see and select these, making this group makes assigning envelopes easy since rather than selecting all the bones 1 by 1 you just select the group when you're picking deformers. After your model is set up properly just branch select (middle click) model_root and export. Enjoy!
  15. 3,357 downloads

    Author: Infinity Blade This model and skin is my interpretation of Kyle from the game 'Dark Forces'. While it may not fit everyone's vision, I'm happy with how he turned out. It has Full LOD's, team skins, bots, and I've also included a Single Player conversion pk3. Submitted by: Barricade24
  16. Version 1.0


    Never far from Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian's side was Lobot, Calrissian's aide and Cloud City's computer liaison officer. Lobot is a human male with a shiny, brain-enhancing device wrapped around the back of his skull that allowed him to contact directly with the city's central computer.
  17. Version 2.0


    Author: Lil Killa Submitted by: Barricade24 Platform floating space
  18. 143 downloads

    Author: The Truthful Liar Submitted by: Barricade24 A war-torn canyon with narrow paths.
  19. 33 downloads

    Author: Worr Sonn Submitted by: Barricade24 Duel map used for tournaments...
  20. 71 downloads

    Author: ProdigalSon Submitted by: Barricade24 This is just a traininf place i built for fun and decided to make it my clans training facility it took like 3 weeks and was pretty fun to do . itd not great but its got some pretty cool places to look at and explore So i hope u have as much fun playing on it as i did makin it for ya all
  21. JKHub



    Author: Hans Moleman A playermodel of the infamous Toydarian, Watto for Jedi Outcast who comes with team support, custom sounds, and bot support. This probably the best model of Watto out there and probably the only when you'll ever need. For Episode 1, anyway. Submitted by: Barricade24
  22. 129 downloads

    Author: ProdigalSon Submitted by: Barricade24 This is a large ffa map ive been workin on for like 3 weeks. some places were inspired from what i could remember in single player Makes for some good gun battles i think but theres also room to duel thanks
  23. 264 downloads

    Author: ProdigalSon Submitted by: Barricade24 Just a Little Map i Put together in a few days, its meant to represent the hideout or base of the mandaloreans boba jengo Ect.If they had one that is Hode ya have fun with it !
  24. 174 downloads

    Author: BombayZeus Submitted by: Barricade24 A small house tucked away in the quiet snowy foothills.
  25. Version Extra


    Author: Worr Sonn Submitted by: Barricade24 The extra edition of ffa_dimside_se... I took the map and re-did most of it. I kept the classic arenas and got rid of some stuff. The secret area is VERY hard to find, but it is the best area in the map
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